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  1. Maybe i'm less intelligent, as I thought, but I'm failing in getting the contracts becoming available. I'm in the very beginnings of a new carrer mode save, mainly concentrated on probes. So all my Kerbals are rookies (see screenshot from AC, yes the game's localizations is German), which i definitely like to be put trough training. The mod is properly installed and shows in the mission control. Still (see screenshot from mission control), no candidates seem to met the "Pre-Requisites". OS, Game version, mod version, CKAN: My list of installed mods:
  2. I'm experiencing the same error (unable to build or do anything other than placing the stock fairings) - here's an excerpt from the KSP.log-File [LOG 23:06:56.421] fairingSize4 added to ship - part count: 6 [ERR 23:06:56.465] Exception handling event onEditorPartEvent in class ModuleProceduralFairing:System.Exception: FSM Error: Cannot switch states before starting. Please call StartFSM() before running the FSM. at KerbalFSM.RunEvent (KFSMEvent evt) [0x0001b] in <c168e21ec56346b082f89043e76162e1>:0 at ModuleProceduralFairing.onEditorPartEvent (ConstructionEventType evt, Part p) [0x00
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