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  1. I mashed the "generate" button on a random word generator until I saw something I liked. This was roughly 16 years ago. Have used this name pretty much everywhere since. The pfp is one of my cats, who looks like he just smelled something... unpleasant.
  2. First of all... verify that it's actually overheating. Install a piece of software that monitors cpu temp and see if it's actually even running hot. Your fans may be quiet because the thing is just not running hot. Slow opening software? Clicking noise? These are telltale signs that you have a dying harddrive (if you have a harddrive in the system) The actual specs of your system would help greatly. Get CrystalDiskInfo and run a S.M.A.R.T. test on your drive(s). Cooling pad may help a tiny bit if your fans are dying. It won't help if the heatsink fins are plugged up. I've found that cooling pads are more of a placebo than anything. Even if it helps, it will be a bandaid. If your fan(s) is/are dying, they need to be replaced. But before you dive head first into dealing with an overheating problem, make sure you have an overheating problem in the first place.
  3. The new Swivel and Reliant engines are new parts with different names, so the patches that apply the effects do not make the changes to the new parts. I'm sure the mod devs are aware of this and I imagine there will be new patches for the new parts.
  4. Randall Munroe. Saw it mentioned enough in xkcd to look it up, saw it had a native Linux version, and immediately bought it. Edit: Version 1.3 at the time.
  5. Let's find out. I unlocked it, compose a post, then I can lock it, and you can try posting. edit: Quick test shows that no, it cannot.
  6. Moved to Tech Support: PC Unmodded. The Xbox and Playstation subforum is for users who are playing on the Xbox and Playstation game consoles, as technical issues on those platforms tend to be significantly different from those playing on a computer. To verify your files, Open Steam. Click on the LIBRARY tab at the top. Right-click on Kerbal Space Program, and click on Properties. This will open up a new window. On the left side of that panel, click on LOCAL FILES On the right side, press Verify integrity of game files. This can take a couple minutes and won't be very obvious of its progress. If it takes long than 10 minutes, it may have gotten stuck. If that happens, close the window and try again. I have to do this... frequently.
  7. Moved to The Lounge since it's not about KSP.
  8. That engine doesn't actually have any gimbal, so your control on the way up isn't actually from the engine firing. Your control authority comes from the insanely overpowered reaction wheels inside the command pod. So with that pod (and most other pods) you will have some orientation control as long as you have EC (electricity). In this situation, just turning on the SAS function (button on the top right of the navball, or toggle by pressing 'T') will put the ship into a mode that does what it can to keep pointing the same direction, so you wouldn't even need to try to keep orientation manually with WASD.
  9. Apparently we had two X-37B threads. Now we have one. Unless there's more hiding somewhere, in which case I will make it one again.
  10. The no AP/PE markers with an un-upgraded tracking station appears to be some kind of bug with 1.12.0. I doubt it's intentional as the information is still available by pressing the purple maneuver button. They should re-appear after upgrading the station, however I believe this is not possible for this challenge. Hopefully it will be fixed in 1.12.1.
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