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  1. Have there been any x64 or memory usage improvements made in 0.90? I know it was seen as unstable and buggy in 0.25, but if x64 has improved with 0.90 then I would feel safer installing a load of mods.
  2. Where was it mentioned that bac9 had departed? A few weeks is hardly a departure. Also, no-one's just going to 'take over' someone else's mod without permission. Just be patient, the mod will probably be updated.
  3. Understood. I'll try clearing out some mods, and see if it works then.
  4. I'm really enjoying this addon, but I'm having a slight issue. Every time I board the MK1 pod from EVA with this addon (haven't tested any other pods), the game crashes. I've tried doing the same tests without the addon, and it doesn't crash, but as soon as I add it back into the game, I get crashes again.
  5. Might be a silly question, but is there any way to change the display name of the ingame planets? I've followed Metaphor's example (using PlanetFactory and Universe Replacer to replicate the solar system) but all the planets are still using their original names, which is slightly immersion breaking.
  6. Nope. Not sure why they've changed the text (although I'm sure people aren't going to be happy about it) but you can still just click on it and it'll download.
  7. It takes 15 seconds at best, and instructions are provided on how to do it. You don't have time to change a line in a config, but you do have time to wait for a patch to be released and then download it?
  8. That's the issue. The < O > buttons are controlling BOTH arms. What I want to do is separate them into two different groups. My theory was that the IR Group details were stored in the persistent.sfs file, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Are those group details stored in a file somewhere?
  9. That works well for action groups, but sadly not for Infernal Robotics groups. Sorry, I probably should have been a bit clearer about which groups I was talking about.
  10. How exactly do I change the group for something when it's already launched? I have a space station with a pair of solar array 'arms', each with a docking washer to allow them to rotate to the correct direction after docking. However, I neglected to rename the group before launching the second one, and so both arms are now on the same group, rotating different directions. I know I can lock each one individually, but if I could go and change a value in a file, it'd be a lot simpler.
  11. That's all it took. From the landing of my first mun rover to it rolling over and being stuck forever. I didn't think it had landed at first, the carrier stage impacted the ground hard, but the decoupler blew the rover away safely so that it landed at a reasonable speed. It rolled and bounced for what seemed like an eternity, but it landed on its wheels. I quickly decided to whizz over to the nearest mountain to get my bearings. I reached the top, found which way the 'day' side was and started heading towards it. Little did I know that due to the lack of any strong gravity on the Mun, 30m/s was too fast to descend such a bumpy hill. It took off, rolled, bounced again. I (mistakenly) raised the wheels so that they wouldn't interfere and so that it would land right way up. It was not to be. After many, many bounces, it teetered on the brink of salvation, before collapsing on to its roof. It now lies there as a reminder of what I have accomplished so far, and how far I have yet to explore this wonderful game.
  12. Oh, I figured it out. I didn't realise you had to tell the satellite where to point the dishes, I believed merely rotating the satellite until the dish was pointing the right way was sufficient. Apologies for not editing the previous post, I can't see an edit button anywhere.
  13. Thanks CrashnBurn, that seems to work. Now, does anyone know why my satellite dishes aren't working? Do they need to be in the active stage to work or should they work so long as they're attached to the orbiter? I have dishes pointing at the planet on a long range satellite, and the dishes on lower-orbit satellites are pointing back, but there seems to be no connection happening. Do I have to turn them on somehow?
  14. It may be a silly question, but is there a way of marking where the Mission Control Centre is on the orbit map? It'd make it easier to time launches so that they get proper satellite coverage.