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  1. Hey folks, I think I have some problem here. I detected veeery long times saving&loading the game. Turns out my savefile is 22 MB size. Looking upon it with an editor, I saw most of the size is taken by UPFMData SCENARIO which belongs to OhScrap Mod. I found 162506 matches for this structure: I guess this happened because my savefile is very old and many updates of the mod were installed along the line. Inspecting this issue, I found most of the ID numbers are 'orphans', I mean there is no other occurrence of this IDs in the whole file (and I assume the part ID should exist also inside the ScrapYard section, right? ) So my question is... it is ok to delete all of those 'orphaned' blocks? Or they are used in any way? Taking into account the tedious task of deleting 162506 blocks I guess I will delete all mod info (oHScrap & Scrapyard) and start over. (Bye bye Generation 57), but it would be useful for the rest of the people to inspect this issue, coz nobody wants their savefile bloated. BTW deleting all Scrapyard and OhScrap info & got my savefile to only 9MB. All flying vessels & saved ships seem to be ok. Cheers!
  2. Zae, check my post (April 28). I found a workaround until issue gets fixed. (Edit savegame, change line (hasFailed = True) -> (hasFailed = False) and reload savegame)
  3. I have mods Kerbalism, Scrapyard and OhScrap (among others). Got the same error, and I tried this workaround: I am sure you get the error only when you are able to fix it. Otherwise a "failure on repairs" message appears. Therefore it is possible to save the game, open it with a text editor (notepad++) and edit this line: hasFailed = True it is located inside MODULE section of the PART section on the VESSEL section If you do a search on the savegame, looking for that line (hasFailed = True), should point to all the parts that are in failed state. So you change it to False and reload the savegame (it is not even necessary to exit the game) Aaaand, since you are legitimately able to repair it, there is no cheat here. Use case: I have a lander in orbit, one of the batteries failed. Did a rendezvous with a station where a lvl2 Engineer is standing by. As I cannot fix it becacuse the error prompts, I did savegame editing. Voilà. Hope this helps until issue gets fixed.
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