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  1. That's essentially how I did, and you're a better pilot.
  2. I landed this little heli-probe on Eve. It can store about 2000 energy and zips at about 100m/s for a nice trip every once in a while when its batteries are fully charged. It has the small science instruments tucked under the solar panels, and a couple of Communotron 16-S on the bottom. Flies really well, but doesn't fall very fast.
  3. I am really enjoying the new EVA construction tools. I started a new campaign and just came back from two missions using the new EVA abilities. a mission to add Parachutes to my Minmus lander (I forgot to add parachutes during initial construction) allowing me to complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-Minmus quest objective and, another mission to add Batteries, Solar Panels, and Baguettes to a Mun lander so it could fly back to Kerbin and complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-The Mun quest objective. I really enjoyed both missio
  4. Thank you. As a follow up, does anyone know the rules for weight limit for construction with respect to gravity?
  5. Since the 1.11 update, my flags fall over as soon as I plant them.
  6. My engineer only has two stars but I have a mission to repair a lander on The Mun. How high will I have to level them before they can add the missing parts to the lander? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
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