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  1. So I had a attempt at reusable rockets, completed a couple of contracts, and may or may not have issued in the death of 2 of my crew mates.
  2. I've built, in the last 2 days, a space station, which should be capable of orbital construction. Awaiting a couple more resupply missions, we should be featured in my live stream which will take place soon, (within the hour). Also this time, I've featured a complete mod-list in the description.
  3. I really want to get back into the forums so here's the video I made today in my beyond home modpack.
  4. Normally when it didn't randomly shake, wheels were never the problem, it would be the vertical claw then horizontal pistons.
  5. Could be useful to you, if someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll try and make a claw machine.
  6. We need more activity.

  7. Started playing career mode again, Got 7500 science points in one mission to minmus.
  8. Ended up being a really fun stream. Cut down the start wait time.. Enjoy, and please consider liking and subscribing.
  9. thanks. yeah, but when closer to duna, due to the higher burn times, the manover editor is a lot more controlable, i've learnt now about using the scroll wheel, ill be sure to be efficient from now on. Still really appreciate the view. :). me I didn't worry too much as I sometimes use cheats tbh, like lower gravity to tip my rocket over, Call me a scam, or call me a desperate person, I think borders can be crossed when kerbal lives are at stake.
  10. Stock Ksp Live stream, will become tomorrows video and this will be taken down when its uploaded tomorrow officialy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTE5gRh7kk4Qfk7_YGa4grQ
  11. Thanks for the support on my last video, 5 Subscribers!!! So here's my new video, rushed as I'm working on a craft to eve.
  12. I may be mad, but madness makes results. Using a concept from my 2 last posts on this forum and my last YouTube video (clipping 1 boosters far a way from each other to function as two, i unlisted that video it was low quality), I simultaneously went to the mun with 9 rockets. Please consider subscribing and liking my video/channel, it really means a lot, and each new subscriber really encourages me to make more videos and just make me happy. And here are some pictures of the ground breaking mission.
  13. I think I've stumbled onto something no one has done before. Actually is was less stumbling and more thinking. Part clipping rockets and rocket booster to control multiple different rockets or dual booster (falcon heavy landing) easily. Here is one mission I did controlling 3 to the moon at the same time. Didn't have the effort to go back to kerbin, as I thought about doing 9 at the same time for a youtube video. Here are some from the original rocket concept which worked pretty well and not too laggy.
  14. I've found a way to simultaneously,propulsive land 2 rocket boosters. I made one booster and then duped it on to that one, and moved it into position. 90 degrees from the decoupler so during separation it won't blow up.
  15. Recently downloaded RSS (Real Solar System) and RO (Realism Overhaul). Built a space station with a slightly upgraded falcon heavy. Made a YouTube video on how I utilised a falcon heavy with 2 payloads, Science Module and Dragon 2.
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