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  1. Well that sucks, you could maybe try posting about it on the Kerbalism thread? Or opening an issue on Github? It's possible someone has had the same issue before and it might be fixable.
  2. I think I remember seeing something about the x1000 limit being due to a mod conflict? There was something about it on the Kerbalism wiki, you should check it out. I think it was on the section that had to do with resource processing but I don't remember exactly.
  3. https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki You can also probably ask for help on the forum thread:
  4. All of these mods are at least listed on CKAN, but a couple of them don't support automatic install (you can still install them through CKAN they just won't update automatically I think). But if you don't use CKAN (why?) here are some direct links: Time control: Persistent thrust: TAC fuel balancer: Also, the thing about time control is that when you use the slow-motion mode it reduces the rate at which the physics engine is trying to calculate physics frames, which can help performance. You can also try adjusting the physics delta-time (time control lets you do this with a convenient in-game GUI but you can also do it through the stock game settings in the main menu). The higher the physics delta-time, the more the game prioritizes physics frames over drawing game frames (so the physics engine will run faster but your FPS will suffer). Lowering the physics delta-time has the reverse effect (slower physics engine, higher FPS). You could probably also use time control and persistent thrust together, but I have NOT tested this. Even if it doesn't work, there shouldn't be any game-breaking consequences as long as you quicksave before testing it.
  5. Hey, I have a few mod recommendations that might make your life a bit easier. Time control OR persistent thrust: To make those long burns easier. With time control, you can also slow down time which puts less stress on the physics engine for when you are handling tons of parts and what not. In-game time goes slower but your computer will run a lot better. Time control actually has a bunch of features that allow you to basically take complete control of time in the game, but you don't have to touch most of them. I haven't actually used persistent thrust but I've heard it can help with the long burns as well. Instead of allowing faster physics warp like time control does, I think it just allows you to calculate "thrust" in an abstract way using normal time warp (i.e. instead of actually doing the physics simulation, just gradually change the orbit over the course of normal time warp while calculating consumed fuel and whatnot). TAC fuel balancer: This mod makes resource transfer so much easier. You can basically use it to transfer any resource between any compatible tanks on the same vessel, and to balance a resource between several tanks as well. Kerbalism actually uses a few pseudo-resources that do show up in the TAC FB menu so just make sure not to touch these. It also allows you to transfer Lf+Ox together in the correct ratio. Whenever stock resource transfer functionality breaks, I turn to TAC FB because it works way better and is way more customizable. kOS: I have no idea if you are into programming at all but if you want to be able to better automate tedious things you can try this mod. kOS does actually add a few parts that you need to use it though, but I think there is another mod that will add kOS functionality to all stock probe cores and command pods so you don't need the new parts. Some part welding mod: Since I have never tried anything requiring an absurd number of parts, I've never actually needed to use one of these. But I've heard part welding mods can work wonders when you are dealing with large numbers of the same part. For example, you could probably combine each column of greenhouses into one part. I have no idea if this plays well with Kerbalism or not, but it seems like it could help with the large part count issues. I don't know of any mod that allows you to weld together parts on an existing vessel, so this would require you to restart the mission, so I only recommend it if you choose to do that.
  6. Ah okay, I didn't realize that the whole comms code was rewritten. Nevermind then. I do actually know some C# programming, I was more asking how the KSP modding stuff works. But I can see that's not going to work. I might just accept the bugs for now and use them together anyways, or maybe I'll just drop RemoteTech. Or I might just look for some other mods that do similar things as Kerbalism. In any case, I'll definitely keep an eye out for the 4.0 release. Thanks for the answers!
  7. Dude, you're insane. This is insane. INSANELY AWESOME! Can't wait to see if you are able to complete it or not.
  8. Hey Gotmachine, I was looking more into this because I'm still super hyped to start using Kerbalism, and I noticed that you actually wrote a patch to get the RemoteTech support code working: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/commit/95c8bcda9be538075c09974c6d622708c287287d?branch=95c8bcda9be538075c09974c6d622708c287287d&diff=unified So this is obviously supposed to be a part of the 4.0 release, but I was wondering if there was some way I could build my own version of Kerbalism just with this patch? Normally this might be really impractical, but it's such a small patch that fixes like 2 minor bugs. The reason I'm asking you is because I would have no clue how to do this. Could you give me any pointers? Also, I'm curious now what you mean by the balance being messed up. On the github issues page, I could only find 2 relatively minor RemoteTech bugs (https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/issues/436), neither of which really seems to make the game unplayable in any way. Could you elaborate? Thanks, JupiterJaeden EDIT: Also do you ever plan on updating MandatoryRCS? It seems pretty cool
  9. I think you are using the wrong settings. According to this page (https://remotetechnologiesgroup.github.io/RemoteTech/guide/parts/#dish-antennas), the HG-5 High Gain Antenna is supposed to have a dish angle of 90 degrees and a range of 20,000 km. EDIT: This part is now called "HighGainAntenna5v_2", it used to be called "HighGainAntenna5" (I think). But I'm pretty sure just "HighGainAntenna" refers to the Communotron HG-55, which matches the settings you put here.
  10. Related to the issue I posted about above, here is the log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h9wN4o_7BHjIbudIMrxb1OE8BPUt2JfB/view?usp=sharing I am running a fairly heavily modded game, so I wouldn't be surprised if a mod conflict is causing the issue. Although it seems other people are having the same issue, so maybe not. I looked through everywhere "trajectories" appears in the log file and it seems there are 3 interesting things: Line 3650: "[TrajectoriesBootstrap] ERROR: COULD NOT FIND TRAJECTORIES BIN FILE (Trajectories111.bin)! Ditching!" Line 26665 (first appearance): "Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'TrajectoriesVesselSettings'" (this appears many times on many lines) Line 42188 (and a few more): "Node 'TrajectoriesVesselSettings' found in loaded data, but 'LifeSupportModule' is defined in prefab. Looking for TrajectoriesVesselSettings in other indices... (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) ...no TrajectoriesVesselSettings module found on part definition. Skipping..."
  11. I'm having the exact same issue. It's also probably worth noting that I'm using FAR, but I'm not sure if it's related. I really hope this gets updated because this mod is amazing!
  12. Lol sorry, I have browser notifications on so I can do other things while waiting for responses. Thanks for your answers. I think for now I'll just opt with using TAC FB. Although imo there really ought to be a lightweight mod that just has this functionality (and maybe the ability to perform more precise resource transfers in general) without doing anything else. Actually if I get into writing mods this would probably be the first thing I try.
  13. Wait, are you talking about TAC FB or PWB? I know TAC FB can do this, but can PWB provide a similar functionality?
  14. I mean the ability to manually transfer lf+ox together in the correct ratio across the same vessel and/or through a docking connection from one part to another
  15. Does PWB have this functionality? Because I think I want some of the other stuff that PWB has anyways, and I'd prefer to just install it instead of both it and TAC FB, which would probably conflict anyways I saw TAC Fuel Balancer earlier but I wasn't sure if it had this functionality, thanks for confirming!
  16. Yeah, BetterTimeWarp does work on 1.10 but (at least for me) it has really terrible performance, like it ruined the performance of all of my launches. I found that TimeControl is a better alternative that gives you even more control over the physics simulation and time in general:
  17. Do any of these actually let you transfer lf+ox using manual resource transfer (i.e. across docking connections)? I looked through them all and none of them seem to be able to do this. I would honestly be very surprised if there isn't a mod for this already as it seems like an obvious need, but I'm considering the possibility now that it just doesn't exist. Thanks for the list anyways though, I'm gonna go ahead and install the EVA fuel thing, the simple fuel switch, and the PWB fuel balancer for different reasons. But none of these appear to have the feature I'm looking for.
  18. Okay, thanks for the answer. I saw RealAntennas mentioned on the FAQ page and I checked it out but it honestly seems too complex for me, I'm not looking for anything super realistic, mainly I just wanted comms to involve a little bit more challenge and planning than the "everything connects to everything" spaghetti networks that stock CommNet leads to. For now I'll just keep using TAC-LS probably but I'll keep an eye on Kerbalism and I'll probably start using it when 4.0 releases. I can't wait for my kerbals to die in even more horrific ways!
  19. Thanks, I will check these out! I saw TAC Fuel Balancer earlier but I wasn't sure it actually had the functionality I was looking for.
  20. So, the Github page for Kerbalism appears to have some semi-contradictory statements on it. The FAQ states: "Q: Why don't you support RemoteTech any more? A: We discontinued support for RemoteTech. It still has support code in Kerbalism, and it works to a degree, but you will get a warning message if you have RemoteTech installed." Whereas the mod compatibility page states that RemoteTech 1.9.5 is supported but with the note: "Note : not yet, support will be back in 4.0 Code integration with the science data system, reliability configs." My question is, can I use this mod with RemoteTech right now, in version 1.10.1, without it breaking? I'm willing to disable certain parts of either mods if necessary, because I would really like to try and use both mods together.
  21. The title pretty much sums it up. Preferably I'm looking for a CKAN compatible mod, but I'll just manually install it if necessary. EDIT: To clarify, I'm looking for something that lets you do this through manual resource transfer and across docking connections. EDIT 2: To anyone in the future who comes to this thread looking for the same answer I was, just use TAC Fuel Balancer. It gives you the necessary functionality plus some nice stuff like the ability to more precisely control resource transfer involving more than 2 tanks. The Lf+Ox combination is under the "Rocket" tab in the TAC FB menu.
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