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  1. I'm soliciting some advice here for what I want to become a long, very long term off world base. I made a science space station that can hold 20 kerbals for 8 years. What I want to do is put it in an orbit around a body and then make a base on the body below it. Assume Duna for example. My goal is to have a bunch of kerbals that live extremely long term on the base and may go back and forth between the space station and the base. The problem for that is always the Home variable. All the other things I can account for but Homesickness I cannot. What would be your best
  2. I need new glasses. Still not in the source thats up on git. Looks like there is a reference in one of the binaries I can just about read but it points to the authors local D: dropbox drive. From USITools. Which is where the logistics consumer CS file is. Probably best to just let the author tell us how this works.
  3. @RoverDude Any chance we can get some clarity on the above posts for how ModuleAutoRepairer works. I dont see the source code for the dll's on github so I cant verify.
  4. Sorry then I dont know yet. I havent set one of those up yet. I would test one thing. Those parts that started out with no machinery probably never became operational. Maybe try adding or hacking in a few machine parts to get them functional and then see if perform maintenance is an option.
  5. Thanks. I suspected that would be it. It doesnt bother me enough to add another mod into the mix. I simply just decouple and move over a bit for cosmetic reasons.
  6. The tundra workshop does not have the Resource Warehouse module which is a requirement for Logistics Consumers to take from nearby stocks. You could add a ModuleManager patch to add that module to the workshop if you really wanted to. It should work on saves as well (if it doesnt you may need to edit the save file and just add it to the deployed part). A quick ultrafinder search of the collection shows all the "tanks" and storages have this module, and only the Ranger and Tundra ISM's have this module.
  7. I'm not sure but I thought there was a blurb somewhere where the minimum version of ksp is 1.8.1 to use the latest MKS. You might want to download an earlier release from the github page for 1.7.1 @Tokamak Simple solution would be to make a Medical Bay Rover. An Ambulance of sorts, with either a dock port or grabber claw, both of which allow docking transfers of kerbals.
  8. Some more color ... I found out through some cheating and trial and error, you cannot have a craft with a JAW installed AND a squad stock grabber claw. No matter where I put the Stock Claw, whether on robotics or on craft they get moved off the ship and into a different spot. It seems there is a problem with having both types on one craft. The last test involved just having them on a craft but not armed, nor deployed. I am not sure where the issues are, whether jaw, grabber, robotics or asteroid. Suffice it to say, any craft with a Jaw on it should not include any
  9. I'm not sure if anyone is watching the ART forum or not, but I have posted a few things in there about ART mod. Some serious flaws.
  10. Ok there is something terribly wrong with the JAW. The last test craft I made had 4 stationary claws and one jaw. All five were attached, looking good to the asteroid. Then I left the scene, going to the tracking station, and on return to the asteroid, the jaw was about 15m's off center not even attached to the craft and the craft was sunk about 15m into the asteroid. Not how I left things. Something is not right, and this is unplayable. I have to rethink this.
  11. @RoverDude Some feedback ... I have a mining operation in full swing. My trick of altering the mass of the roid so I can move it and then returning it to what is was before works well. I have noticed a few oddities though. 1. Class C - The asteroid doesnt seem solid in some places as the jaw drill dives past the surface but eventually attaches. Seems related to density. Conversely if I pick a spot that is a depression to attach, the jaw attaches a few meters above the surface. If that can be repaired in some way that would be awesome. 2. I built a craft with 5 poin
  12. I noticed that the resource this mod uses is MetallicOre, while the community resource pack already has a definition for MetalOre. Is there any plane set to make this mod use MetalOre or both?
  13. @RoverDude I could use some advice here on asteroids and editing my save file. I run v1.9.1 of the game and in it has a flaw where all asteroids had 150 ton as their base mass. I followed the instructions to remove that line from potatoroid's part .cfg and I also edited the mass = 150 line out of the save for the asteroid. In 1.9.1 mass=150 meant - whatever the random mass was, multiply it by 150 Looking at the class C asteroid and confirmed by the save file, the mass is listed now as 180,998 tons, which is still terribly off so too late, I was already docked to it and the
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