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  1. The ability to cannibalize Moho to build a Dyson Sphere
  2. Mission 186: Taiko Base modules 03+04+05 (MIKU-22+23+24) Launch mass was 42723 kg but skycranes weren't fully fueled (when full, the mass is 46323 kg). Had to refill at the WiM-14 depot. Mission 187: Negi Star flight 21 Catxy, Anberta, Janayne, Minidou, Edster, and Harski Kerman Mission 188: Iwahoshi Maru flight 01 (Part 1) Y50, D105 (Taiko base module launch) Y50, D125 (Negi Star flight 21) Y50, D135 (Iwahoshi Maru Kerbin -> Dres) Y51, D76 (estimated Dres insertion) Meanwhile: Y50, D224 (Nozomi Maru Duna -> Kerbin) Mission 189: Negi Star flight 22 Dilsby, Joan, Natazy, Camberry, Tedcan, and Natarie Kerman Mission 190: Tachi Maru flight 04 (Part 1) Y50, D280 (Negi Star flight 22) Y50, D292 (Tachi Maru Kerbin -> Duna) Y51, D110 (estimated Duna insertion)
  3. I am still doing inner system colonization for now but I will put a cap (depending on the size of the planet or moon) so that I don't have to keep doing it forever. For example, the Duna base will have a maximum of 24 Kerbals, while Dres will have a maximum of 12.
  4. At least they live near the most interesting part.
  5. Y48, D419 - Akagi Base has been expanded with two more modules (crew to arrive later). The crew also has a long range exploration rover available now.
  6. Mission 184: Akagi Base modules 06+07 (MIKU-20+21) + Duna Land Cruiser The next set of modules for the Duna base, along with a large scientific rover (capable of much longer ranges and higher speeds compared to the rover on the first crewed Duna mission). (42993 kg; K-2 launch vehicle) Mission 185: Nozomi Maru flight 04 Y48, D195 (module launch) Y48, D216 (Nozomi Maru Kerbin -> Duna) Y48, D419 (Nozomi Maru Duna insertion) Meanwhile: Y48, D345 (Tachi Maru Kerbin insertion) Current status of Akagi Base [I'm not really going to do anything with the rover right now. Just pretending that the base crew has a practical long-range exploration vehicle.]
  7. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first humans on the Moon, I decided to send some of my Mun base crew to that one easter egg. (easter egg spoilers below)
  8. Y48, D132 (Tachi Maru Duna -> Kerbin) Y48, D165 (Iwahoshi Maru Kerbin insertion) A Munar Anomaly Y48, D168 An anomaly was discovered on the Mun, just a few hundred kilometers from Hope Base 2. Katdi, Miruki, Giechelle, Engar, Bildard, Kerigh decided to investigate, taking off in Moon Rabbit 4. (spoiler for easter egg below)
  9. Y46, D357 - The Negi Maru departs for Sarnus (Outer Planets Mod), and will reach the ringed planet in about 4.5 years. This is the third "Project DIVA F" (Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture with Fission propulsion) mission.
  10. Mission 182: Negi Star flight 20 (Part 1) Camlorf, Tiella, Anelle, Thomwell, Julphia, Negy, Agaselle, and Lisliana lift off for the first crewed Sarnus expedition. Y46, D345 (launch) With RTGs replacing the fuel cell, this spaceplane will remain in orbit until the crew returns. Mission 183: Project DIVA F 3rd / Negi Maru flight 03 (Part 1) Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture with Fission propulsion, 3rd mission. Sarnus 5 expedition with 8 Kerbals - going twice as far as Jool. Y46, D357 (departure) Y50, D240 (course correction) Y51, D164 (estimated Sarnus orbit insertion) The burn was about 23 simulated minutes, and involved a massive plane change.
  11. Y46, D333 - The population of Akagi Base on Duna grows from 6 to 12
  12. Mission 180: Tachi Maru flight 03 (Part 1, Part 2) Hansey, Gixie, Tanie, Donry, Heltris, and Urliana become the second crew to live on Duna (Akagi Base) Y46, D331 (Duna insertion) Y46, D333 (Arrival of crew at base) LKO population: 24 Mun population: 12 Minmus population: 12 Ike population: 6 Duna population: 6 -> 12 Dres population: 6
  13. Y46, D300 - Launch of the Sarnus Rabbit 1 and 2 landers to the Negi Maru (interplanetary exploration flagship)
  14. Mission 181: Sarnus Rabbit 1 + 2 Sarnus Rabbit 1 is a lander designed for the moons of Sarnus without an atmosphere. It has a fully enclosed cabin unlike the exposed command seat of the Jool Rabbit 1. To land on Slate, it has a crasher stage that will jettison before the soft landing. Sarnus Rabbit 2 is intended for Tekto, like Jool Rabbit 2 was for Laythe. Tekto has lower gravity, so only one aerospike is needed instead of two. (62735 kg at launch; K-2 launch vehicle) Y46, D300 (launch) Preparing to load the Negi Maru
  15. First interplanetary orbiter - Duna First interplanetary landing - Eve First crewed interplanetary mission - Gilly
  16. Y46, D146 - Iwahoshi Maru arrives at Dres Refueled by the WiM-7 miner Y46, D149 - Chadely, Tanchelle, Corner, Kerti, Burzer, and Teuki Kerman become the first to live on Dres (Taiko Base)
  17. [I am not going to show pictures of the return trips for routine interplanetary freighters from now on. Just dates.] Y46, D49 (Nozomi Maru Duna [Ike] -> Kerbin) Y46, D263 (estimated Nozomi Maru Kerbin insertion) Mission 179: Negi Star flight 19 Second Duna habitation crew (Hansey, Gixie, Tanie, Donry, Heltris, Urliana) Mission 180: Tachi Maru flight 03 (Part 1, Part 2) Y46, D130 (Negi Star flight 19) Y46, D139 (Tachi Maru Kerbin -> Duna) Y46, D331 (estimated Duna insertion) Mission 176: Iwahoshi Maru flight 01 (Part 1, Part 2) Establishment of Taiko Base and comsat network with Chadely, Tanchelle, Corner, Kerti, Burzer, and Teuki Kerman. Y46, D146 (Iwahoshi Maru Dres insertion) Y46, D149 (Taiko Base established) LKO population: 24 Mun population: 12 Minmus population: 12 Ike population: 6 Duna population: 6 Dres population: 0 -> 6 Dres orbit insertion
  18. Y45, D300 - Aquamarine probe cluster docked in front of the WiM-16 miner/transfer stage. Headed for Urlum (Outer Planets Mod). Y45, D319 - Burning for 27 minutes Will arrive in just over 6 years
  19. Mission 177: WiM-16 A miner (identical to WiM-13) being sent to Urlum, but not before docking with a multi-probe cluster. (122775 kg at launch; K-2 launch vehicle) (From now on, I'm just going to call these rockets "K" instead of "Kappa.") Y45, D280 (launch) Docked in front of the WiM-14 propellant depot Mission 178: Aquamarine (Part 1) Third batch of the outer planet "jewel" probes, to be docked to WiM-16 before transferring to Urlum. Five pairs of orbiters and landers (or an atmospheric probe) for the ice giant and its moons (Polta, Priax, Wal, and Tal). (15881 kg; K-1b launch vehicle) Y45, D300 (launch) Y45, D319 (Kerbin -> Urlum burn) Y51, D351 (estimated Urlum insertion)
  20. Y45, D155 - crew and base modules docked to the Iwahoshi Maru Y45, D166 - headed for Dres (will arrive on Y46, D146)
  21. Mission 174: Taiko Base modules 01+02 (MIKU-18+19), WiM-15, Song Princess 12a/b/c First Dres base modules, a surface miner, and three comsats. All at once. (52376 kg; Kappa-2 launch vehicle) Mission 175: Negi Star flight 18 Chadely, Tanchelle, Corner, Kerti, Burzer, and Teuki Kerman will become the first to live on Dres. Y45, D139 (cargo launch) Y45, D155 (crew launch) Mission 176: Iwahoshi Maru flight 01 (Part 1, Part 2) Y45, D166 (Kerbin -> Dres burn) Y46, D146 (estimated Dres insertion)
  22. Y45, D100 - Launch of the Iwahoshi Maru, intended to transport Kerbals and habitation modules to Dres. Refueling at the WiM-14 depot at 500 km
  23. Mission 173: Iwahoshi Maru An interplanetary transport intended for Dres colonization. Unlike the separate Duna colonization ships, this combines crew and cargo transport capabilities. (117065 kg; Kappa-2 launch vehicle) Y45, D100 (launch)
  24. Mission 172: WiM-14 Propellant depot based on the WiM-13 architecture, but with two engines instead of twelve, no legs, and no mining equipment. This depot (about 500 km above Kerbin's surface) ensures availability of propellant even if the miner is staying for weeks at Minmus. (81770 kg at launch, 470270 kg full; Kappa-2 launch vehicle) Y45, D1 (launch) WiM-14 (right) docked to WiM-13 (left)