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  1. I believe that's been suggested before, so that's a +2 for that. Good one!
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It means a lot. I plan to clean up everything. I'm pretty picky about presentation. Another thing is the fact that focus is not taken off of a number field when a GUI button is clicked, so right after hitting LAND, I often proceed to type a thousand "t"s into the Altitude box trying to toggle SAS, because I forgot to click outside the box to regain control of the ship - then the Lander box won't shrink back down until a restart. That lack of losing focus bothers me in MechJeb too, so I'm wondering if there's even a way around that - strike that, there must be. Oh yes, for sure. Units and ranges and whatnot are something I tripped over, and a 10 year-old pointed out to me, so it's also on the list. +1 noted! Thanks for the input, TonboIV! It helps immensely. Currently, sirkut is working on updating our code to the latest API, and then we want to do some serious QA work to flush out as many bugs we can before proceeding with go-fasters. I'm currently working on our brand-new, ultra-Kool website (), but it's not quite ready, so I'm not going to publish just yet - maybe tomorrow, or Monday. It will soon include a support ticket system and suggestion box to make all this much more efficient; I'll be sure to add your comments to it. EDIT: Can't forget SolarLiner, he's been a huge help with setting up our development repository/version control system. It's done, but we're not sure if it's going to stay as it is, so it's still a bit up in the air. No matter; all in good time.
  3. Apparently, there was a crash of the forum database in April that resulted in some accounts and posts being lost.
  4. Cool! Your first-draft code looks far neater and logical than mine usually does.
  5. This is a very cool thing! As a huge PHP fan, I say kudos sir! ...can I see your code?
  6. It's official. Big thanks to khyperia for the excellent HyperEdit plugin, and for being so generous with its legacy. I promise to do my best at keeping it awesome. My first order of business is to very carefully NOT screw it up. I have some ideas, but I'm interested in what the whole community wants HyperEdit to be. While MechJeb is the go-to plugin for ship operations and real-world-style automation (not really cheating IMO), HyperEdit is - as khyperia put it - like God mode for the universe itself (clearly cheating, and in the most bad-ass way possible). So, I figure that HyperEdit should cement itself as the OTHER must-have plugin, for when reality (and gravity) is getting you down. And awaaaay, we go!
  7. Frostiken, I did a test with all the latest versions of KSP, MechJeb2 and HyperEdit, and everything went fine; I was able to set a Kerbin orbit without losing MechJeb or anything that I noticed. So, I need some more info. Have you tried a different ship? Which versions of everything are you using, Windows, KSP, MechJeb, HyperEdit, other plugins etc.? Are you having any other problems with KSP, other plugins, or that computer in general? Please PM me with a copy of the relevant portions of your KSP.log file from a time when it happened. Please PM me with a copy of your .craft file so I can test your ship.
  8. Correcting any errors and supporting the existing HyperEdit product is my top priority, so I plan to address this ASAP. Let me work on recreating this scenario, and I'll get back to you.
  9. Now that I feel more up to speed on this, I don't mind taking the lead on this project if you all are OK with that. I think I have the resources and time needed to maintain it, but with all the help being provided, I feel there won't be any problems there. So, if you all wish it, and khyperia approves, I volunteer to take over the HyperEdit project.
  10. Yea, that's what I've discovered, which is why I'd like to create an .exe file that applies as much of the KSP API as possible to the plugin .dll, in order to trigger all the code and allow debugging to work as intended. I've already begun the process, and so far I'm not able to trigger the assembly code, but I don't see any reason why we can't make it work. We just need to make the .exe touch all the API calls.
  11. I've taken the liberty of creating a new ZIP archive of HyperEdit 1.2.1 (latest), with the new GameData folder structure, and includes the source files as well as my project properties for Visual C#. In the hopes that khyperia doesn't mind, I've uploaded it to my site so you all can have it. I've not changed his code, just repackaged the ZIP with the corrected source - minus the stray files. This copy has been tested by me. http://www.sonsofdurin.com/KSP/HyperEdit_1.2.1.zip
  12. YES! It works! Changing my build setup to .NET 3.5 from 4.0 did the trick! Thanks, Mr. Shifty! We now have what we need to move forward. In that regard, I think we should...: Create a test executable to debug in the IDE (for ALL plugins maybe?). Change from using "KSP.Testing.UnitTest" to using the KSPAddOn attribute.
  13. Yea, THAT's the bit about the non-part attributes. Now that makes a bit more sense. That I've seen.What would be really great, is if the professionals who own/control/profit from this game would make a concerted effort to publish, organize and maintain ALL the information needed to use EVERY function of the game, including modding. I know this is unheard of in today's game world - especially indies - but damn; that's how I'd do it. This hunting and begging for specifications and info really sucks. EDIT: Ah, who am I kidding; I love this stuff! Nothing but love to Squad et al.
  14. Ah-HA! .NET 3.5... I was on 4.0. No debug, references are in place.
  15. Ah, your plugin is a great example, thanks. The vids look all well and good, but I find it hard to sit through video tutorials and much prefer written. I'll give them a try eventually.
  16. Another question for anyone concerned with the project.: Has a test executable for debugging plugins ever been made? I mean a small .exe file that can be used as a "Startup object" in the IDE, for debugging our .dll files. A quick Google search turns up nothing that jumps out at me, so I think I'll see about creating one. It seems to me that being able to run any sort of debug tool in the IDE might speed up the development process, and so I think that creating a test .exe should perhaps be a priority for us as a team. What do y'all think?
  17. Can anyone point out another plugin that is NOT linked to a part? I'd like to look at functioning code to see what is required regarding the project settings, references, etc.. Anyone?
  18. Yes! I gladly accept help from anyone and everyone that wishes to offer it. I think all we need to do is figure out what's wrong with the latest GitHub repo, since HyperEdit currently works very well and needs very little, if anything. I've confirmed that ShipEditor.cs and UniverseEditor.cs should NOT be in the project. The code in them has been moved to other files. But even though the build goes fine, the plugin doesn't load - I get the following in the KSP.log: At this point, I'm pretty sure it's just something wrong with the project settings regarding how references are linked, but I don't know enough about compiling to see it. So, it's kinda on you experts to find it, unless I get lucky, and I will keep trying.
  19. Ok, so it looks like we have an incomplete update on GitHub. The file ShipEditor.cs is the same in the new version as the previous, but the new plugin doesn't have the buttons described in the file, so I'm sure it's not the correct file for the new version. kypheria, any chance we can find that updated ShipEditor.cs file and maybe your IDE project files? These guys seem to be plenty good at this, but it might speed up the process. It appears that ShipEditor.cs and UniverseTools.cs should don't belong in the new project. I've removed them and the project builds with no errors. I'm loading KSP with it in place now to see if that's the only build problem. [it wasn't] EDIT: I've no idea what I'm doing... apparently. It did build, but the plugin doesn't work in-game. Considering how many things I may have wrong here, there's no surprise really. EDIT:EDIT: I'm pretty sure they don't belong. The functions defined in them are taken care of elsewhere, like MiscEditor.cs and Lander.cs.
  20. Well, that is where I was headed, so onward I press.
  21. Oh, and I do have Visual C# Express+SP1 and SharpDevelop (not tried it yet) on this box, as well as MonoDevelop (also not tried), which handily came integrated with the Unity Editor. I have worked with VS/VCS a bit, and the others look pretty much the same; and I've got them all setup right, I think. I've even followed the tutorial in the KSP Wiki to make a useless PartModule that writes a line to the log, but I think I may be mixing old info with new, so I'm not sure where I stand there. My next step is to figure out what makes a plugin independent of any part - like HyperEdit is - and then I remember reading someone - a Dev? - say that C# "Attributes" were the new/best way to do that. That's when my eyes glazed over and I woke up with a console window saying... "Hello Whirled" ...again. Doh! I guess, now that I step back and look at it, I've got everything I need and I've learned the basics. I just need to see and do some simple, but real-world tasks. Any chance you have samples of some useful and common tasks that demonstrate stuff I should know? Anything to speed up the process would be appreciated.
  22. Excellent! YOU are just what HyperEdit needs! PHP and some other web stuff mostly, but I've so far managed to avoid learning Java with excuses like "it's insecure, so I don't want to encourage it" or similar marklar. I did dip my toes in during the height of my Minecraft addiction (still run a private server), but it didn't go far because the mods I wanted were already available. I have heard of the syntax parallels, but I'm hoping I can get the hang of that stuff quickly. I've actually read most of this tutorial on C# and I understand most of what I read ("Hello Whirled!"), but I need much practice to become fluent.
  23. It sounds to me like you are far more qualified than I, and I'd love to help you in any way I can. All I can offer you is my formidable brain and a web server or two. So, you're up to speed on C#? How might you recommend a PHP junkie speed-learn it? I'm quick, but this may take me weeks to understand fully.
  24. And thank you for the vote of confidence, even if sadly misplaced. Mind you, I have no intention of ever backing out, at least not until I get the functionality I'm after, i.e. the HUD/compass and possible other refinements of HyperEdit. It's just that the mountain of material in front of me to learn is... shall we say, not small. That, plus the speed at which games like this can evolve, may make it difficult for me catch/keep up. As interests and circumstances do change, in all honesty I must confess that I may not get where I need to be in time to make any relevant contribution to this project. On the other hand, if this project continues to appeal to me in the way web-publishing has in recent years, then we may see something substantial quite soon. That is, if Unity doesn't distract me too much with staggering eye-candy and sweet game components. I hate to sound like a fan-boy for Unity, but the Bootcamp game demo is mind-blowing in its complexity and polish. I could get lost in there for years. OO, a squirrel!! khyperia's code in HyperEdit is actually pretty intimidating to me, in that I can't really understand the flow of it... much... at all - so it must be good stuff, right? I need to get up on programming concepts like Classes/subclasses, scope keywords and others like public/private/protected, static, etc. I never built anything in PHP or Javascript big enough to bother with classes and associated stuff (or so I thought), but I have been meaning to go there... eventually. I wish I could just plugin to the Matrix and quick-load C# and Unity, so the code just makes sense. Ah well. Basically, I'm saying NO PROMISES. Except that I will do my best. Oh, and Voidryder, Re: Pete Conrad, good stuff - didn't know it - feel I should have - thanks.
  25. , indeed! Very impressive to say the least.