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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    I built a big plane. And then I asked myself "Why?" So I made a reason. Apparently the rear-facing cockpit comes with X-ray glasses!
  2. Xbox 1 cheat menu discovered!!!!!

    I can't speak to the console version, but the PC debug menu lets you put anything in orbit around any body you want. Also I have played Xbox games with cheat menus that disabled achievements on that save.... hopefully that would be the case with KSP on consoles..
  3. game plataform badge

    Excellent idea. I'm sure it could be done, after all, @sal_vager has something like that.
  4. Do noisecones still work if you play with KSP muted?
  5. What do you think about Q from Star Trek?

    Well, 20 years ago I was ~10. I don't believe I was a jerk, but I do remember being incredibly excited, and I'd wanted him to sign a picture I drew. I couldn't say what time of day it was. But it was a very small convention, we're talking probably less than 200 people attending. It was in a smallish hotel. I don't even remember if any other actors were there. I'd have to check with my dad to see if he remembers more details. I think it was the only convention we went to without my mom or brother. Regardless of his personablism (not a word), he put that character together very well. My brother and I will occasionally try to cast a TNG reboot with current up-and-coming actors, and he's always tricky.
  6. What do you think about Q from Star Trek?

    I think the character was awesome, and could not have been played better by anyone. Had a really good arc throughout the franchise. He seemed to actually evolve through TNG and Voyager. (I don't really count DS9. He was only in one episode, and it wasn't a very good one.) I also thought it was pretty neat that it was his actual son who played Q's son in Q2. I met John de Lancie once at a small convention. I remember him being a bit unpleasant, but we're talking 20 years ago, and he may have been having a bad day. No way to know.
  7. Hallo! (A wild Kerbonaut has appeared!)

    *Uses Doesn't Play On A Console* It's super effective! Really, though, welcome! Not sure how to do a SS. I barely touch my Xbox One. There's plenty of help for docking, check out the Gameplay Questions and Tutorials section. There's almost always a docking help thread on the first page (Since it's probably the hardest part of the game). Most advice for PC will translate well to console. As far as your boosters, is it similar to this user's issue?
  8. I've often wondered if his keyboard has heatsinks.
  9. Add "Recent Status Updates" on Forum

    There's already a chat, and this isn't Facebook. I really see it becoming a problem with getting spammed for attention. You'll also end up with long support conversations in there that won't be referable to other people in the future. There's nothing wrong with starting a new thread. If you really like a thread or the content a particular user posts, you can just follow them and get notifications. If anything like this is even implemented, I really hope it can be switched off.
  10. Kerbalnaut Override

    Excellent. Will definitely install when I get home.
  11. Kerbalnaut Override

    @Snark does it have an option to "Never auto-fill any craft for any reason whatsoever?
  12. (Mod Hosting Site)

    I'm sure your ISP has more than 254 clients. I would really only bother PMing him your IP address if the site appears to be up but you can't access it. If you can load the page... obviously you're not blocked. @VITAS maybe amend your post to only request IPs if there's a problem so you don't get a barrage of IPs?
  13. What Ho!

    Howdy! Docking's like, the best part of the game! (Once you finally figure it out and it becomes second nature)... Orbital Konstruction! is easily the more rewarding part of the game (for me).
  14. [1.3.1] Baha EPL Redrilled v1.3 (2/20/18)

    This is awesome! The normal EPL drills and I do not get along. Can't wait to play with these.
  15. What are the best mods for 1.3.1?

    Some off the top of my head that I probably couldn't play without at this point. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KIS/KAS Action Groups Extended. I'll never run with stock action groups again. KER, of course. A few others that are really nice to have around: Konstruction! TAC Life Support I realize these three are part mods, but they're way more than just "Here have some more fuel tanks and engines"" Surface Experiment Pack (Adds so much to EVAing) DMagic Orbital Science Universal Storage supplements a few of the above nicely.