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  1. 37 minutes ago, mikegarrison said:

    My understanding of this, influenced by a book by Katie Mack that I happen to be reading this week:

    This goes to the heart of the "cosmological principle". The idea is that there is no special point in the universe. There is not even a "center" of the universe that everything is expanding away from. At any location in the universe, the entire universe will be seen to be expanding away from you. Furthermore, while there is a "center of the observable universe" (us), that's only a function of how observation works. Any other place in the universe would also be "the center of the observable universe" to someone who was there to observe from that location.

    Well... So far I imagined our universe like following: As the center of the observable universe we see that everything expands away from us. Okay. But what if some objects are just expanding faster from "point zero" and other objects slower. And these objects that expand slower seem to expand away from us - But the don't do that at all. They just expand with a lower speed than we do from point zero. So they're moving away from us not because they're technically speeding away, but we do.


    Is that understandable in any shape or form what I'm writing down here? Sorry if the explanation sucks, I'm no native english speaker. If anything is a confusing please tell me so I maybe can make it clearer...


    Greetings and thanks for the thought experiment so far.

  2. Hey folks,


    well. The title speaks kind of for itself: We all know that speed is relative to any reference point we measure it. But it there a reference point for every object in the universe? The universe expands. Every object orbits anything else. But every object also moves away from one point. I'm aware of the little point in which the big bang happened. But it this maybe the reference point I'm asking for? And where the hell is that thing? There has to be 1 single object or place everything has a relative speed to. Which is it and where?




  3. Okay, the file editor is just insane. I was stupid enough to oversee the warning that pops out if something is completely wrong in my save file and so I was searching for a solution on my own. But a simple click on "fix error" does the job just fine. Thank you very much! Problem solved.



    I'm using the latest version, I don't now the version number by heart. It's assembled in space and all four docking ports are used and have to be undocked single handedly. 



  4. Thank you very much for that editor, it's working great. But my big question now is, what to do. I was able to identify my vessel and the ports that are bug inflicted. Firstly I tried to delete the DOCKEDVESSEL node from the single one connected port and changed it state to Disengage. But it was still connected. Then I went the other way and just added every disengaged docking port the DOCKEDVESSEL node and changed their state to Docked (dockee), but they weren't able to undock. Soooo.. What am I missing here?

  5. Hey community, 


    I've a problem with some docking ports. At the moment I'm building a mining device in the orbit of kerbit. To make the connections strong I've started replacing the single docking ports with a quadruple system. After detaching, modifying and reattaching I realized: Damnit. It's rotation angle is wrong. So I wanted to undock the 4-docking-part-connection, fix the rotation and re-dock it again. But after undocking the first three ports, I can't undock the fourth one. What am I doing wrong?


    On the picture below the left side represents the lower 4 ports, the right side represents the upper 4 ports of the connection.




    And yes. I'm still building "go big or go home". 

    Relate (To this quote): 


  6. Well. I finally know my problems thanks to you guys.


    1. I went for a lower TWR, because of youtube videos where ppl told about "At least above 1 and between 1.10 and 1.20 is fine". Well. Not for these situations I guess. So problem 1: Higher TWR

    2. I started to turn the rocket since I started playing the game. Before it was like: Straight up until apoapsis ~100km and then turn. Now I went: get 100m/s, turn (no matter how high I am) to 27,5°. Then after reaching 150m/s to 200m/s turn to 90°. Usually I was about 4-5km height there. That was waaay too early for that payload I guess.

    9 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

    Sorry for the equivalent of the tech support "is it plugged in" question, but are you turning on SAS? This thing really shouldn't have any problems flying straight up for a few km.

    Yes I turn it always on. But yeah, you're correct. Read 2) above


    This is, what I was doing:



    You're allowed and invited to laugh^^

    The result of watching some guides and thinking "Oh! That could be more efficient!" eventhough one was doing everything correct before and changing it caused the whole problem now...

  7. 11 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

    This one got to orbit OK for me out of the box, but it was a very delicate, challenging launch. The thrust at launch is indeed quite low, but that's more of a minor inconvenience than a launch-wrecking problem. The real difficulty was the very low thrust after the side tanks are emptied and detached (the initial TWR of that stage is something like 0.3). To deal with that, I performed a very gradual gravity turn (tilt eastward just enough to notice the prograde marker moving slightly away from vertical, then straight up till at least 200 m/s or so, then lock prograde), which incidentally helps with flipping, then when the prograde marker started to drop too fast toward the horizon, I kept the nose pointing thirty-ish degrees above it until well outside the atmosphere (locking prograde again once the time-to-apoapsis stabilized at about 8s and started ticking back up). This managed to pull the prograde vector up just enough to give me time to get up to orbital speed.

      Reveal hidden contents


    That probably isn't too easy to follow if you haven't done something like that before, so I would recommend making the craft easier to launch instead of trying to replicate what I did with this one. My ideal launch profile is to tilt a degree or two eastward off the pad, lock prograde early, reach 45 degrees around 10km, cut thrust when the desired apoapsis is reached, then thrust again to circularize. Try to keep all your stages' initial TWR at or above 1.0 and you'll have an easier time.

    Oh lord... I wish I was able to even come to the point where I decouple the tanks mate^^.. I only come to 4-5km height and that's it...

  8. 8 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:


    I downloaded the craft file, and I was able to use it.  I ran a few tests on the craft, launching it and trying both manually and using MechJeb to get this thing into orbit.  And even MechJeb couldn't do it.  The simplest explanation here is that your lifting stage just doesn't have enough power to get this thing to orbit.

    The craft starts with a TWR of 1.05 at liftoff, which is barely enough to get off the ground.  In fact, it took several seconds to get off the ground, which just burned fuel.  Both manual flying and using MJ, I started the gravity turn at 100 m/s, and this is where things really went wonky.  For myself, flying manually, I couldn't get this thing above 20km without it flipping.  I checked all the parts, and I checked the fuel drain, and all that.  It simply would not stop flipping.  So I added a fairing to the top of your craft, just above the reaction wheel you've got in the middle of this thing.  And then it couldn't fly because it was too heavy.  The fairing gave it aerodynamics, which it desperately needs, but it was just too heavy.  I let it run for a few seconds, and it eventually got off the ground...but wasted half the fuel in the first stage to do so.

    After that happened, I removed the fairing and launched this thing with MechJeb's Ascent Guidance.  Again, TWR at launch is 1.05, and the gravity turn was started at 100 m/s.  Which, coincidentally, was at about 3500m.  You should reach 45 degrees somewhere in the neighborhood of 10km, but even MJ didn't hit that until about 19km.  And at 20 km, she started to turn over 45 degrees.  Which isn't all that bad, but with TWR was still under 2 at this point.  At 22.5km the first stage burned out and the boosters on the side ejected.  TWR dropped to 0.6, and for the rest of the flight it never got above 0.65.  She reached an Ap of 38501m, at which point she started to come back down to Kerbin.  Even with MJ flying, it would not get into orbit.

    My first suggestion is to redesign the lifter stage and add some thrust/power there.  The craft simply does not have enough juice to get off the ground and get to orbit.  My second suggestion is to ask why you have a large reaction wheel in the middle of the craft?  Normally, reaction wheels (from what I've seen) go near the engines to use their thrust to help with turning.  I'm not saying where you have it is wrong, I'm just questioning why.

    Well, you surely can say if I've done something terribly wrong, I've no doubt I did mess up a ton of stuff. The position of the reaction weels.. To be honest? It's random. I just put them here and there to make sure it's distributed very evenly. Why? Because I thought it was best if the power of turning is distributed quite well. If that's wrong, it's wrong and I've to change it.
    I chose a TWR between 1.00 and 1.10, because I thought "You need 1 to get off the ground, the rest is wasted power and is invested better in more Delta V by more fuel" Why? Because I always have a fuel problem. Usually I start the rocket and never turn it until I reach the apoapsis. So I give full throttle, wait for the apoapsis to get to 100km and set a maneuver for creating an orbit. After that I start throttle with focus on the maneuver node at T - throttletime/2. Three days ago I started to turn the rocket while starting to the 45°. How I do it? Completely intuitive and I guess completely wrong.

  9. 2 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

    Try maybe with basic designs like this

    I already landed on the mun several times. It's not about landing on that thing, it's about installing a mineral-, fuel- and ore station. If it was landing about the moon I would not build that big.

    3 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

    All the fins should be at the bottom. Otherwise they'll either not help or make the flipping worse.

    So like this?



    If I put them further down the center of lift will be at the rockets feet

  10. Okay, now I'm really sad. I bit the bullet and built it way, way smaller. The end? It does the same. Flips to west, when I turn to east. No matter what I do......


    1 hour ago, Scarecrow71 said:

    No, I've got both DLC.  Not sure why that error is coming up.  Well, I hope someone else can take a peek at this craft file!

    I removed the spotlights, so it should work for you now: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhlFszFINTbFcFvzXUTIexezecE?e=EBb7C7

  11. 3 minutes ago, king of nowhere said:

    can't be 2000000 tons. you have 5 mammoths, those will lift at most 1500 tons.


    but the biggest joke is that you're trying to launch that ridiculous stuff with 90 hours of gameplay under your belt. I had well over 1000 hours before I could tackle that kind of stuff

    Okay, i read it wrong. It's 1.577 tons, not 1.577.000 tons. The comma/point problem, sorry about that^^ 

    Well. This big stuff worked to get up there... It's not even the biggest object flowing around in my orbits. I already did everything with smaller rockets. I landed on the moon with a small rocket about 20 to 30 hours after buying the game. Now I just wanted to start building an infrastructure - Research stations and fuel stations around kerbit and mun as well as satellites. Kerbit already got a research and fuel station, kerbit and mun have each 2 satellites and the mun got a station that combines research and fuel. Only thing is missing is a mining spot on the mun aswell as a real mun base.

    That's my kerbit research station for example:


    That was a good sequence of coupling trainings. With some fails and so on it took me around 15 couple processes to build it together in space. After that I saw somebody on youtube who shot a whole station up in space and thought "Wanna do that to". After that the mun station was created that you can see above.

  12. The biggest joke: I can't manage to get this little mining thing up over 20km. But this monument I managed to put into the moons orbit:


    I don't know what's going on there. And this ways around 2.000.0000 tons...

    2 minutes ago, king of nowhere said:

    The 5 flips because you have a huge payload with terrible aerodinamics. It would need a huge fairing, but it's still very draggy. Really, that kind of very large payload is a nightmare. I launched one that big a couple months ago, and it took me a day of trying, and i'm good at this game.

    So what you're telling me is, that it's not only the center of lift that matters but also where the wings are placed? So if the center of lift is optimal it doesn't mean the aerodynamics are optimal? What I don't understand is, if thaT's the case: Why does it flip with a good COL and also an aerodynamic hull around the payload?

  13. 1 minute ago, HebaruSan said:

    You're doing it right, as far as I can tell:

    1. Define a goal
    2. Design a craft
    3. Try to fly it
    4. If it doesn't work, try to understand what went wrong and repeat from step 2

    Each time you iterate this cycle, you learn something about how the game works (and usually something about aerodynamics or rocketry or orbital mechanics). Figuring out what went wrong can be challenging, but the game always gives you clues, and folks here are only too happy to help. The trick is to not expect immediate success, but rather to allow yourself the space and patience to try something and fail and learn from it. Eventually you will have learned enough to achieve your current goals and much more.


    yeah but I've reached a point where it's enough for me. Enough fails and enough "doesn't work". It's a point where it starts to work or I'm done with it. After so many hours with not a single success it's not a question for "When will it work?". The point is reached, where the success, if it comes, can't become even close satisfying enough, that all that frustration and anger feels worth it. Now it's just kind of "reach the goal so it's fulfilled". And it does not feel reachable to be honest. I'm sitting on this, let's be honest quite simpe an primitive, project since over 30 hours now. 

    9 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:

    Can you upload the actual craft file, or paste the contents of the craft file here as text?  Perhaps one of us can test the craft ourselves to help you out?

    Of course! But.. How can I do that?^^

  14. Hey the fuel lines go from the outer tanks to the central tank, so that if the two outer one are empty I throw them off. It's on both sides. The rocket always flips up to the western side, while I go for the east side. It would be great to just get above 15km but that's the maximum I can reach. Everything else should work after that...

  15. Hey guys,


    first of all I want to say sorry for my temper. Usually I'm way more relaxed, but this game has the perfect potential to let me freak out. After some time working and having distance to the topic I managed to calm down. Maybe it's the german genes, who knows?

    2 hours ago, Starhawk said:

    Hello @Ariggeldiggel and welcome to the forum!

    If you post a pic of your spacecraft here in this thread we will try and help you understand the design issues you face.  You can post a pic by uploading it to a free image service such as imgur.com (they do not require an creating an account to use the service) and paste the link to the pic into your post here and the pic will appear.

    There is a wealth of information both on this forum and in the KSP Wiki.

    It takes a LOT of learning and a lot of playing to get good at this game.  But the joy of that first Mun landing makes it all worth it.  When I first landed on the Mun I jumped out of my chair and danced around the room for a bit, I was so excited.

    Happy landings!

    Thank you very much. I'll post the pictures of my "rockets" afterwards. I've to admit that it's a good feeling to be succesful. The first launch, the first not-exploding rocket, the first time getting into an orbit, the first coupling and also the first moon landing. But after that 1 minute of joy there always without any kind of exception follow hours of frustration. Often enough about not being able even to repeat what was reached before. I already read a ton of information in the KSP Wiki, but unfortunately I'm not able to fix the problems I got with the fuel and my current rocket problem.


    2 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

    You will find out that, if you ask for stuff here, there will be people piling up to answer you in full.

    The more information the better. I already hopped into some astrophysic lecture notes from my old university where I studied (Studied economics but have access to everything here) in order to find something helpful understanding the game: apsis, apoapsis, periapsis, prograde, retrograde, normal, antinormal... - All completely new terms for me. I want to understand everything and not just learn by heart or memorize. But that image you posted is extremeley helpful, thank you very much for that!


    1 hour ago, modus said:


    Depending on what type of learner you are, you can also watch tutorials on youtube. What really helped me was Scott Manley's tutorials. Some parts are a bit outdated, but I still think it grasps the fundamentals. There are ofcourse other tutorials also (by mister Manley such as this one, and by others).

    Don't hesitate to ask questions, and don't give up, we've all been there!

    Hey mate, thank you very much. I already watched about 20 to 30 videos from different creators. Unfortunately nobody could help me with this particular problem. Also watched almost the whole guide series from Mike Aben.


    Here the pictures of the remaining rockets. I already deleted the complete failures, so that is the rest:



    Trüffelschwein 1: Not enough fuel, doesn't flip



    Trüffelschwein 2: Not enough fuel, flips when steering before leaving the atmosphre



    Trüffelschwein 3: Not enough fuel and flips, because of no aerodynamic wings



    Trüffelschwein 4: Works fine, was even landed on the moon until I realized the payload has the wrong containers to save the mined ore (Extremely frustrating...)



    Trüffelschwein 5: Flips and brings me to enrage...


    Thanks for your replies..



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