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  1. OMG i woke up at 6 am one day to try find the ISS (Spot The Station) But the DARN LIGHT POLLUTION
  2. Oh wow! The light pollution here in malaysia is too bad but still i can see Orion every night.
  3. My interstellar SSTO kept flipping at takeoff and stalls, them slams into the ground, breaking apart, and ejecting the crew module away (Sometimes G forces can get to 6! )
  4. For me i think it would be when i got to duna lowlands.
  5. I hope so and plz subscribe if u havent thanks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1xNKiXzLdS7c2RZPxm-fg oh and btw my latest video have 1.5k views! GIRLLL
  6. It just have to be a space station, size doesnt matters!
  7. @StormpilotI made a tiny one capable of carrying a standard MK1 plane. (Vanilla KSP) I didnt spawn it in water and heres the proof of wheels Hope you like it!
  8. Yes. I might as well build Stick Bugged Lol in ksp using hinges and pistons
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