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  1. Louise Fletcher has died at 88. https://www.startrek.com/news/remembering-louise-fletcher I think I only ever saw her as Kai/Vedek Winn, but it seems she had quite a career
  2. Tech issues are basically what this forum is for. Besides, having your issue and (hopefully) resolution posted and published for all to see is likely to help someone else down the road.
  3. You can disable staging on the decoupler. However, I believe you need to have Advanced Tweakables enabled to do this. You can turn that on in the game settings.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, due to the electric pumps they can vary the combustion ratio on the fly during the flight. I wonder if they use that ability during the end of the flight as a method of throttling right before separation.
  5. Another development thread about Multiplayer has been merged into the master KSP 2 Multiplayer thread. Also, a great deal of content has been removed. This is mostly due to a side argument being removed that was no longer relevant.
  6. Moved to The Lounge as this appears to not involve KSP.
  7. It's really nice to see these go well. Always a little flinchy on these launches since I watched both of their customer failures live
  8. Anyone know if there's footage somewhere of the booster's descent? I would be interested to see that. Surely they had more than one camera on the thing during the launch.
  9. Take your time! I really appreciate the effort you're putting into it.
  10. I'm getting the same results as above, except I haven't tested any lights. Shadows everywhere, and the grass is limited to a pretty tight circle around the active vessel, with trees going pretty far out.
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