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  1. Will the CNC software run on Linux? If yes, you could put a very, very lightweight 32bit Linux distro on it and not worry about getting it on the network as it'll be a modern, updated OS.
  2. The lightning was a nice touch. That and the second stage engine lighting up the gridfins as they deployed. I love the night launches.
  3. Moved to Gameplay Questions. In order to be considered suborital, your AP (highest point in your trajectory) has to be above 70 km. And (it's been awhile), you may actually have to be in space for it to count.
  4. Did you intentionally grab a screenie from an earlier B1060 launch, or was that just a happy accident?
  5. Getting hard to tell where the tanks stop and the interstage begins. Love it.
  6. Here's my current Falcon9 ripoff. Three main reasons the plate is handy: I can attach all kinds of little bits in there without worrying about the entire stack being structurally sound for the sake of the whole rocket. It keeps the attachment point between the top of the first stage and the bottom of the second stage to as few nodes as possible. It has a built-in decoupler, which makes the weight issue not as much of an issue as it appears (although I will concede that they are heavier than their decoupler counterparts In this particular case, I'm not using the shroud with the plate, but a structural tube under it. This is strictly for looks, so take it how you will. This keeps the black part on the booster while keeping the second stage all white. It also allows me to simply use the part variant switcher to swap to a longer length for any adjustments. This would normally be handled by simply toggling the shroud on and off. Normally this wouldn't be needed, but it looks better this way, especially when using FMRS to recover the booster. That said, the plates aren't really necessary, as pointed out. Everything they provide can be done other ways, but they are convenient. I used to use fairings for interstages, but a couple versions ago huge changes were done to the fairings, and now using them as interstages without deploying them is basically impossible.
  7. I use them all the time. Pretty much every design. Remember, though, that they're not in the base game. Not everyone has the Making History DLC.
  8. If you can get a rescue craft to him that has an Engineer, they could EVA over to the pod and use the orbital construction feature to either attach a docking port to the pod, or to remove the parachute that's covering up the hatch. You could then dock to the pod with the rescue craft or EVA Jeb over, respectively. Also, welcome aboard, @Gradonius!
  9. Welcome to the forum, @Dungus. I've split your question off to its own thread.
  10. Basically, yes. Except there is no such thing. I checked both the Goliath and Wheesley configs, and they just use ModuleAnimateGeneric to move the thrustTransforms. So that's all this does, moves 2 of the thrustTransforms 120 degrees out in a single frame animation. (You'll notice the plume out of the nozzle gets less dense, since there's now only 1 instead of 3.)
  11. I made an SRB with a thrust termination system. I... don't know why. Doesn't actually stop the srb, just opens up some angled side ports to effectively zero out the thrust.
  12. Missed that, thanks. Moved back to challenges. Never moderate before caffeine, folks.
  13. Moved to The Lounge, as it's not really about KSP.
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