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  1. I just discovered how you can play old versions of ksp!

    I'll download these when I get a chance, and show them in a thread. 

    1. adsii1970


      Kerny's Journal spans 1.1 to 1.3. 

    2. Kerminator K-100

      Kerminator K-100

      I don't know that I can get anything past the paid KSP release, whenever that is. There were a lot of problems with people asking for that and the thread got shut down. Also I use Steam so I can only go back to 1.4, using the library.:sob:

  2. Hey I just got my fourth dot! Its been a few posts but I've finally made it. Wonder how long I've had it though

  3. Just testing to see if this works

    1. Caerfinon


      and? does it?

    2. Kerminator K-100

      Kerminator K-100

      I don't know yet. Needs some more testing:D

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