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  1. NewEgg's making me do one of those picture captchas that just replaced the images with more after you click on them again. Every. Single. Time. I log in.
  2. Moved to Kerbal Network, since it's about the forum and not the game. I haven't had this problem, but I did have another notification-related issue awhile back that was fixed by turning the option off and then back on. Can you give that a try? It's also possible your browser is set to not allow auto-playing media.
  3. It's somewhat easy to get the Sr. docking ports backwards in the editor. No, they do not need to be set to anything to dock. They must be the same size, though. Pics would help.
  4. In addition to the craft file, it would really help to have pictures of the craft. Video of the problem too if you can swing it.
  5. Speaking of.
  6. I'm using it just fine in 1.8.1. Just because a mod isn't officially updated for the current version, doesn't mean it doesn't work, especially with part mods.
  7. Hello, @Mahh70. Sorry to hear you're having trouble, unfortunately you haven't provided any details that can be used to assist you. Please see this for some tips on the type of information that should be provided when looking for help: Also I'm moving this to Modded Tech Support.
  8. @HUG, I've merged your comment into the grand discussion thread for this release. Glad it's working well for you.
  9. Hello, @Yamiko Hikari, and welcome to the forum! I'm glad you got it figured out. You can't delete your own posts. But even if you could, it would be best to leave questions up as they can help other people in the future. Thank you for updating with the solution!
  10. Probably depends on the contract with the customer.