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  1. This is an amazing, thanks squad! I have been looking for more to do on eva! also those old lights never quite fit well anywhere, so good to have them too!.
  2. Yeah I did the first part, but I never considered the second part, thank you for the help!
  3. Well The main reason I want to be a pilot is that a pre-requisite for applying to NASA for a position as an astronaut is that you have over 1000 hours commanding a jet fighter, or other similar aircraft (I assume this is because of how similar the cockpit of a fighter jet is to that of a command pod, and the similar high octane situations you'd be subjected to). Most astronauts I know of used the USAF, or their countries equivalent to get into NASA (or their countries NASA equivalent). As of now I think the USSF is only doing research and development, they have been allocated some money from
  4. Well that is quite amusing! But ofc my goal is to get assigned to sub orbital/space capable/almost kinda space capable aircraft, and then maybe become an astronaut for NASA. But alas, NASA hiring rounds are absurdly competitive so I will probably never get hired (I heard the last hiring round 85,000 applied 15 got in). I will admit I have very little knowledge as to the workings of the JROTC, and ROTC programs. I used to want to join them a few years ago when I was leaning towards the Marine Corp, but I was very young back then and didn't even bother to research it. As for activ
  5. @Mikenike You're interested in joining the Air Force, and if I understand correctly as a pilot? And is that the same for @Lewie? If that is the case I am too! I'd try to get an aerospace degree and become a pilot. I hope maybe I'd get assigned to some space, or very high altitude capable aircraft, which a degree in aerospace engineering would be conducive to. Kindof like what Armstrong did before he did that landing on the moon thing. (man do I feel like an idiot writing this, I have no idea what I'm talking about!)
  6. The problem with flipping out is generally worst with my larger crafts (when I just decide to go full KSP mode and add fuel tanks and boosters until it works), my go to solution is to usually add more reaction wheels, cut down the thrust, use vectoring engines, or add more control surfaces. I have never actually really considered the COM when building rockets (until the lovely people on the internet gave me a pointer quite recently). I have finally made stable rockets thanks to the people who told me to check where my COM is compared to my aerodynamic overlay. Which also saved me quite a heada
  7. Oh I see! Good to know! hope I do not get confused.
  8. Yeah good idea, I usually put aero plane tail fins on my much larger rockets. I find it usually keeps them stable enough to exit the atmosphere.
  9. @linuxgurugamer oh! brilliant design! I'm still confused as to how air intakes work but I see you have made good use of them ! aslong as it is no drastic change from stock parts I see no problem (so yes you may).
  10. ooo yes! lmao. also HOLY excrements THATS FAST.
  11. Oh I hope! I have asked some other people on the forums too, and they were not sure. But I pray that we get an early access version! Well its currently KSP is 100% because KSP2 is not out, which is the definition of vapor ware. But the thing is it will come out by atleast 2022 (which might be later than they actually plan to release it because they have to manage expectations).
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