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  1. could you perhaps post an example, id love to try and turn an ion engine into an rcs engine and run the ion effect but really dont know how to use this, or if its even possible
  2. Is it possible to add the guard mode function to an action group? because that is something i would really find useful, if i could trigger guard mode with AG's
  3. is there a way to get the better atmo effect of "better atmospheres", ie better terminator and atmo colors, without the changed teture effects, i'd like to use it with the current stock volumetric clouds
  4. it'd be great if this could be applied to RCS aswell, but squad needs to upgrade the RCS module so you can call custom effects, i'm sick of building huge ships and having them maneuver with tiny puffs of smoke, i want biger rocket powered RCS effects
  5. depth as i thickness of the layer, from its current 50m thickness to say 100m r so
  6. is there a way t increase the depth of the cloud layer, say up to 14k?
  7. i do like the heremes, maybe flesh ou the design a bit more, but i like where its going, the gaia is also really awesome
  8. Got some issues trying to get your kerbylon to layhte the biggest issue is that the structure cannot withstand the forces of aerobraking, a lot of this going on additionally the ship does not have enough fuel to decelerate into layhte orbit, this is mostly because of an abundance of excess and redundant parts also, just a note, if you want to improve the design, the RCS design on the Ship is very sub optimal, there are too many RCS Blocks and there placement offset from the cardinal axis uses twice as much fuel as normal for half the effect as RCS fires at 45 degrees to the direction of travel canceling out half the thrust as the RCS on the opposite side of the ship fires in the opposite direction anyways, sorry, but i cant get her to layhte or jool for you, a redesign might be advised
  9. use media fire or something similar, and provide your craft file and orbit and destination proofs etc...
  10. youve got to get it somewhere first, no point just having it on kerbin
  11. Ill Give it a try, if you can get me the universe with the ship ill try and fly it out to jool or laythe or wherever and I'll let you know
  12. you dont line it up from kerbin orbit, you line up for jool, then you refine your course to intercept laythe orbit once you enter jool's sphere, and aerobrake between 17-22 K depending on your relative speed to laythe, you can drop into laythe orbit or just drop enough speed to go into a high jool orbit