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  1. I'm really sorry, and I really appreciate your work on this mod (although most users don't see it, as it works in the background, trying to undo the funding and other bugs that Squad created). I missed out the notification (should check the setting). But I also had not found a proper solution to dump/upload the logfile (I unsubscribed from dropbox after their data leak some years ago - i don't know if i could publish the file on google drive without demanding an google account for the viewers). With all the slowly trickling in updates (including yours) on mods, I just steer clear of using procedural fairing parts for a while (using SAF instead) and come back to this when the "waters are calmer" - also i always forget to secure the last KSP.log as it gets overwritten with each game start.
  2. Funny thing i just recognized, CKAN already had installed the SAF-plugin as dependency from BDB . As i'm playing mostly career, the already researched fairings from BDB are just a bit too tiny. (although very authentic). Looks like I'm about to "cross the iron curtain"and install more part mods working with SAF (looking at you, Tantares) then. There are never enough parts. (Especially if sorting through them is so easy, due to such fine mods like Filter Extensions, Janitor's Closet, Quicksearch and many more thanks to the modfather @linuxgurugamer).
  3. Installed is KSP-Recall v0.2.0.1 (via CKAN). I also rely on tweakscale for most of my builds (if parts have the module implemented, i mostly prone to use it). I really don't know, if this has anything to do with the pesky refunding bug mentioned before , but while I'm just trying to wrap my head around all the bugged up things mentioned towards the refunding for parts with zero initial costs, I stumbled over a very annoying FPS-drop (no complete freeze, the CPU usage rate stays in usual values) with ProceduralFairing-parts (yes they also have zero initial costs), whenever any part gets added below them (i guess it's when the part cost recalculation gets triggered). Once I remove the "bugged" PF-part, FPS returns to normal. Btw. this doesn't happen with DecouplerShroud (Shrouded Decoupler), which has also zero initial costs.
  4. No CTD for me, but a massive drop in FPS in the VAB/hangar when any part gets added BELOW any ProceduralFairing part (or part that has the PF module implemented). Looks like it's the same problem mentioned in the KSP Recall thread about since KSP v1.11 the part cost recovery calculation is bugged for parts with zero inital costs, hence it's creating massive problem for refunding mods, resulting in a memory leak (my KSP.log is spammed with "KSP-Recall-Refunding] TRACE:" entries). It's a bummer, i really like the PF-fairings. They free me from the cumbersome stock shell building. And they look much better.
  5. Just dropped by to say THANK YOU. I struggled for days with ignorant (stock) docking ports (my KAS-certified Bill had some very long EVAs searching through many cargo containers full of possible working replacements), that whatever I tried, were unwilling to aquire eachother. Searching through savefile in Notepad++ didnt helped much, either. But with your nifty tool, i found the coulprits quite easy and could set them both into the respective aquire state to eachother (quicksaved when both ships where mere inches apart) - a reload later and the docking finally happened!
  6. Unfortunately, the keybindings (see: Unity-Keycode) are hard-coded into the build (in the render()-function of the radiation class; see github: "...Kerbalism/Radiation/Radiation.cs" from line 491 to 538).
  7. With the current version's standard KerbalConfig there are some (i don't know if all) DMagic Orbital Science experiments supported (see config-file on github: latest commit ed6ad81 on 13 Aug 2020): As commented in above linked config-file some experiments need to stay in vanilla (i.e. stock) behavior... or have been altered... Summarized, supported with Kerbalism (some with stock/ vanilla behavior) are the following DMagic experiments (fore details see the config-file): "Probe science": Asteroid Sounding Experiment by Radiowave Transmission Global Orbital Radiance Experiment Satellite (GORESat) Multi-Spectral Imaging Platform Magnetometer Boom RPWS Antenna Orbital Telescope Soil Moisture Sensor Solar Particle Collector "Rover science" Anomalous Signal Sensor Submersible Oceanography and Bathymetry ExoKerbol Core Drill Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons Surface Ablation Laser Light Imager Micro Goo Containment Pod (can be used also on probes) SC-901 Science Micro Seismic Sensor Pod XRD Surface Analyzer "OversizeScience" Little Brother / Big Brother Surveillance Camera Undersize/Oversize Signals Intelligence Satellite
  8. Hi @Sir Mortimer: First, I'd like to thank you (and all those, who put their works into this), as I very much enjoy Kerbalism, but I'm a "sissy", so I prefer to use the "KerbalismScienceOnly" config. I'm playing on the latest KSP release (v1.11.2.3077 Windowsplayer X64) and of course your mod on its newest version, too (well, whatever CKAN thinks, that is). With this, I struggled a while going to EVA, as everytime my brave kerbanauts left their ship the "KERBALISM_CallBackMsg_EvaNoMP"-Messages ("There isn't any monoPropellant in the EVA suit.") kept popping up. You've managed this "bug" with v3.13 (see: github commit 90997ea on 18 Dec 2020) in the EVA.cfg by patching the ressource "EVA propellant" - BUT, in this was somehow not the case in the KerbalismScienceOnly-config (see: github a11423f). Hence, I "patched" it for myself, by simply copy-pasting the lines for the evaJetpack and evaCylinder into the "...KerbalismScienceOnly\System\EVA\EVA.cfg". BTW. As the KIS-part "EVA-11 Fuel Canister" [KIS_evapropellant} also refers to the ressource "EVA propellant" (similar to Squad's evaCylinder), it needs a supporting patch, too (see spoiler below).
  9. Maybe i'm less intelligent, as I thought, but I'm failing in getting the contracts becoming available. I'm in the very beginnings of a new carrer mode save, mainly concentrated on probes. So all my Kerbals are rookies (see screenshot from AC, yes the game's localizations is German), which i definitely like to be put trough training. The mod is properly installed and shows in the mission control. Still (see screenshot from mission control), no candidates seem to met the "Pre-Requisites". OS, Game version, mod version, CKAN: My list of installed mods:
  10. I'm experiencing the same error (unable to build or do anything other than placing the stock fairings) - here's an excerpt from the KSP.log-File [LOG 23:06:56.421] fairingSize4 added to ship - part count: 6 [ERR 23:06:56.465] Exception handling event onEditorPartEvent in class ModuleProceduralFairing:System.Exception: FSM Error: Cannot switch states before starting. Please call StartFSM() before running the FSM. at KerbalFSM.RunEvent (KFSMEvent evt) [0x0001b] in <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0 at ModuleProceduralFairing.onEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) [0x00061] in <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0 at EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) [0x000b0] in <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0 [EXC 23:06:56.467] Exception: FSM Error: Cannot switch states before starting. Please call StartFSM() before running the FSM. KerbalFSM.RunEvent (KFSMEvent evt) (at <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0) ModuleProceduralFairing.onEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) (at <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0) EventData`2[T,U].Fire (T data0, U data1) (at <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`2:Fire(ConstructionEventType, Part) EditorLogic:<SetupFSM>b__195_29() KerbalFSM:RunEvent(KFSMEvent) KerbalFSM:updateFSM(KFSMUpdateMode) KerbalFSM:UpdateFSM() EditorLogic:Update() Added this already into KSP bugtracker (->Bug #25673). #Postedit: Whitelisting the stock fairings from ReStock actually helps ->klick (KSP-Forum)<-
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