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  1. i have done it in the past with no problem, you can try and see if it works
  2. if your going fast enough forward i does not matter if you hover engine's are cut of
  3. just a idea bind the buttom for opening the bay's to the vtol engine's. start engine bay open, stop engine bay close
  4. i think this was my best. its a ssto, but it never react orbit my arrowhead serie was pretty cool to i think:
  5. i built this a few versions back the front part has the rocket parts and the back has the plane engine's with you can leave in orbit.
  6. hey guys this is the F1000, a fighter with a special wing design. it use's my custom copit and ejection seat. it has three panter engine's for a nice top speed here is a video on the plane here is the craft file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B82snHCijnp-Y3JvRFV4R2Z0RGs
  7. hey guys here is a fighter that is almost ready for release. i think the wing is pretty cool looking and it turns quite fast. it has my custom copit with ection seat.
  8. looks cool but needs a bit more light. maybe a few pics on the run way
  9. the file is in the description of the video, i cant post the file because its a mediafire file
  10. this was my bd armory plane form a few versions back
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