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  1. Shouldn't be. The thread is locked now, can you edit your last post in it?
  2. Some more embedded content has been removed for imagery that violates our forum guidelines. If you are unsure if any content you wish to share is against the rules or not, they can be found here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/guidelines/ If you are still unsure, you can always contact the moderation staff privately to see if it's alright. Please keep it clean, people. I don't want to have to pull this car over.
  3. Some content has been removed for containing language that violates our forum guidelines. Please make sure external content, like embedded videos, follows our forum rules. Thank you.
  4. @pijamaman5, @Xemina, @Okhin, please provide full, direct English translations for all of your posts in this thread. As pointed out earlier in the thread, all posts outside of the International subforum need to be posted in English or have an English translation provided.
  5. My brother's been wanting a dedicated PC to run an ARK: SE server on so that he doesn't need to fire up his computer or worry about using it otherwise when his wife wants to play their shared save. So I got him one as a late Christmas present, setting it for him now. Look at it! It's so tiny! It's smaller than the 2-in-1 laptop thing I use for the map on my game, yet it has a socketed desktop i5 in it.
  6. You can set a new root part in the VAB/SPH using the re-root tool, it's up by the Rotate/Translate buttons.
  7. I have wanted this for a long time, for KIS/KAS but mainly for Konstruction! as if a Konstruction port ended up being the root part on docking, you couldn't weld. I never made it an official request since it would have no benefit in stock - which is no longer the case.
  8. 5 of 5 wishes you a Merry Christmas too. (he sleeps under the tree for about 90% of the day)
  9. The rule is very much not obsolete. It still applies. Note though that it is not against the rules to request modders to update, it's against the rules to bully or harass them about it.
  10. I could move it around, but correct, it didn't affect the game any. It showed up after I moved the kerbal's parachutes from the pod's inventory back into their personal inventories.
  11. It's DRM Free on Steam as well. If you copy the KSP folder to a different location that Steam doesn't know about, you can launch the game the same you would a copy purchased from the KSP store.
  12. KSP and DLCs on Sale at Humble until an unknown date.
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