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  1. I added this to a copy of the abl config and took the turret stuff out. The camera works, but I haven't tested it with targeting yet. Due to the ABL's model, you only get around 45* of view MODULE { name = ModuleTargetingCamera cameraTransformName = fireTransform eyeHolderTransformName = eyeHolderTransform zoomFOVs = 40,15,3,1 gimbalLimit = 90 }
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8afk74qsrciotn/part30mm.cfg?dl=0 Dragon01, Drop this into the vulcan folder. I changed the cfg so it should be very similar to the M230. I've had some issues with the field of fire but it should be fixed now.
  3. The bomb aimer isn't working very well for me. It randomly disappears a lot and isn't very accurate for some reason. EDIT: Nevermind, just wasn't high enough
  4. Nice job. I made a few replicas of the SR-71 a while back, but none of them were as awesome as this.
  5. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53749-VetTech-Lightweight-Tech-Tree-reordering-for-experienced-players - Try this
  6. The .cfg of the telescope, and I believe that F8/F7 activate MuMechHullCameras
  7. I have fixed your craft, but it is a little nose heavy. The highest speed I have gotten is 300 M/S. My highest G is 5.5, wich was caused by the brakes.
  8. You may notice the clock shaped instrument in cockpit veiw and not know what to do with it. I compared what it said to what my radar altimeter said and the thin long(seconds) arm seem to be hundreds, the thick long(minutes) arm seems to be thousands, and the short thick(hours) arm seems to be ten thousands. Am I correct?
  9. Can somebody please send me a link to a modified version of this that removes the ability to specify an axis on a control surface? It is very frustrating to have to change the settings every flight.
  10. EJECT EJECT EJECT... (those who use DGIV in Orbiter should know what I mean) While trying to figure out how to use Blender and being too lazy too watch a tutorial vid:P?
  11. The sound of of a hungry bear. while playing What's the worst thing to hear??
  12. "I found a teleporter, but there's only one, and it's single use. Bye!" from Kurt(jmac)?
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