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  1. That's why I can't play without FAR, I'm an SSTO guy and once I started using FAR I couldn't go back. This long wait was a tough one.
  2. tjt if you are looking for the computer component that'll make or break ksp's performance look for a CPU with great single core performance like intel's latest i5 or i7. I don't know much about AMD so I'll leave that advice to someone else. I don't think ksp requires a top of the line gpu like a gtx 1080, but a gtx 970 or 960 would do fine I think.
  3. 16Gb of ram is fine, KSP probably would crash from instability if it used close to that amount of ram.
  4. Darn, well I'll look forward to the Xmas update then.
  5. Are there any up-to-date landing gear mods out or are there any in the works right now? I'm aware of the Adjustable Landing Gear mod but I haven't seen any response from its developer if he or she is working on it or not. Perhaps the game is still in a state that is unfavorable for that mod still. But anyway, making space planes just doesn't feel right without proper landing gear and I'm struggling to cope.
  6. I have used opengl, however dx11 works way better for me. Might be because I have a dx11 capable graphics card.
  7. Can confirm this works, my ram usage would start at the space center at about 3GB now it starts under 2GB.
  8. @vistaero It consumes no oxidizer, but something needs to produce the extreme amount of electrical power. I'd say it would be an internal APU that does consume fuel(probably is a very efficient engine) and some of the intake air to create proper combustion.
  9. My attempt was not a complete success, you can't use the MultiModeEngine module with RCS functionality, if you make it work like a regular rocket engine you can switch between Monopropellant and intake air. But I was only able to make it use either intake air or Monopropellant but not both in RCS mode. I don't know if there is a way to create a new module that can take the MultiModeEngine module and make it compatible with RCS mode.
  10. I just looked through several .cfg's and it looks feasible. Though I couldn't tell you if it would work or not. Edit: I am attempting to create the .cfg for it at the moment, and can confirm so far that the MultiModeEngine module will work for RCS.
  11. It is possible kinda, B9 has done this by using intake air powered linear thrusters that functioned like RCS.
  12. The Ranger doesn't use control surfaces, because they create a lot of drag. http://interstellarfilm.wikia.com/wiki/Ranger
  13. Having a problem with the large sabre engines. When in jet mode and at high altitude, they begin to produce unequal thrust even though it has plenty air from the intakes. I'd like to be able to take my ship as high as possible before I activate rocket mode as the TWR is to low in rocket mode.
  14. This looks promising, good luck on the development.
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