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  1. 9/10 fairly sure you did a prominent fan thing a while back? am i right or wrong?
  2. I know this is the absolute worst place to ask for help with the coding engine Lua, but I need help. My problem: I'm trying to build a WORKING microscope for a laboratory game. But I have no idea how. My solution: Asking around. I've asked multiple Roblox devs and a friend of mine who is experienced in the field. But none have got back to me. I. NEED. HELLPPPP!!!!!! Thanks in advance.
  3. "You made a Mach 10 jet... In KSP... with THAT amount of mods?" "Well, Marty, I thought if we were gonna break Mach 10, we should do it in style!" - Marty McFly & Doc Emmett Brown
  4. I'd say fusion power. World leaders need to delve deeper into this. Imagine a reactor core able to make clean energy from a glass of seawater/some relatively uninteresting moon rocks? Obviously, it's more complicated than that. But fusion would eliminate so, so many problems we encounter nowadays to do with climate change and such. Want to power a house? Small fusion reactor! Want to power a city? Big fusion reactor! Want to power an interstellar ship? Somewhere in the middle! Even better, there's already research projects on this sort of thing. All it takes is for one mega brainiac to make a breakthrough and BAM! Half the world's problems are solved! The good things don't stop coming; there is no possible way to have a catastrophic and super-deadly meltdown. In most if not all fusion reactors, if something bad happens, the reaction will just fizzle out and stop. I'm sure there's a few cons, but I can't find any online. Can anyone inform me of some of fusion's pitfalls?
  5. I just skipped to the last page, so this has probably already been brought up. However... The fact they considered using NUKES (correct me if I'm wrong and they were just supersized explosive charges) on a SPACECRAFT unsettles me. Plus, who's to say the plate couldn't get slightly dented in a previous detonation, throw the kinetic energy from the blast in the wrong direction and detonate the entire "fuel" reserve? That'd be catastrophic because... well, it's a truckload of nukes, for goodness sake! The explosion would vaporize the ship. Even if it didn't the crew would probably be stranded in space without any means of getting back. This is just one heck of a can of worms...
  6. The Star Raker! So pretty much, NASA just went the Kerbal way and said "MOOAAARRRR BOOOSSSTTTAAAHAHHHHHSHSSSSS!!!!!" and ended up with a spaceplane with a grand total of 10 supersonic ramjet engines. It would go up to 45,000 feet and then... wait for it... DIVE to break the sound barrier. It would go up to Mach 6 and the rockets kicked in at 29km. What a monstrosity!
  7. Because gaming rigs aren't worth it and this Legion 5 15ACH6H with a RTX 3060 Laptop Gaming GPU and Ryzen 7 5800H clocked in excess of 4 GHz runs every game I could ever want.
  8. 6.5/10 I really don't remember where I've seen you before...
  9. I just got told that Mr Douchebag is an inappropriate name and I can't use it on the Forums. :(((((((

  10. Here's your problem; with KAL overclocking, there has to be a tiny bit of fuel to begin with for it to work. Like, a single Oscar B for LF/O rockets. You do have that small amount of air in the air intake, but I doubt that will work/remain in the intake in space. Thus, you have no tiny bit of fuel, and the engine will fail to work.
  11. I don't know about being more realistic, but AirplanePlus and OPTSpaceplanes add some kick-butt looking jet engines along with a full suite of aircraft parts. Does this fit the bill for you?
  12. 6/10 seen you before like in every forum game ever
  13. SE: Everyone else can see exactly what you imagine. SP: I can look at a computer and make it INFINITELY FAST!!!! (i know, im a nerd)
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