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  1. On 9/1/2022 at 1:05 PM, Forked Camphor said:

    if you don't remember to deactivate it when you try to land on a body with an atmosphere the limit prevents you (If you are going fast enough) from using your engines for slowing down or doing a propulsive landing for example

    Thanks for the tip. Perhaps this is what did not allow the MJ to land the booster stage, which I talked about in my previous post.


    Unfortunately disabling Max Q when landing did not solve the problem. MJ still turned on the engine late.

  2. On 8/31/2022 at 12:31 PM, efmd3 said:

    Is there any way to have the landing guidance module override Max Q throttling? I like the throttling on ascent, but if i forget to manually turn it off then the engines never throttle up for landing!

    I'm sorry, but could you briefly explain what the Max Q parameter is for? I see how this limit works for a while during takeoff, then I turn on the acceleration limit, and Max Q turns off. So I don’t understand what this parameter has to do with landing.


    In addition, all MJ settings are global and are applied immediately. If you open the "lifting assistant" and change this parameter there, then it will be applied for landing as well.


    Moreover, you can create a custom window in which you can add this parameter and others you need, both informational and control.

  3. Попробуй удалить игру физически с диска. Это первое.

    А второе - это косяк какого-то мода. Я как-то пробовал ставить RP-1 Realistic Progression One. Там автоматом ставится туча модов. И в итоге результат был как у тебя. Так что переустанови игру (после физического удаления оной с диска) и ставь моды по одному. 

    Это займёт много времени на проверку, но как по другому вычислить виновника я не знаю...

  4. I agree with AtomicRocketBooster, something broke at MJ.
    I previously filmed an auto landing video in which MJ did a brilliant job. If interested, this excellent work can be viewed on YouTube (_https://youtu.be/EM493tsV7tk, time 07:00-07:55).
    And more recently, I came across the fact that the MJ is late with the start of braking. This is shown in a YouTube video (_https://youtu.be/kIt_sXdE3i8, time 03:55). And it can only be cured with Landertrons (same video, time 06:30, 13:30, and all three landings, time 13:57).
    At first I thought it was because of the large landing weight of the ship, 13.6 tons, but the landing of a light ship, about 5 tons, ended the same way.
    Something broke at MJ...

    And further. Earlier, when entering orbit, the MJ also worked perfectly. The difference between the apocenter and the pericenter was a maximum of 200-300 meters. And now it reaches up to 20 kilometers! Nightmare...

  5. Thank you very much for your answer.
    Only I didn't make a bug claim. It was just a bewilderment about adding so many dependencies!

    I did this: I deleted this mod via CKAN. Only one dependency was removed with it. And when loading the game, there were 1026 downloadable patches. This already says a lot.

    As for linuxgurugamer, most of the mods I have installed are his mods.
    Thanks again.

    Now I will do an experiment. On a clean game I will install the mods I need, including FMRS, not one at a time, but at once with the whole package. If you are interested in the result, then I can report the result here.

    .png after removal

  6. Hello. In the other thread on Mechjeb, I saw a post about this mod. Decided to try. I installed it via CKAN, launched the game, quickly made a suitable rocket, launched it... Everything turned out to be simple and clear. Useful mod!


    I only ask you to explain the following to me: before installing FMRS, I had 996 patches downloaded, and after installing this mod, there were 2456 of them!!! Where does such a quantity come from?

    And this leads to a problem. The game loads for a long time, and then the computer just freezes for a few minutes!
    If no one can tell me how to fix this, then I will have to go back to the previous module configuration. Already without FMRS.


  7. Once again I want to express my admiration for your knowledge!!!
    I just checked the above statement and I can honestly say that you were right! At an altitude of 150 MJ, I immediately set the ship to maneuver and did not apply any more adjustments! Fantasy!!!
    Excuse me for being too enthusiastic. Moreover, I also, purely by chance, discovered another wonderful property of this mod. I have not seen any mention of this feature before, so I will tell you about it in my video on the channel
    Please note - all the best is born only in close cooperation!

  8. Thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer! I am impressed! I will definitely test the situation at altitudes over 120.
    However. If this problem? or feature? is known, it’s still not clear why you need to maneuver twice?
    In my opinion, I do not pretend to be true, it would be easier to start the acceleration of time and turn the ship to the desired position a few minutes before the maneuver.
    And, of course, I completely agree, it is necessary to take into account the ship's ability to maneuver. What one person can do in a couple of seconds, another may take more than a minute.

  9. 23 hours ago, Tapo_chek556 said:

    When I start the game, a characteristic cursor appears and then, a unity error window appears, a black screen appears and apparently the game crashes(please help(

    I recently also encountered a similar problem. She decided only after the complete removal of the game. Not through uninstall. You don't really need to uninstall. You just need to physically delete the folder with the game. But removing it can be extremely difficult. I had to boot from the PE disk and delete the leftovers from there. Then reinstall the game. And voila - everything works.

  10. Я, честно говоря, совсем не понял какая у Вас проблема, в чём она заключается и что надо поправить.

    Чтобы получить ответ на поставленный вопрос, этот вопрос должен быть предельно информативный, предельно понятный и чётко сформулированный.

    Моё личное мнение.

  11. On 11/19/2021 at 7:04 AM, Starwaster said:

    Make sure your mouse cursor is not over any MJ window when you press that slash key. That means you have to conscienciously clear the warp setting in the MJ menu and then move the cursor out of the window.

    Greetings to all.
    I promise not to touch on this topic again.
    I have been dealing with the problem of automatic time acceleration from MJ for a long time. And I found out the following: if MJ began to accelerate, you CANNOT turn it off by any means! From the word - absolutely!
    I have now completely disabled the acceleration function from MJ, and I accelerate the time exclusively by regular means. And all the problems were gone.
    I hope the author will pay attention to this bug.
    But in any case, many thanks to him for such a wonderful mod!

  12. 1 hour ago, Cheesecake said:

    Is anyone else having problems with  MJ in KSP 1.12.2? I have the latest MJ and since KSP 1.12.x MJ don`t save Ascent Settings. On every launch they are at default settings. Also: I cannot open settings. There is a little symbol at the left side but I cannot open them. And last but not least: I cannot move the MJ-Menu. It starts at the left top, over the KSP-time menue. After opening Ascent Guidance or other windows, the Menu switch to the right top.


    KSP 1.12.2. - MechJeb
    I do not observe any of the above. In this regard, there are no problems at all.

  13. 17 hours ago, darthgently said:

    This^^^, MJ absolutely has sporadic issues with a "sticky" autowarp such that even if turned off in MJ, it will re-assert. As previously noted the only time I've experienced this is when aborting a Landing....

    If I turn off time acceleration in the MJ while it is adjusting the inclination to reach the landing target, then the acceleration is no longer performed.
    But the uncontrolled acceleration of time takes place. Today, while in low orbit of the Moon, I created an intercept maneuver through MJ to save the kerbal and enabled execution. Time began to speed up. And then I decided to slightly correct the maneuver. I pressed the slash (stopped acceleration) and turned off the automatic acceleration in MJ. So what? Right. Time all the same began to accelerate.
    Sorry, but in my opinion this is already a clear bug.

  14. 16 hours ago, SciMan said:

    @vipAvoS Generally this kind of issue that you are having (time warp not acting like how you'd like it to) is happening because somehow you have multiple plugins attempting to control time warp at the same time. Since MechJeb seems to be the most aggressive about making sure the game is at the time warp level it wants to be at, MechJeb wins no matter what the other mods tell the game to do.


    This is the problem. As I said, MJ restores the acceleration of time regardless of who or what stopped this acceleration.
    The only mod I have that resets the acceleration of time is Alarm Enhancements.
    It would be great if MJ in this case turned off its automatic acceleration. Or in the case when I myself press the slash.

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