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  1. Finally I managed to complete my tribute to my trusty mothership: The Legacy of the Hermes
  2. Finally I managed to complete my tribute to my trusty mothership: The Legacy of the Hermes
  3. Part 19: Homecoming We have completed the mission and returned all of our Kerbals back to Kerbin. A very successfull mission meets it's end. https://imgur.com/gallery/uuhsh
  4. Finding a map of Laythe and then practically using paint to draw it ontop. (I actually used GIMP, having multiple layers gives you a better overview). There could have been so much more. I was even thinking of crafting a refinery on site, some propulsion section, lander and sending it to other Jool moons in hope of getting a viable refueling option for the Hermes. Of course, after sending first DIY reco sats there. But it's not only the crew on Laythe, who's getting tired. ;-)
  5. I'm just making this up. A moon in this configuration would certainly have tides, but they aren't simulated in KSP. Part 18: Homesick We can hardly believe it, but after staying so long on Laythe, calling it home, we finally moved up to leaving. But we won't start directly heading home. There are still some dangerous task to do on the way. https://imgur.com/gallery/Aqfb7
  6. Part 17: Extended Mission 2 We completed all our additional exploration of Laythe. Soon it will be time to head back home. https://imgur.com/gallery/FeXGv
  7. Part 16: Extended Mission 1 We're not finished yet. Having such a capable base on Laythe invites for a lot of other activities that have to be done. https://imgur.com/gallery/m7fGn
  8. Part 15: Oxygen! We've completed the most threatening topic on this mission and filled up our mothership's oxygen tanks. But as it is always the case with murphy's law, there are always unexpected turns... https://imgur.com/a/YFcwP
  9. Part 14: Unraveling Mysteries We're still collecting science and fulfilling our contracts. Even as we uncovered one of Laythe biggest mysteries, we still have an interplanetary ship in orbit, that lacks of oxygen. https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFpfG
  10. Part 13: Fixing broken Wings Finally, we succeeded to put all the space planes on Laythe again into full working order. Now, there is nothing in the way to unleash the full exploration potential of our Laythe mission. https://imgur.com/a/cUA5W
  11. Yeah, that's it. Space's a poodle, the old concurent space program covered it up and soon after, it ceased to exist (me losing interest).
  12. While the Kerbals on Laythe were busy exploring this so far untouched world, they discovered an anomal structure near the beach of one of the islands. It seems to be an improvised shelter, defently made by kerbal hands. Further investigation also revealed an old roving vehicle of kerbin origin half burried in sand. The conclusion was clear: There was a Laythe mission years before the Hermes first arrived at the Jool moon. But the mission ended in a disaster and was therefore covered up. Now with the new media attention, retired Cmdr Adly Kerman breaks his silence and diggs up old media reports
  13. Ok, an update of TAC solved the problem with the "EmptyEVASuit". And the updated KIS/KAS seems to make those pipe connections a little bit more stable. So exploration of Laythe can commence: Part 11: Exploring Laythe With the wide variety of assets we got on ground, we really can now explore the world we're landed on. https://imgur.com/gallery/B0Y9d
  14. I work in aircraft maintenance, and it always fascinates me, how engineers have solved problems of detecting how fast, how high or in which direction an aircraft is moving. In KSP even debris knows exatly it's speed, altitude and a lot more of it's trajectory parameters. But in rocket science, knowing where your craft is going is one of the big challenges. It would add a nice extra insight into rocket building, if a player needs to "invent" speed-o-meters, altimeters or say compasses. This could be implemented in certain probe cores have different sofisticated flight data aquisition
  15. Thanks for the patch! Hey there, seems like my tourists are messing up with TAC life support. As soon as I get a tourist in my ship, the life support counter is messed up (negative numbers) and I get the following error message on the screen as soon as I reenter with an EVA: "Error - EmptyEvaSuit - Cannot find VesselInfo for <long-vessel-id>" Anyone has an idea, how to fix this? But nevertheless, we continue: Part 10: Welcome to Laythe All our guests have now arrived on the surface in a fully functional base. Mission so far was a success, but before ta
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