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  1. Calling 911 because your lander is laying sideways on the moon.
  2. F1 had rich gas generator and used the exhaust from that for film cooling. No gas generators here. Pretty sure the only things the F1 and Rutherford have in common is they both run on Kerolox and make rockets go zoom.
  3. Did you put down a control station with it? Do you have a communication connection? The mun is tidally locked, so if you put it on the surface and it doesn't have line of sight with Kerbin, you'll need a relay to get the signal there as it will never rotate into view of the KSC.
  4. I've also never seen it happen. Since the avatars and banners are hosted by an Amazon cdn, the blame will either rest with them or a DNS resolution issue on your end.
  5. Default light. Anything in dark mode is utterly unreadable and it's becoming increasingly frustrating that the whole of the internet is defaulting to that with no light mode option for many things (looking at you, Steam).
  6. Forum seems to be having issues where it can only accept plain text posts. No quotes, embeds, etc.
  7. I'm going to write "24" in the year spot on dates instead of "23".
  8. It's still just one launch for three cores. Would a Delta IV heavy count as three? Now, if you wanna count a Falcon Heavy as one launch and two landings, I would be on board with that.
  9. For save file editing, you don't need to close and re-open the game. You just need to re-load the save. What I do in this instance: Open persistent.sfs in a text editor. Save it as persistent-edited.sfs (or something, just make a copy so your original is preserved in case it causes issues Make your change and save it. In game, hit Esc and go to Load Game. Your edited file will be in the list. Load it. If all worked as planned, next time it autosaves it will overwrite persistent.sfs. So if you need longer testing, make an additional backup of the persistent.sfs file.
  10. If you have the store version, then no. The saves are not in the cloud, that would only be with the Steam version. You can try booting the Macbook into a live Linux environment (like an installer) and see if you can pull files from the onboard storage drive. As long as your bluescreens are an issue with the OS itself and not a hardware failure, it should be fairly straightforward if you didn't encrypt anything in Windows. The saves are in <KSP Root Folder>/game/saves There will be a folder for each save, containing all the save files and the craft files. If you copy that entire folder over to a new install, you should be able to load it normally.
  11. There was a reminder a few posts up to keep this thread on topic and to keep Musk's other business out of this thread. Some content has been removed. Let's keep this thread on topic, please?
  12. You would put two (one for each nozzle). If you put a single one in the middle, you'll have a plume coming out of seemingly nowhere between the nozzles.
  13. I thought the same, too. I spent pretty much the entire second stage burn chanting in my head: "It's just the camera, it's just the camera, it's just the camera, it means nothing, it's just the camera"
  14. Andre Braugher, 61. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/obituaries/andre-braugher-actor-brooklyn-nine-nine-homicide-dead-rcna129429 RIP, Captain Holt.
  15. This is an unintentional side effect to something else, and will be fixed shortly. Please do not make other forum members' experience using the forum unpleasant by making your signature take up multiple pages.
  16. What did SN8, SN9, SN10, SN11, and SN15 use for their landing attempts, then?
  17. The Communotron 16 is a direct antenna. Direct antennas will only talk to ground stations or relay antennas, they cannot talk to each other. If you're trying to make a comm network, you need to use relay antennas.
  18. I think the general consensus for something like this is to play career, but use the F12 menu to cheat yourself cash and the facility upgrades. Ignore the contracts.
  19. Nope. TUBM has seen a rocket launch in person.
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