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  1. The only "issue" I've ever had is that I can't dock stuff to it in editor.
  2. Landed on Eve! Ladder was a little off, and apparently 1 out of 3 Kerbals are too stupid to figure it out. She's stuck. The other two were able to climb back up. Edit: After 7-8 tries, finally managed to get the rover down too. Turns out I had a terrible descent plan for it. (Fairing as heat shield). Had to come in super shallow, took three orbits. Yay! Except it couldn't be further away from the lander.
  3. This 501 piece monstrosity is theoretically about to take Arbas, Napond, and Mitden on a one way trip to Eve. Packaged is the lander, decent sized rover, and a relay satellite to drop into Kerbol orbit on the way there.
  4. I've been looking, but the only solution I found... didn't work. Probably because I'm not a programmer. Not sure why they're not just included as jpgs or something, but I'm sure Squad had their reason. I think most of the images have a nice dark spot on the bottom where the words go, don't they? Might have to just screenshot'm.
  5. Were your "Photoshop skills" doodling over it with black in MSPaint like I did?
  6. BT - Force Of Gravity. Used to listen to BT a lot in High School. I don't anymore, but this song gets stuck in my head randomly every couple of weeks, even though I haven't listened to the song in quite some time.
  7. The dish / solar panel overlap would drive me insane. I don't know how you live with that. I've aborted entire missions because of overlap way less than that!
  8. Yesterday actually, but I moved my Mun miner base, since it was on a hill. (The Thud engines at minimum throttle essentially turn it into a hovercraft that slides around with the RCS) Then I completed my first surface docking with the fuel shuttle.
  9. I pretty much stay in Sandbox. So until I start a Career game I care about, if it burns up in the atmosphere or explodes on contact with a planet/moon, I'm good.
  10. I would love you forever.
  11. I've got roughly 40 rolls of filament. Only 3 are ABS, and those were sort of on accident since I mistakenly believed they were a good idea when I got my first printer... which is not enclosed and the bed can barely reach 80. So I don't use them. I've got one roll of PETG which I've yet to use, and I'm actually running my first Raptor PLA print right now. Most of what I print is just find in regular PLA.
  12. Oh I know. Luckily it hasn't been an issue yet, but I'm not using any of the super absorbent stuff, like Nylon. I used to worry about my PLA, but after a year and 4/5 printers, I've yet to have any issues. The filament I keep at work is kept in a pretty well climate controlled office, and the stuff at home is in drawers inside a cabinet with two of the printers, so the heat keeps it fairly dry in there. I should at least keep my ABS in bags... even though I never use it because ABS is such a pain.
  13. I would ask in the specific threads for the mods in question. If it's possible, it's likely going to work differently for each one.
  14. It is, and if you shop around you can get good stuff for cheap. Lowest I paid was $12/kg for Makergeeks, which is actually made ~2 miles from where I work. They have a grabbag where you get get it for $15/kg (you just can't pick color), and I had a 20% off code, which there's almost always a code. Filament won't suddenly "go bad" because the printer has decided it's time for you to buy more, either. I've got stuff I bought with my first printer over a year ago that still prints fine, and I'm not even storing it properly.