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  1. Intresting, maybe i can make the change in 1.1, and i will start to work a Rescale Coutinued-JNSQ config
  2. My main goal is to make custom configs for EVERY planet pack in my mod, because the Gallieo88 version only the GPP pack had custom configs, and i will try to add custom configs like JNSQ
  3. Rescale Continued About the mod: Are you ever thinked about stock scaled Kerbol system is too easy? Or stock engines are overpowered in the default scale? Do you tired from planets are too small to even be called planets? Do you ever wished for larger planets? Some players may remember the Rescale! mod made by Gallieo88, but is outdated, so i decided to convert Rescale to the modern versions of Kerbal Space Program. The Rescale Continued is a small mod used with Sigma Dimensions to change the universal scale, and you can select 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x, 5.4x, 7.6x, and even 10x scale to make the planets larger! Scale examples: 2x Scale: Is for a simple taste for advanced players to try larger stock planets. 2.5x and 3.5x Scale: is for players to play the stock system larger than 2x scale, but still want to use stock parts. 5.4x Scale: 50% Earth scale, if you want to play on this scale with stock parts, i recommend to use Real Fuels or SMURFF to balance the stock parts. 7.6x Scale: 70% Earth scale, this scale is really hard to play with unmodified stock parts. 10.0x and 10.618x Scale: On this scale, every stock planet is 1:1 copies of real life counterparts. How to install? To install, you need to install the required mods. Select ONLY one of scale configs, for example to play 2.5x scaled system, you only need the Rescale 2.5x folder. After downloading finished, unzip the Rescale folder to your GameData folder. Requirements Kerbal Space Program 1.8 or 1.9 (1.10 in correctly unsupported because Kopernicus dont have a 1.10 release) Kopernicus for 1.8: For 1.9 Kopernicus, download link: Kronometer (not required, but i recommend for setting the date display accurate): Module Manager: ModularFlightIntegrator: Sigma Dimensions: And Rescale Continued's download link: Special Thanks for: Profiremu23 for making and testing the mod. This addon licensed by GNU General Public License: Wishlist: -Support for planet packs
  4. You can make this awesome planet pack a Real Solar System config version?