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  1. Seconds are currently defined with atomic clocks, so we would just tell the aliens that a second is some number of oscillations of a certain wavelength of radiation from a specific atom (probably cesium).
  2. Probably a few thousand, since I've been playing since 0.9 or 0.10.
  3. But wouldn't gravity also go through a wormhole, just like photons or any other force-carrier? Different forces of gravity might still cause problems (what happens if you put the exits on the surfaces of planets with very different gravities?) but it wouldn't be quite as severe as destroying everything inside.
  4. The idea you're describing is what's known as the Cosmological Principle, which is basically the assumption that there's nothing special about our location in the universe. In other words, the universe would not look significantly different at large scales if observed from any other location. However, it does not imply an infinite universe unless spacetime is flat - if it's curved, it can loop back on itself but still have no apparent edge.
  5. IMHO, the poodle matches the art styles of the newer parts (especially the nuclear engine).
  6. I just finished listening to Smetana's Moldau again; it's an excellent piece of music.
  7. Now I know how jet engines work.
  8. What about a nuclear jet engine for getting out of the thickest part of the atmosphere?
  9. He died when I reentered too steeply.
  10. I really want to know why Pluto is so geologically young. Unfortunately so does everyone else at this point.
  11. This is actually somewhat similar the Yellowstone - it's recurrent, would cause massive damage, and is overdue. Both are generally ignored. On the other hand, this particular fault has a much lower recurrence time, so an earthquake is much more likely to occur in the next several decades than Yellowstone erupting. We'd also have a few days or weeks of warning with Yellowstone, as opposed to the 0-90 seconds of warning that this earthquake would give people.
  12. On my current save, I've killed half a dozen already. It will get better once I get out of the initial tiers of buildings and science, but I misjudged the effects of reentry and killed a bunch of Kerbals when the capsule didn't slow down fast enough and the parachute couldn't be safely deployed.
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