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  1. Changing the KSP Engine

    To the 3D printers!
  2. Comic Request

    Big talking tree from Guardians Of The Galaxy.
  3. Menu bug

    Little stuff like this is why I avoid updaters. Why not install 1.4.2 fresh from its full install file, and forget the updater? You can either install it to its own location, or just copy your saves folder somewhere safe beforehand. Or, better yet, just wait until 1.4.3 is available.
  4. How to place a flag on the Mun

    @Triop , a small suggestion? Mind cranking your ambient light boost up a bit? Game might look fine on your end, and the SSs might not be that bad... but I can barely see anything. Your original picture was essentially black.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    After some setbacks... I have my first Mk2 SSTO! I expected to barely make it, definitely not that I'd have 524 m/s left.
  6. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Swap the 1GB sticks and see if it does it with 3GB installed. It sounds like a bad stick.
  7. Refuel E.V.A pack

    I've used them, and they worked fine for me.
  8. Refuel E.V.A pack

    Probably not, it's best to leave answered questions be, no matter how little. Ever google something, to be brought to a forum post, and an answer on that page helped you? Imagine if forums removed answered questions.
  9. Refuel E.V.A pack

    You can. Get in any pod and get back out. Refilled.
  10. I feel very Kerbal right now

    Switch your SAS to "Radial Out" instead of "Retrograde" just before landing, and make sure the navball is on surface mode when landing, not orbit. RCS can also be very handy in landing, using 'H' to thrust forward and slow as you come down.
  11. Working for SQUAD? :-)
  12. I've lost them in command seats, but never actually inside something. I have seen the thermal bar quite a few times when the EVA out after landing.
  13. Multi Satellite Launch

    This is exactly why [ and ] should ignore debris without a modifier key.