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  1. There is a release date , it was hidden with the dres removal April fool , they aim for September release But still , nothing official
  2. I just made the CFG and texture , The model was still WIP but no problem. Remember the help post you liked ? You'll see it in my signature Anyway , I was too busy , There was a chance that my mod could never get released. Anyway , thanks for filling the gap !
  3. Let's go , well , I have no hype ;'(
  4. ahhh , here we go , Heat shield tiles !!! At least my mod will not be made .... PLEASE 1.12
  5. yeah yeah , maybe someone will want to replicate the ISS , You're right .
  6. I didn't mean something to you LOL , You can post what you want , maybe you're hyped , but at least , this destroys theories about cancelling the game and that they stopped development ..... etc Don't take it seriously man.
  7. MH in real life ? Maybe we're still far from it .
  8. I know that they're essential to interstellar ships , And i know they're in ksp 1 but I don't need them , maybe in ksp 2 I'll need it . For sure , they will make ships explode if not radiating . hmm , what do you want ? see the second feature video which talks about MH is specific .
  9. well , they're just procedural radiators , nothing interesting for me. I never used a radiator before .
  10. This vessel at the end of the video has habitation cans like in habtech 2 , in this shot , it has a fly by near the camera , it's from the right of the vessel . You'll see also the NERV-US engine if you've seen the video or the above screenshot. hmm , maybe those things are antimatter tins for the engine ? then we have habitation and control ? or maybe it's a base ? but it has goo so maybe it's a base.
  11. it's maybe a problem with scatterer , try downloading an older version .
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