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  1. Geonovast

    Where is this part from?

    Would this help you any?
  2. Geonovast

    Mod to show part name

    Thanks @linuxgurugamer! Let's see if my work computer will like KSP long enough to check this out...
  3. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Screw that stupid impossible geometric shape. To take down the Borg, all they needed to do was install Windows 10 on Hugh, and send him home.
  4. Geonovast

    Mod to show part name

    I figured, we're probably in plugin territory for that.
  5. Geonovast

    Mod to show part name

    Is it possible to have it show the entire path of the cfg file? I have so many part mods installed, and it's such a pain sometimes to figure out which mod it is.
  6. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I got a call from my mom. Mom: "I have a computer question. I don't think this is real, but I wanted to tell you just to make sure." Me: "Uh, ok." *Prepares my best 'Have you tried turning it off and on again?' voice* Mom: "I got two phone calls from Microsoft, they told me that my IP address had been hacked and that they need to give me a new one." Me: *Erupts laughing* Mom: "So this definitely isn't real, then." After a few minutes, I was able to stop laughing long enough to remind her that she doesn't even have any microsoft products in her house. She then mentioned that they'd spoofed her phone number. WHO FALLS FOR THIS STUFF?
  7. Geonovast

    The great forum test thread!

  8. Geonovast


    Sounds like you're not placing probe cores or command pods properly, and you're not setting up your staging. You need to tell the game what activates in what order. Can you post a picture of your rocket in the VAB?
  9. Geonovast

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I did not experience that at all when we brought my daughter home. Of course, I've always had cats...
  10. Geonovast

    Auto Struts and Rigid Attachments

    Are you willing to use mods? Because KJR is absolute magic, and you don't need to turn it on on every. frakin. part. like you do with autostruts or rigid attachment.
  11. Geonovast

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    That was pretty much my argument. This was awhile ago, back when Vista was still relevant (which it had). I told her several times that it was an overheating issue, but The Almight Geeks said it was a corrupt OS and she needed the discs (without ever looking at it). IIRC I'd found a fan online for about $7. I'd been mucking with computers since I was like 10 and I'd already had several laptops apart at that point. I could have had it fixed in an hour or so, correctly. This ordeal was when she finally started listening to me about computers, to the point I even got her switched to Linux. I was sick of the M$ induced tech support calls from her. She is one of those people who have a tech-killing aura though. She's killed way more electronics from normal use than I ever have from abuse.
  12. Geonovast

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Quite a few years ago, my mom had to take her laptop in (GeekSquad... groan) to have the fan replaced due to overheating. This was after they first made her buy system restore disks for like forty freaking dollars. She did all this instead of listening to me because it was still under warranty. 2-3 weeks later, she gets her computer back. Now it overheats and shuts down before you even get to the login screen. Again, instead of letting me crack it open, it goes back... They had forgotten to take the sticker off the fan and apply thermal paste. This wasn't even GeekSquad. They had to send it off to the manufacturer.
  13. Geonovast

    Steam or not to Steam

    As @Gargamel said, you can launch KSP directly without opening Steam. There's no DRM on KSP, so Steam doesn't need to be running. I wish you'd come and asked first, would have saved you some cash. Although I don't know why Steam is causing you an issue. How do you know it's Steam causing the issue, if you've never run KSP by itself? KSP is a bit of a resource hog.
  14. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I've lived both situations. I grew up in southern Wisconsin, where dropping a foot of snow in 12 hours was common and all it meant was you left for work a little earlier. The town I lived in had less than 4,000 people, but just the town had over a dozen salt/plow trucks... nevermind that half the farmers owned their own plows. Now I live in SW Missouri, where people absolutely lose their minds if we have over an inch forecast, and I'm pretty sure the entire county has a dozen trucks.