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  1. I would recommend posting them here under one post and using Spaceport for file storage.
  2. Back after a little vacation, sorry for the delay. It's OK, we don't bite . But, to put it up on the list I will need a .craft file (can be uploaded to a site like www.) and a name for the craft. A picture is not required, but most people appreciate it. Not sure what you want here, are you requesting a design, or promoting one? If you have one you would like to share, feel free to add a post with a name and .craft file (preferably a picture). If it's a request, please be a bit more clear. Thanks!
  3. That looks very nice, but to include it I would need a name and a .craft file or instructions to get a .craft file included, sorry. Thanks for posting it though.
  4. This is more of a thread where you can find and share your spacecraft designs, you would have better luck posting your own thread if you are looking for test pilots. I can still add it to the list if you want.
  5. Those were from the Damned Robotics mod, this ship was from 0.15.2.
  6. Just remembered this lagstrosity: http://imgur.com/a/BOQBc#0 Before I learned about efficiency. I was the kind of player who really appreciated the big parts.
  7. I downloaded 0.11 of the game from TPB before I realised it was free! I felt kind of stupid then. My favorite update was 0.15, been building spaceplanes ever since. Although the addition of planets was really good too.
  8. Do you have a .craft file? You can use a site like mediafire or dropbox to store them.
  9. No problems here, AMD Athlon 2 @ 2.8ghz, HD 7770, 8gb ram. Designed a new single launch interplanetary command station style ship.
  10. For being a Boeing 727 replica the engines are where they should be. http://www.al-airliners.be/a/air%20france/af727-2-2.jpg
  11. The canards do not care about their orientation, you were probably moving them a bit forward when you placed them the other way. With planes you want to keep the center of lift behind the center of mass, you can find this by clicking the little wing and the weight looking symbol underneath the symmetry button. The blue arrow should be behind the yellow dot. At high altitude there is less air to right you, so you should be careful. Also make sure that your center of mass doesn't shift behind the center of lift as you burn fuel, that could cause problems. Hope this helps.
  12. In the initial rules it states "3. All fuel tanks, wings (lift generators)...must be stock..." Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I'll go ruin somebody elses day.
  13. That mod is probably severely out of date. If you press Alt+F12 you can open the debug panel and switch gravity off though, that will work.
  14. Both. I would have to add a missile section first.
  15. Dang. That could be one of the most menacing/cool/scary things I have ever seen in KSP. I think I would abandon ship if that thing was headed for my space station.
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