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  1. Geonovast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I dunno about you, but I get really worried when a new design works the first time.
  2. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I need to do one of these some year.
  3. Geonovast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I'm getting... moderately ok at this.
  4. Geonovast

    Broken Struts

    I've never had problems either way.
  5. Geonovast

    Broken Struts

    Pics, pics, pics! Are you sure you're attaching to the fuel tank, and not an engine shroud? Also, it's usually much easier to attach to the fuel tank first, in the same symmetry as you attached the boosters, then pull it out to the nosecones. You can have too extreme an angle, and you may also be trying to pull them too far. It's impossible to say what's going on without seeing what you have.
  6. Looks neat. I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if they'll do a Linux release.
  7. Geonovast

    The food you're craving right now...

    Tonight we found out that we can get Rib Crib delivered with one of those third party delivery places. I am no longer craving pulled pork.
  8. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Cat-proofed my computer. Edit: This is supposed to be vertical.
  9. Geonovast

    Problems with RAPIERs

    If you zoom out enough, your FPS will go up significantly.
  10. Geonovast

    Best way to prevent part amount creep?

    My answer was more RAM and an i7. Part count optimization was never really my thing.
  11. Geonovast

    Can someone send me an RSS download?

    A lot of mods don't allow re-distribution either. It's gonna be best to just diagnose why it's not working, all around.
  12. Geonovast

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    Playing that right now! Actually bought it for my nephew last weekend, so got in quite a bit of playing with a new player! Drove me nuts too until I found out that you can manually set if an intersection has stoplights or stopsigns, and you can pick which roads have stopsigns. It got ... a little better. I also build diverging diamonds for highway intersections whenever possible.
  13. Geonovast

    Universal Storage II

    I wasn't thinking of its own part, but just another switch on the hex and octo cores. Crew Tube/Monopropellant/LFO/Xenon/CrewCabin so we could actually store kerbals inside the core. Is that doable?
  14. Geonovast

    KSP cinematic screenshot

    It's possible. Can you access It's the one I use, and @Gargamel hates me for it.
  15. Geonovast

    KSP cinematic screenshot

    No, it's not. Click the link in the spoiler. The first two results are the same picture as the one you posted, yours just has that lens flare added.