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  1. Se você quiser deletar sua conta, pode fazê-lo aqui. Você acabou de chegar! Odiaríamos ver você partir tão cedo. <google>
  2. Hello, @Jebediah do acre, and welcome to the forum! I've added a translation to your post for you. We have a rule that all posts outside of the international subforum must be posted in English, or provide an English translation. Please make sure you do one of those in your posts, and again welcome aboard! <Traduzido via google tradutor> Olá, @Jebediah do acre, e bem-vindo ao fórum! Eu adicionei uma tradução à sua postagem para você. Temos uma regra que todas as postagens fora do subfórum internacional devem ser postadas em inglês ou fornecer uma tradução em inglês. Certifique-se de fazer uma dessas em suas postagens e, novamente, bem-vindo a bordo!
  3. Thread locked, and it's going to stay that way. Guys, we have a rule against general chat threads, that's gotten a little bit on leniency recently in that post megathread. A thread that we have had to step in on a couple times, now, for the exact reasons that chat threads are typically not allowed. Please do not start up random threads just to poke us into taking action on them. Thank you.
  4. @Nooby_dud, I've merged your question into our master thread for this sort of thing. Also, some comments have been removed or edited. English isn't everyone's first language, so let's be understanding of that, shall we? That said, I agree with what's being said. Slapping a GPU into your machine at this point won't help much. I would consider 4GB to be barely enough to just run a computer, let alone KSP. I'm guessing since you have a dual core CPU with 4GB of RAM that you're also not running an SSD, so your computer will be paging a lot to a mechanical harddrive.. slowing things down even more. I would get yourself to 8 or 16 GB of RAM just to get by and save up for a new machine. Or even a newer used machine. 4GB sticks of desktop DDR3 (which I'm guessing you have) can be had on eBay for $10-$15 USD. If you're patient with eBay or local markets, you can sometimes get pretty decent machines for a good price.
  5. Moved to Add-On Development, as it's a more suitable home for topics like this.
  6. Yup. When I set up the auto-unlock, I actually put in the date as Dec 25th, 2525. But when it went through, it defaulted to January 18th, 2038, and that's how I found out the forum is going to have to deal with the Unix 2038 problem. One would hope there'd be an update before then...
  7. Thread locked. Also, some comments have been edited or removed. Let's not make our comments personal, please.
  8. Moved to KSP Discussion as this is about playing the first game, not KSP2. Personally, my only must-have mod is KJR. I find the game fairly annoying without it as manually setting autostruts all the time is just busywork without adding anything to the experience. Other mods that are almost always present: KIS/KAS Konstruction! SmartParts SimpleAdjustableFairings DockRotate KRE KER VAB Reorienter FMRS Superfluous Nodes
  9. I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. It's locked.
  10. Posts in The Lounge or Forum Games subforums do not count toward your post count.
  11. I've had this stuck in my head for two days now.