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  1. For me it would be better physics preformance. I like to build big but at 140parts i start to notice slow downs and over 350 parts it becomes unplayable. most of my launchers are 400+ part plus and only launch able with mechjeb. And my large interstellar ships and station basically become only fun to build but not to fly.
  2. Sorry but you do sound like an ******* and the kind i don't get along with in RL. Taking somebody's work and saying its your own is just wrong no matter what legal papers you hold. Alway's get the creators permission or don't spread your modifications. That is my view on it anyway. Unfortunately most people like you just steal other peoples work. Sorry if this is hugely off topic but people like that just make my hair stand up strait with rage
  3. Sarcastic mode on I am sorry to tell you but that computer is utter garbage. Just stop your winning and go somewhere else. sarcastic mode off. That was the response i got when i said somthing like you. Mine is an I7 920 12gig ram amd 7970 and a bunch of other hardware the jackase who said that wouldn't know what it is. (areca 1222 raid controller raid 6 on 8 drives storage / Mellanox MHEA28-XTC infiband controller / 3 velociraptors raid 0 for os / creative soundblaster audigy 2 zs / watercooled) Point being don't try to tell them that they need to lay a proper foundation. The devs/mods and most people on the forum don't care.
  4. And making 3D max / blender / adobe premier / Photoshop / sony vegas / final cut / autocad / inventor /... isn't difficult to make? And i don't want multicore / 64bit support i want a game that runs smooth. Don't care how they do it. For instance a max 100 part limit. and the game will run smooth despite the crappy unity engine.
  5. Unity isn't garbage but its not too keen on using the resources a pc has just like most other game engine out there. Cpu's have had multiple cores for what now a decade?. Yet only a handful of games in that decade can use multiple cores most are still single core engines. Same whit 64bit adaption. A bunch of excuses that they can only use 4gig ram on a +64bit machine and only 3gig with the large adress aware flag on 32bit machines. I simply don't understand why game developers don't get of there lazy asses and use a pc's full potential instead of limiting themselves to the Pentium 4 age. 3D drawing / CAD / Photo edit / video edit / video codec / ... all these types of programs are able to use the full power of any pc you throw at them. Yet games can't? Why not?
  6. how so? When i used steam point 1 and 2 where valid and from people that used it recently point 2 still seems valid.
  7. don't like steam so ksp store for me.
  8. Touchpad's / touchscreens / build in mouse on joysticks and gamepad's / smartboards / .. Just to name a few. i haven't tried .20 but isn't there an option to bind the command to an other key?
  9. [QUete=DarthVader;389042]can you reupload the files as .zips not many systems can open 7z files.
  10. Why is there much hate for 7zip latly it isn't illigal/bloated like winrar andere works beter.? Anyway for Windows http://www.7-zip.org/ For mac http://www.kekaosx.com/en/ And linux i don't know . You propably have tot write it your self like everthing on that nice os i still don't het show they use that for servers whit that non existing third party driver support And smartphones arnt the best tools for forum posting damm :-)
  11. i don't have any problem decopressing 7z or any other rar or zip files on my mac. just use keka to decompres or compres the files. http://www.kekaosx.com/en/
  12. Here are some pic's of my space plane although it can't land on land. i want it to land on water but now with the current game that is not possible for me. it is designed to be a fuel carrier although i need to add some more rcs tanks to it. The srb's in the second pic are part of the circulation burn they provide near 50 to 70 % of the thrust required to spare fuel
  13. Would it be possible to use the spherical design for a large nuclear reactor part for our high power needs in space?
  14. Congrats with your new job. Would it be posible to finish the parts that are near completion before terminating the mod? It was a great mod ,only sorry to see it go so soon.
  15. one of the main reasons i don't use steam or any other alway's online drm/store system. StarcraftII being the exception but there i do follow some of the matches online and very rarely play a multiplayer match.
  16. Thank you for figuring that out. now i can finaly send my big space planes to space without losing half the ship in orbit.
  17. everything under the hood i am a fan of especially in the server versions but the start menu is plain rubbish. works terrible over a remote desktop connection over a vpn connection. using local lan works okayish. and in the multipoint server version some things don't even show up even when using show all apps. need to use explorer. not something i would like "dum" teachers doing. but hyper-v /nic bonding/rsp infiniband/iscsi/new server manger like it all very much.
  18. Damm These look wonderful. can wait to see what people dream up whit these.
  19. I hope you get it fixed. I tried to build the ship from stephan hawkings flight to the futere. But the second i fire up de ion engines it becomes uncontrollable due to the lag. The ship has 6 ion engines /14 reactors/20+ large rcs tanks/4 dsm sas units/ I modded the ion engines for 3 times the thrust and a little more then 2 times the powerdraw. When its at the launch pad including launch stage the altitude is already 120m lol.
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