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  1. I will readd the 6.4x scale opinion to replace the 7.6x scale opinion at 1.1
  2. If Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions has 1.10 support, then the mod will work 3.5x and 5.4x and the 7.6x scale opinions are the replacements of the old Rescale 3.2x and 6.4x opinions, plus if i had free time, i will work on planetary mod support 3.5x, 5.4x, and 7.6x opinions are more logical steps towards Earth-scale, (3.5x = 33%, 5.4x = 50%, 7.6% is 75% Earth scale)
  3. Intresting, maybe i can make the change in 1.1, and i will start to work a Rescale Coutinued-JNSQ config
  4. My main goal is to make custom configs for EVERY planet pack in my mod, because the Gallieo88 version only the GPP pack had custom configs, and i will try to add custom configs like JNSQ
  5. Rescale Continued About the mod: Are you ever thinked about stock scaled Kerbol system is too easy? Or stock engines are overpowered in the default scale? Do you tired from planets are too small to even be called planets? Do you ever wished for larger planets? Some players may remember the Rescale! mod made by Gallieo88, but is outdated, so i decided to convert Rescale to the modern versions of Kerbal Space Program. The Rescale Continued is a small mod used with Sigma Dimensions to change the universal scale, and you can select 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x, 5.4x, 7.6x, and even 10x scale to make th
  6. You can make this awesome planet pack a Real Solar System config version?
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