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  1. Thanks everyone! I’ve landed in the Mun Highlands! Thanks Again, Oscrat1000
  2. @jimmymcgoochieThanks for the tips! I was missing a big enough reaction wheel and power. Just as a quick question, what engine should I use on the intermediate stage/stages instead? Also, what should I replace the poodle with? Thanks again, Oscrat1000 Edit- Do you burn on the retrograde to close orbit?
  3. Thanks so much everyone! I got into Munar orbit! It’s asymmetric and with a perapsis of 629,823m and an apoapsis of 1,138,875m. (I don’t really know how to paste photos since I’m on mobile so that’s why I wrote down the stats) I also quicksaved and should I try to close my orbit or go in for landing? Thanks again for all the help, Oscrat1000. Edit- I still have intermediate stages 1 and 2 but 1 has barely any fuel.
  4. @Zhetaan Which stage do you want a photo of? (I’m playing sandbox btw) I’ll make a list below: Ascent stage (1 mammoth and 4 twin boars) Intermediate stage 1 (1 mainsail) Intermediate stage 2 (again, another mainsail) The payload is a permanent one part Munar base with a poodle and 8 baguette tanks for descent control. (I also have a quicksave at a Mun encounter with this craft.)
  5. Hello All! Lately I have been trying to land on the Mun but every time I get into Munar orbit I can’t change my trajectory and fly right to Mun escape and it seem impossible to alter my trajectory no matter which way I boost. Any tips or ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
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