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  1. A kid watches in amazement as Jeb explodes, a kerbal screams, and a nicheling (the creature thingy’s species name) shows up.
  2. I need to visit minmus one day, @Minmus Taster
  3. Que interesante es el francés, ojalá conociera ese idioma. Pero puedo hablar español.
  4. True, the station looked really cool but the shield was badly placed and designed. -2 Who does a shield with glass and does not protect the crew spaces? +1 Also worth mentioning it is one of the few movies where the space station is not destroyed. In all the rest of space movies the space stations gets wrecked. lol
  5. Banned for ending the sentence with 3 periods instead of 1.
  6. You get a fresh doughnut, but the fuel tank one. I wish that NASA made a colony in Mars, and visit it one day.
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