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  1. I think this can be disabled. Its something like radiation safety or along the lines
  2. First you need long range stuff. UV or Xray and FELs if possible. Second, try bigger panels. Ive seen the big thermal things are the best for that. KSPIE stuff uses MJ, including the transmitters. Capacitors transform one into the other at need anyways
  3. Throttle down? If you mean when it shuts down at pointing to Kerbin, next update a cheat to disable it will be added. Or so Ive read in the Discord
  4. Can I question the viability and (less importantly) safety of this thing? Also, how can you control it?
  5. thats the whole sense of both KSP and Orion, right? BTW, does it work with tweak scale?
  6. Its fine. The Isp throttle basicly regulates the amount of afterburner you throw at it. You get the highest Isp if you dump nothing but the fusion plasma
  7. This is the release thread and nothing beats a tri alpha in H-B fusion in terms of easiness (yea, that exists) and power/rads ratio kindof
  8. They are very mechanically weak. Rads are made to be thin after all. Idk who would win in real life, Epic RAD VS SOLAR PANEL! FIGHT XD
  9. Its probably meant for huge stuff and thrust limiting. Or just a cheat drive with an absurd thrust so you tweak it at will. I certainly dont like that it should be more heaty. Like, a lot more. A good fraction of a terawatt that would (actually make some sense) balance it and give an useful gameplay choice as it would need too many rads to put it in a small plane. Also, why I cant open a FFR in atmo but there is no problem with this radioactive monstruosity, @FreeThinker?
  10. For KSPIE it shouldnt be a huge matter, I mean, the engines are damm beasts. Probably the beam power stuff would be more difficult from the ground (more atmo to absorb it) but i dont think anything huge... If you have little exp wiith the mod you should ask a lot, its (probably too) complex and there isnt a lot of documentation outside the forums
  11. Its probably just a kraken with no much more to do. Probably something similar to the thrust you get by moving fuel while your ship rotates. Maybe MOAR STRUTS solve it. Edit: Obi-Wan Kerman*
  12. I love it, certainly cant w8 until implemented depending on the efficiency of the mag nozzle and Z-pinch mechanism it can get up to 10000s and it would be possible to circunvent the huge inneficiency of the system by adding a small D-T or D-Li7 core. Maybe up to 20000s. Idk how to simulate it without going deep into realism/complexity. Maybe the bigger the shot the higher Isp but more abrupt shocks so more struts needed? the number of pulses per sec would be limited by the amount of radiators or ablator. The size of the magazine (and its speed) can be changed in flight from a huge uranium tank and something to cut and crush it (maybe a separate part like an ISRU thing?). It could also be afterburned with every propellant, which would increase thrust and smooth out blows at the expense of Isp also, the img I had from atomic rockets was an exact 1/2 sphere of nozzle. Its not really important, but whatever
  13. The wyvern needs quite a lotta speed to work with atmo. With propellants its a matter your exhaust pressur, aka thrust, that dependes on the reactor power output and molecular weight of the propellant.
  14. Ok, I can make the numbers. And then you should add stock ablator usage and an ISRU (stock ore is enough). I can do the math as well. Medusa I said I dont think is possible in HumanSpaceProgram cuz heat. A terawatt is unsaveable by deign and a sail is very inneficient, so probably more. And the sail cant be a good rad as its gonna be DESTROYED by n embrittlement if thin or radiation optimized MMO, YEEEESSSSSSS! I can make everything its needed, I really like the concept. I think I could help and Id like it XD Basicly we have to make a good size for the minimags (I think the U used for ISRU would be a good resource), aka the kick per shot, an Isp of 10-20Ksec may work and trust dependant on pulse rate and afterburning if needed. I wonder if afterburning can be done in regular orion (Its not needed, probably counterproductive, but whatever, curiosity)