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  1. Here's the flag for you: just download it and move it into the game directory \GameData\Squad\flags
  2. i meant the Space-X flag should come with the mod. if it doesn't, i can make one for you.
  3. yes, the Space-X logo i would expect to come with the mod. but if not, let me know and i can put one together for you. I'm not 100% sure, but i think "item category unknown" means that the vehicles contain parts you don't have installed. I'd go back and check you have any "required" mods for both. (i personally use Tantares Soyuz pack, and all the craft files say the same because I don't have the "launch bodies" or "probes" mods installed for the) i don't know what the texture isn't loading. I'd advise you read through/post a question in the mod's thread and see if anyone else has had the same problem. As for following the first stage, that can be tricky because you'll need to be flying both craft. the simplest i suppose would be to just put a probe core on the booster. but that will leave the 2nd stage unattended (and not firing it's engine). there might be a mod that lets you fly both, but stock KSP will only allow the craft currently "focused" by the player to have any throttle usage. (e.g. if you follow the first stage, the second stage wont fly itself) i hope at least some of that helps
  4. welcome there is this mod, with adds ISS parts: [1.11+] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts! | 0.2.5 - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums and there is this mod which adds Space-X vehicles and parts: [1.11.x] Tundra Exploration - v4.1.0 (April 17th) - (Re)Stockalike SpaceX Falcon 9, Crew Dragon and Starship! - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  5. i think that may be a mod, because i've never had the heatshields change color in my games. and unfortunately i no nothing about how to create mods
  6. I've been messing around with robotic parts much more and managed to build and successfully fly a space shuttle with a fully working robotic arm. (lots of visual mods installed, but the robotic arm itself is fully stock)
  7. Something I've always felt that's been missing from KSP since the implementation of Re-entry effects, is the lack blackening/scorching/discoloration resulting from re-entry heating. Seen here on the Apollo 11 capsule after splashdown: So I'm just wondering; is there a mod (WIP or otherwise) that provides that visual effect?
  8. Hi I installed this a few days ago. I've noticed that most of the smaller parts like antennae, solar panels, etc. don't give me the tweakable window when placing them on my craft in the VAB, nor do they highlight when I mouse-over. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this (and can explain what I've inevitably done wrong)
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