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  1. Geonovast

    Standard mod tags

    It wouldn't be up to the moderators, they wouldn't have to do a thing. It would be up to the devs if they choose to opt in.
  2. Geonovast

    Standard mod tags

    @Mark Kerbin I had initially suggested this here. Might be what you're remembering. I think the best way to tag would be to do something that wouldn't ever show up in general conversation. Should be less confusing to our already super confused search system. So instead of tagging planets, you would tag planetsMod, modPlanets or ^planets^, etc etc. Each dev could also get their own tag, to easily search for all mods by one particular author. So if I made a planet pack that included new science, I would tag: modPlanets, modScience, authGeonovast.
  3. Geonovast

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Who said anything about Apple?
  4. Geonovast

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Have you thought about getting away from Windows?
  5. Geonovast

    The Ctrl+V thread!

  6. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    This was actually a brand new one, released May 28th. I don't have record player either, it's a gift for my brother. My dad used to pick up vinyl by the box at garage sales. I think he had about 8000 records when I moved out.
  7. Geonovast

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Yesterday I purchased a vinyl album for the first time ever in my life. Do all record stores have to smell like incense?
  8. Geonovast

    Probe Cores as Computers

    Then share them with KerbalX. Anyone who downloads it will be told which mods it requires.
  9. Geonovast

    Tanks for LV-N

    Not true. But to transfer anything else automatically, you need to have crossfeed enabled.
  10. Geonovast


    Can you be a bit more specific? Are you trying to pull fuel from the LF tanks on your orbiter? The only thing I can see that might muck that up is if you have the "Fuel Transfer Follows Crossfeed Rules" option checked in your difficulty settings. If that's the case, then you can't transfer fuel through the heat shield on your command pod - since it blocks crossfeed.
  11. Geonovast


    Short and wide for landers, especially if you're going somewhere like Minmus. That thing would be a deathtrap on Minmus. There's really no reason to build a lander like a rocket. Here's how I would build your LV-N based lander.
  12. Geonovast

    What did you do on your first KSP Flight?

    Probably the same as nearly everyone else. Flea Booster, Mk1 Command Pod, Mk16 parachute. Straight up, straight down. Now, as far as first where I vaguely knew what I was doing... I don't really remember. But my first few weeks were essentially trying to leave atmo and crash into the Mun. I played for quite awhile before I even tried for orbit.
  13. Geonovast

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Took several hours to drive from the East Farside Crater to the Twin Craters, but what a view. This will be fun to traverse.
  14. Geonovast

    How to set up three relay sats.

    That really only works for Kerbin though. OP specifically mentioned The Mun.
  15. Geonovast

    Who's Your Favorite Doctor?

    I was really excited about Capaldi, even though my only exposure to him was in Doctor Who as Caecilius and Torchwood. I agree with Jim. I don't care much for the Capaldi episodes, but it's moreso the writing and the fact that I just loathe Clara than his portrayal. She was good for a one-off in the asylum, nothing more. I would have much rather seen Sally Sparrow and whats-his-name Larry Nightingale come back than Clara. Those two were way more interesting.