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  1. I've pretty definitively proven that when I log in at one location, I get logged out of others. I was on my main desktop. Went on my laptop for a bit, had to log in. Browser was never closed on the desktop. Went back to the desktop after about 90 minutes, was logged out. Got suspicious, logged back in, then immediately grabbed my laptop. Sure enough, I was logged out. Hope that helps narrow things down. I might try logging out of all devices through the forum and see if that changes anything.
  2. I'm well aware it's mod-induced, I just thought it was funny. I have a couple of Angel's mods along with quite a few others. I wasn't trying to complain about a stock bug or anything. Just wanted to share and see what else other people had encountered.
  3. +1 on an SSD. I never thought much of them until recently. I have several old laptops running around now that were basically unusable, even after removing the MS garbage, until I tossed an SSD in. It doesn't even have to be an expensive one. You can 120GB ones for under $20. Just remember to keep a backup of anything important. It's a good idea anyway, but even more so with SSDs.
  4. You could always run Win 10 unactivated. AFAIK the only downsides are : You can't change personalization settings like your background picture. There will be a "Please give us money for no reason" watermark in the bottom corner. You'll still be using Windows.
  5. I've used Firefox exclusively for quite some time, even on my phone. I haven't noticed anything else weird on the forum.
  6. I'm getting constantly logged out of all my devices. This started a little while back when I saw I had been logged into a Windows computer, which didn't make sense at the time (I've since realized that I had logged in while my user agent switcher addon was accidentally set to Windows), and so I logged out of that device. I ended up getting logged out of every device, and now I'm having to constantly log back in when I start the browser. This is happening on at least 3 different computers. Anyone else seeing this? The Remember Me checkbox is definitively checked when I log in, my browser is not set to clear active logins when it closes, and I'm not being signed out of anywhere else.
  7. Could a MM patch remove the restriction? Edit: Yup. Patches for Material Bay and Goo Container in spoiler.
  8. Badly placed gifs in signatures are all the rage with the kids these days.
  9. I thought there was one already, but I couldn't find it. So if there is... go ahead and merge away. I'm still, somehow, plinking away a career game, and I got this little gem. I don't know what's worse, that they think it's possible to study Ice Cream on the sun, or the offensive pittance they want to pay me for it. Also: onKerbin?
  10. Because it's basically being treated as a subassembly with its own root part. To get around this, just drop the duplicated parts in mid air so they're greyed out, click the re-root tool (by the offset/rotate tools) click on the duplicated parts, and then set the part you want to use to attach as the root. Then you can attach it to the rest of your craft.
  11. If you hover over your post, you'll see a link on the upper right called "Report Post". You can report your post to the mods and request it to be moved, although one of them is bound to see it anyway. (who ninja'd this!) I, too, wish there was a way to do this in stock that didn't involve just jettisoning a tank. It would make building shuttles much easier. If you're into mods, there's a handy mod called SmartParts that includes fuel drain valves. They do provide a very small amount of thrust, but it's usually negligible. If even the small amount it provides is too much, you can put two valves on opposing each other to their thrust cancels out, or put the valve close enough to a part on your ship that it actually provides no movement.
  12. Oh yes. Although it might be a good idea to plan on getting a discrete GPU down the road, even if it's just a cheaper low-medium end used one. KSP doesn't need off-CPU graphics, but it does help.
  13. Uh... probably? I'm sure I re-entered them and recovered them. Not that it mattered, this was a separate save with a single purpose and it really didn't matter what happened to them afterword. I am contemplating re-doing this... but a bit better. I'm hoping that either the random 90 degree off issue with IR is gone, or the BG robotics would be good enough for this as well. I've also successfully hovered and translated a rocket after landing it, so it's possible that I wouldn't even need the transport truck and the rocket can put itself back on the pad.