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  1. It's amazing how complex and photo-shoppy basic free graphic editors are getting, yet finding one that still does simple stuff like make a circle or re-size a selection is getting harder. MSPaint is the only thing I miss about running Windows. Even the newer versions of that are getting too shiny. I would so run a VM of Windows XP just for MSPaint, since it refuses to run in WINE. Pinta has been the most friendly so far I've found. Has a bucket and a Mac version.
  2. Hello World!

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    2. adsii1970


      No, WordPress isn't that hard to use. Just they have a "Hello World!" sample blog entry that pops up as soon as you activate the platform. So when I saw your message, I couldn't help the slight chuckle...


    3. Geonovast


      lol, wasn't implying it was.  Just Apache's default start page is basically a slim instruction page.

      I'm not even sure what Wordpress is.  Just assuming it was a web server.  Is it specifically for blogging?

      "Hello World" is the first message pretty much any programming tutorial will have you print first.

    4. adsii1970


      Yes, it is a blogging platform. Probably one of the most used in the world. It is literally everywhere and is fairly flexible. There are even "plug-ins" which will allow you to turn a blog into an e-commerce site.

  3. Geonovast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    A little something for all the Halo fans out there. I planned on spending a few hours tonight playing Reach, but after one mission, I had to jump back on KSP and put this together. I have some refining to do, but it's flyable and landable at least. Hooking up my joystick should help with that.
  4. Geonovast

    For some reason, everybody wants my accounts

  5. So you installed 1.5 directly over your old installation? That could have left artefacts that's causing an issue. Install everything again, but to a different location, and see if that one launches.
  6. Is the SquadExpansion folder inside your GameData folder? You're going to have to be way more specific than "in my C drive", as for most computers that essentially means "It's on my computer." What's the full path for your install?
  7. I did have this happen to me in 1.3.1 once. This is probably not your cause, but since you have KIS/KAS installed... Turns out the game really didn't like having struts just floating around in space. I had removed some struts via KAS on EVA, and since I couldn't put them in the kerbal's inventory, they just floated about. Game really didn't like that, and would do what you're suggesting after a bit. Don't have any weird parts floating around as debris, do you?
  8. Geonovast

    Making history for ps4

    AFAIK the console versions are based on KSP 1.2.2, and MH needs 1.4.x to work. So I wouldn't hold my breath until a major console update.
  9. What about playing with some really old versions of KSP?
  10. Geonovast

    Switching over to Linux (Ubuntu)?

    There are very few mods that actually have different versions based on OS. I can only think of one, I don't remember what it is, but I do know there's at least one. After you install the same KSP version on your laptop, just copy your entire GameData folder over, except the GameData/Squad folder. (It might be fine - I just don't know if there's OS differences in there.) Specing the laptop, you want to focus on single thread performance of the CPU. I would still go with no less than 8 GB of RAM, but you would probably be ok with 6 depending on how modded you are. Discreet GPU is nice, but harder to find in cheaper laptops. Get a cooling pad. This game will run it hot no matter how good the CPU is, and you might hit thermal throttling without external cooling. I would recommend a Linux Mint (because it's what I know, and I hate Ubuntu's unity DE) install with a lightweight DE, like Xfce. I personally run MATE, but not for hardware reasons. I just like MATE.
  11. Geonovast


    I love me some Dres. I haven't been in a long, long time though. Make sure to ping this thread whenever you post something official about it! Oh, and welcome aboard!
  12. Geonovast

    Forum editor tables

    Yeah that's always bothered me.
  13. Geonovast

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for not banning.
  14. Geonovast

    Forum editor tables

    I've found them pretty straightforward. Is there something specific you're having issues with? You should be able to just click the table button in the editor, tell it how big you want the table, then enter the info into each box. Table! Colors Shapes Red Square Blue Circle
  15. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    NM is getting snow and I'm NOT?