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  1. I think it might be something to do with the positioning of the solar panel on the mk3. I'd turned it so it partially clipped through part of the cab, so when it deployed it would lie parallel to the ground, along the length of the rover. I removed that panel, and redid it with a few surface mounted flat panels, and it's launching fine now. I'm guessing the 'dont interact with own vessel' option doesnt apply when its loading in from the hangar, or something like that? Do you want me to load the log from loading the mk4, just for comparison's sake?
  2. I just had a weird bug - when I landed my rover lander and went to launch my rover, I saw the rover as it should be for a couple of seconds, while it was loading, and then the rover cab itself disappeared. After that point, the rover was completely uninteractable, whenever I tried to right click it or any of its components, the right click went through it to click the hangar itself. Funny thing is, earlier I'd loaded basically the same rover with no issues - I realised I'd forgotten a science can, reverted the mission, added the science can and reloaded it into the hangar, and repeated the mission. But now its wigging out. Log link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aO_C8UT8Bu06vStNG3_9IUnfj1nd-yCg/view?usp=sharing
  3. I'm trying to use the PAL Magnetic Manipulator arm, and I can't seem to get the wrist to turn at all. Using the servo controller window, I can move any and all of the other joints on it, but nothing I do seems to get the wrist to move, either tilt or rotate. I've tried in goal mode and free mode, at various speeds, but nothing. Am I missing something, or is this possibly an issue because I'm on 1.10?
  4. Derp. I figured out why my drills weren't working - the only ore storage on the ship is the small amount in the AMF. Guessing the AMF's storage tank is only usable by itself, and i forgot to put on extra ore tanks. Woops.
  5. Does the Asteroid hatch and/or asteroid mining factory prevent a normal drill from working on the asteroid? I haven't used this mod before, and my first attempt with it is on a comet - I figured there might be issues with using the mining factory on a comet, so I brought along some stock drills as well. Now that I'm at the comet, I cant find an option to have the AMF start mining (presumably because its a comet not an asteroid, and it doesn't have a comet mining option) but the normal drills I brought along are deactivating themselves as soon as I try and turn them on. I've got the asteroid hatch permanently attached to the comet, with the the AMF attached to the hatch, as it was from the VAB. Haven't tried detaching and reattaching yet, but that's next on my list.
  6. I just updated to 1.10, and tried to launch the game as-is with my previously running mods. The initial loading screen for the game was stopping on WildBlueIndustries/Heisenberg/Parts/Gondola/PassengerGondola/WBI_PassengerGondola The game wasn't crashing, it just didn't progress past this point. I alt-f4'd out, and tried it again with the same result, on the same file. I left it there for at least 10~ minutes each time. I deleted the WildBlueIndustries/Heisenberg directory as a whole, and the game was then able to load normally. After reinstalling it, the game stopped loading on the same file. So then I tried removing only the ~/Gondola/PassengerGondola.mu and ~/Gondola/PassengerGondola.cfg files, and the game was able to load again as normal, so guessing the patch broke something specifically in this module.
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