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  1. Hi everybody. Question: if I created a maneuver via MJ and specified "execute", can I set a maneuver for another device? Will MJ correctly accompany both tasks?
  2. Greetings to all. I promise not to touch on this topic again. But. I have been dealing with the problem of automatic time acceleration from MJ for a long time. And I found out the following: if MJ began to accelerate, you CANNOT turn it off by any means! From the word - absolutely! I have now completely disabled the acceleration function from MJ, and I accelerate the time exclusively by regular means. And all the problems were gone. I hope the author will pay attention to this bug. But in any case, many thanks to him for such a wonderful mod!
  3. Checked it out. It helps, but not always. I can't understand the addiction yet ...
  4. KSP 1.12.2. - MechJeb I do not observe any of the above. In this regard, there are no problems at all.
  5. If I turn off time acceleration in the MJ while it is adjusting the inclination to reach the landing target, then the acceleration is no longer performed. But the uncontrolled acceleration of time takes place. Today, while in low orbit of the Moon, I created an intercept maneuver through MJ to save the kerbal and enabled execution. Time began to speed up. And then I decided to slightly correct the maneuver. I pressed the slash (stopped acceleration) and turned off the automatic acceleration in MJ. So what? Right. Time all the same began to accelerate. Sorry, but in my opinion this is already a clear bug.
  6. This is the problem. As I said, MJ restores the acceleration of time regardless of who or what stopped this acceleration. The only mod I have that resets the acceleration of time is Alarm Enhancements. It would be great if MJ in this case turned off its automatic acceleration. Or in the case when I myself press the slash.
  7. Well, I decided for myself this way: I instruct MJ to make a maneuver node, then I turn it off and I myself do the course correction and start the time acceleration. But this is just a workaround. And I would like MJ to work correctly (only my personal opinion).
  8. I am familiar with programming. I imagine all the difficulties of fixing the code. But I also perfectly understand how difficult it is to understand someone else's code! Moreover, if I have never been involved in this direction before. Your proposal does not seem entirely friendly. I just expressed my vision of the problems, and my desire to fix them. I am not forcing anyone to do this. If you think that the work of the MJ is much more prioritized over other tasks, then you should understand that the use of the MJ becomes problematic. To my great regret. Just get my reasons out of your head, and consider this mod the coolest! Thanks. Excuse me for trying to help improve this wonderful mod somehow. If this is not interesting to anyone, then, with your permission, I will no longer make any suggestions. I'm sorry.
  9. Do not know and ask is not ashamed.
     It's a shame not to know and not to ask.
    Ne scii kaj demandi ne estas honto. 
     Estas honto ne scii kaj ne demandi.

  10. Hello everybody. I want to clarify my point. I believe that for any event that caused the time acceleration to stop, either I pressed the slash key myself, or another mod stopped the time acceleration, MJ should turn off the "Automatic time acceleration" item on all its panels. It is not difficult to click on this item again, but it will save you from unnecessary "headaches". Not only is I blown off the ship when I leave the capsule for the "situation report", but also when the "signal for an event" (Alarm Enhancements mod) is triggered and the time acceleration stops, MJ will still speed it up again! And this is already a problem. It seems to me that the fixes in the code are minimal. Thanks.
  11. Вопрос снимается. Просто был невнимателен... Ку-ку! Есть кто живой?
  12. I wish you all good health! Hi. I was faced with such directness as ... I (read Kerbal) "blown away" from the ship! More details. I have a science collection mod installed. As soon as it becomes possible to collect a report related to the spacewalk, I go out, but I have no time to do anything, because MJ is again speeding up time and the canopy simply "blows" off the ship. I do not understand how the "acceleration" of time can throw my kerbal off the ship !!! Maybe it is worth revising the "automatic time acceleration" depending on whether someone from the crew is outside of his ship?
  13. Вопрос снимается. Просто был невнимателен...
  14. Thanks everyone for the answers. I will practice I knew about it, but I turned out to be inattentive to this "trifle"! Alignment turned off ... Many thanks!!!
  15. You understood me absolutely correctly. This is exactly what I was talking about. ====== And another question not related to MJ. Can you please tell me in which thread of the forum I can ask that, for example, stabilizers are attached to the case at a certain angle, and not perpendicularly? and how can this be fixed? Thanks.
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