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    No clouds on Earth.
  2. The parallax developer will not write a config for the JNSQ. I posted the issue here, so that the developer of the JNSQ can make the necessary changes in configs.
  3. That's why i use JNSQ. In stock game there are no same issues.
  4. You can change the size to stock in config file.
  5. I agree, comparing stock and mod is not correct. But i compared two builds - befor https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/commit/79108ac108493ba1834209c3314065f35b6fa686 and after. There was a 15 fps drop. In this build you add 48k clouds? Ok, i only want to help make KSRSS better)
  6. Omg... FPS with new KSRSS x2.7 without parallax! Please, check your configs...
  7. There is huge FPS degradation with new KSRSS and Parallax2.0. Stock KSP + KSRSS(30.08.2022) x2.7 + Parallax old Stock KSP + KSRSS(06.09.2022 with all new patches 1h ago) x2.7 + Parallax 2.0 New career in both games. No effect with any changes in config parallax. Stock KSP without KSRSS + Parallax 2.0
  8. this is not a bug, it's the same in stock version. But in stock version there are trees and this smooths out the effect. )
  9. In stock size same issue https://prnt.sc/uw1lPfkY2M5S
  10. Yes, now game runs properly. But with x2.7 config parallax objects load in small radius around my ship. https://prnt.sc/i6GCowlRl-LN
  11. Awesome!!! I have the same. If Parallax_StockTextures-2.0.0 and Parallax_ScatterTextures-2.0.0 is removed, game starts but parallax doesn't work.
  12. Добрый день! Подскажите, установлена последняя версия в стиме. После установки флага или, например, лампы они сразу падают... Так же порой переворачиваются уже установленные объекты. Никаких модов нет. Куда копать?
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