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  1. Need a gamesave guru

    @5thHorseman, did what you suggested and it worked perfectly. Everyone's home and the conspiracy has been successfully covered up. Thank you!
  2. Need a gamesave guru

    Luckily, this is a science save. No rep, contracts, or funds to worry about. I like this, probably going to be a lot easier than what I just finished. 20 minutes of deleting stuff from the save in a way that made sense to me (The ship in question by itself was at least 7,000 lines.), only for the game to not load. Luckily this is my first encounter with Duna as well, no probes beforehand. So there shouldn't be any Duna references at all that I would need to keep!
  3. Need a gamesave guru

    Initially I thought it would be like that, but skimming over the save file, there's mission histories and progress tracking that I could see getting messed up from me mucking around in there when half the stuff I can't infer what it does.
  4. Need a gamesave guru

    Last night I was testing a craft in my science save. This ship is being built specifically for Duna, and so I needed to test some things at Duna. Used F12 to warp my way there. I specifically made sure to revert everything back to the way it's supposed to be before saving. Or so I'd thought. I just loaded up the save, and that ship is still in orbit around Duna with Jeb and Bill on board. All the recent quicksaves are in the same condition. I'm not quite sure how this has happened. My problem though, is I would really like to make this ship disappear, get the two home, and not accrue any science in the process. I could F12 them back to Kerbin and retrieve them, but I'm worried I'll get some science in the process for that. I'd rather not kill them. Link to save file (edit: seems it autosaved between me F12ing it back to Kerbin and uploading). Name of the ship in question is Project Washburn Modlist Is there anything I can do besides learn to make a backup of the save outside of KSP before playing in the "simulator?" TIA.
  5. Newish. Advice please. :)

    #4 - I think you mean right click? Left clicking doesn't do much other than possibly drop another maneuver node. I didn't know this! This is really helpful. Just tried out these instructions for myself. Seems I've been returning to Kerbin the wrong way for... always. SS to help out anyone else.
  6. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you watch Apollo 13 and think "This isn't that bad, guys." That's me... like every day.
  7. Eclipse in KSP

    Not random, but it is underlining. It underlines common acronyms so you can mouse over it and see what it means.
  8. Eclipse in KSP

    Total while pushing myself home: Partial while refueling: I never really noticed any until the real one awhile back.. now I'm seeing them fairly regularly. On the surface, in space, even a few during launches. If you end up doing ISRU stops that take a few game days on Kerbin somewhat equatorial, you'll see them often. Also, just an FYI, you can hit F1 to grab in-game screenshots. They're saved in the Screenshots folder in your KSP folder. A lot easier than dealing with the OS's SS system and cropping. F2 will toggle the HUD for cleaner images like my refueling one.
  9. [1.3] DeepFreeze (v0.23.6) 18th June 2017

    I can't believe I just found this. The hour and a half until I get home from work is gonna take forever.
  10. Yeah, the first problem I can work around. I'll just make a habit of attaching the Transfer Conduits I'll need for the next addon before I leave. The exploding is just the one piece, the Interior Heat Probe. All the other modules are fine. The Transfer Conduit even stays put, hovering above the ground where it would be if the probe didn't explode. The only other exploding has happened when I would accidentally attach the Transfer Conduit to the ground.
  11. Your creepiest/loneliest KSP moments!

    Probably not the worst, but it made for an eerie view. Endless ice fields of Minmus at night.
  12. First of all, I love this mod! It's awesome to have something incredibly useful to do on the surface of other planets / moons! I've been working on a SEP base on The Mun. First issue I ran into, was after setting up the first couple of tests, going home, researching more, and sending a second mission to add more, I couldn't add plugs to the units already there. Noticed I had to move the old units first, so no biggie. Unlinked, moved the last section, re-linked, and good to go. However, the Interior Heat Probe explodes when I try to attach a Transfer Conduit to it. I've attached the bit of the log between the screenshots. Very repeatable. Done this three times now, hence the screenshots.
  13. Can We Discuss What This is?

    I remember the first time I saw one, I think researching what it was was the first thing that brought me to the forums. I think there's a couple of them. Reverted a couple of times to try to land as close to it as I could.
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Set up my first SEP station on The Mun!
  15. It happened again shortly after posting this, so I removed Kerbal Alarm Clock, being the most recent mod. Thought I was good.. Except it crashed again, this time while entering the Space Center from a ship in orbit. Log from that crash: Last handful of lines: