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    1. Souptime


      Good for you! Do you have any preferred pronouns?

    2. Kerminator K-100

      Kerminator K-100

      yeah I prefer she/her

      thanks for asking!

  2. Ive been considering making an attempt of the Glider mode, seems like a tough challenge
  3. Comrade @adsii1970 has not arrived Comrade @Kerminator K-100 has instead!
  4. Check the validity of your files in steam (if you use that) Check the game files yourself and make sure the important bits are there (save game, game data folder)
  5. You may be signed out of steam - You may have internet problems I remember steam uploading always being annoying, it takes me ages to get connected, so I never use it
  6. Kerbol The Sun (or Sol) is Earth's sun, so to avoid confusion Kerbin's star should be called Kerbol. Its called this on the wikis and I think in game, but I'm not sure about that.
  7. IF you use steam, then just connect through bluetooth and then steam will do everything for you. If you don't use steam then I don't know, but you could try connecting to bluetooth
  8. You may have unbound the key see @jimmymcgoochie's post for how to fix that
  9. The shuttle flags are very cool, they're probably my favorites
  10. Look interesting, I'll bookmark this for later The lack of decouplers is going to make this very tough
  11. 2/10 Sorry, haven't seen you very often
  12. So sad its ended, this thread has been great! I loved the ending, didn't see it coming at all
  13. My man over here making KSP2 Why hasn't Intercept hired you yet? This seriously looks amazing, I can't wait for my new GPU to get here so I can try this out
  14. I've always been of the opinion that when the employees in a restaurant start to recognize me, then its time to move on. Sometimes its nice, like when I get coffee and the workers just ring me up and hand me my drink, but usually it makes me feel like I'm stuck in a rut. This is advice I have lived by for years, especially #5. Cheap things and sales always catch my attention, and give me an "I want this now look how cheap it is!!!" feeling. Its really hard to control that but you have to or else you will spend all your money. I really like your advice but I'd like to argue this point. I use a fluoride mouth wash everyday, and have never noticed any problems. This thread is great, and I'd like to add some of my own. - If you ever are having a bad day or feel depressed, go outside and take a walk. Changing up your surroundings, and getting exercise never fail to cheer me up, even on my worst days. - Rejection is not the end of the world. Even if you think the other person would be perfect for you, someone else will come along who is even better.
  15. Things are going well for me, not sure about @Kerbals_of_Steel
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