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Found 3 results

  1. THE MINOR PLANETS EXPANSION - 1.0.7 This One's for the Little Guys! I have worked on this mod for a few months now. It all started after I failed to find a mod that added analogues to various minor planets that was on par with something like OPM, or at the very least compatible, and the few mods I did find were all outdated. I took it upon myself to make a mod myself that would fill in these missing niches in the Stock+OPM system. Particularly, asteroids, comets, centaurs, and dwarf planets. I wrote down a list of nine objects, and now, four months later, I have now created my first planet pack! All of these new worlds were made from hand-drawn maps, with very little reliance on stealing from real world objects to ensure a stock-alike feel. This mod is made to be used along side OPM, think of it as an unofficial, fan-made expansion pack for OPM. The analogue list: Edas - Eros Vant - Vesta Zore - Psyche Lint/Mikey - 67P Crokslev - Chariklo Geito - Halley's Comet Havous - Haumea Kal - Namaka Ki'KI - Hi'iaka Mracksis - Makemake Flake - MK2 (not really, but it's a moon around a Makemake analogue) Ervo - Eris Archae - Dysnomia Soden - Sedna Lon - No Real-World Analogue Images: SpaceDock Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2383/Minor Planets Expansion?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> This mod can also be acquired through CKAN! License - MIT (No new objects will be added, those will come in the eventual sequel) MPE 1.0.8 "Scientifically Accurate Enhancements" Havous rotation speed adjusted to better reflect shape, thank you to WarriorSabe! Edas surface terracing mitigated Stock magnetometer definitions added Atmospheric analysis definitions for Ervo added If you have a bug? Report it! GitHub Coming Soon
  2. As a speedrunner, I find it slow and cumbersome to click around so much. Instead, I'd like to select an option in a pop-up window using a keystroke. A simple example is the messages at the start of a fresh career mode telling you about each building the first time you use it. I would like the "Enter" key to select the "Okay" option and close the pop-up. This could be extended to the window that opens after collecting science. "Enter" could select "Keep Experiment", "Delete" could select "Reset Experiment", and something else could be "Transmit Experiment". This is nitpicky, but I think it would be worth adding. An alternative could be using the arrow keys and Enter to navigate the options. This might help with long menus like when right-clicking a command pod. It might be a problem that multiple windows can currently be active at once. I feel this change would be minor, but I think players notice that this is not a feature.
  3. In developing my latest SSTO lift rocket, I've run into a problem with the KS-25 "Vector" engine, namely that it seems to be extremely prone to overheating during re-entry, far more so than other engines. Below I've posted an example craft file, which consists of a rocket that ascends to orbit and then re-enters and lands using parachutes. During the re-entry phase, while between 30 and 40km, the engines invariably explode unless all of the airbrakes are deployed and the ship is constantly rotated to distribute heat. SSL WIP.craft At first I just assumed this was yet another obstacle built into the game, but after one attempted solution after another failed, I got suspicious and looked in the part's CFG file to see if there was something wrong with its thermal conductivity or emission parameters - and indeed, I found something! liquidEngineLV-T45.cfg SSME.cfg As visible in these two files (which are unmodified from the original installation of KSP 1.0.5), the LV-T45 "Swivel" includes a line setting a multiplier for its conduction of skin temperature to interior temperature, while the KS-25 "Vector" does not. Upon further investigation I found that during re-entry, the Swivel and other engines heat up both on the outside and inside, becoming quite warm but not dangerously so - but the Vector, on the other hand, remains relatively cool on the inside (often below 500K) while the outside rapidly heats up to over 2000K and causes the part to explode. Since radiators and thermal conduction between parts seem to only deal with interior temperatures, adding radiators and adjusting the way the engines are connected is ineffectual. The fix is simple, of course: add the missing line about thermal conduction to the Vector's CFG file. But of course then my installation wouldn't technically have the "real" stock part ;P So I've decided this needs to be brought to SQUAD's attention and hopefully shoehorned in alongside all the other minor fixes in the queue. In the meantime, hopefully this thread will be useful to others sharing this problem. Technical details: KSP 1.0.5 Build 1028 (verified) with all stock physics KSP does not crash due to this issue Obviously there isn't an exception or anything in KSP.log so I left it out
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