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  1. Using KSP 1.3.1 with the SSTU- mod when I go to connect the Habitat parts any of them to my ship the part disappears and makes the node disappear then the part reappears floating in the VAB not attached. IS it a known bug? what would I have to do to get help to fix this?
  2. Are b9 procedural wings still a thing? Is it included with this mod?
  3. IS there a version of this mod that does not cut Part count? I like to have the options to add or remove systems and parts to my builds...?
  4. Cool thank you I will check it out. I feel like it will blend my rockets a lot more if I can match the textures to my fuel tanks.
  5. How do you change the textures on the fairings like you do on procedural parts? is it possible?
  6. WHat does hollow collider do on the custom decoupler in this mod? I tried it off and on but the game still seems to think that it's colliding with something. Is it suppose to simulate a hollow donut when you make it in a donut shape? Should I turn it off or on if I want objects to sit through it?
  7. Does SMURFF conflict with real fuels? Id i'm running a solar system that is 1/1 real solar system size and I have Real fuels but not Realism overhaul, Does SMURFF help me? is it recommended? What do people run these days if they want RSS size systems but do not want to install RO? I do like real fuels how ever!
  8. Does his configs work with Real fuels?
  9. Hello first of I would like to say that i'm quite out of date with KSP because I have not played it in years. But I recently wanted to get back into it. I intend to mod KSP with either RSS or a Real solar system sized kerbin. That said I would like to use real Fuels but in the engine configs you either have to use RO, I would like to avoid doing so because RO mods to much stuff and changes the looks of everything and has a lot of dependencies. The other engine config says is for stock size or 6.4 at most.... so i'm wondering what mod or Engine config should be used other than RO for a 1 to 1 real life size Solar system in order to get proper performance out of the engines? I obviously ran a search but I did not find much so instead I thought I would ask the community to point me in the right direction! I should also mention i'm planning to do this on a 1.3.1 install of KSP as mods become available ( if not already). Thank you
  10. Excellent! I felt like it was something like that because RF seemed to work fine in the VAB. But I wanted to post just to be sure I didn't mess anything up! So this is good news :). Also this is not really related but you seem pretty knowledgeable. SO What's the best engine Config to use if I plan to use RSS or earth sized kerbin mods with Real fuels and I don't want to use all the mods that RO requires? I think that for stalk engine configs it says it's meant for 6.4 kerbin or stock. I understand that there is a few mods that are not up to snuff for 1.3.1 but I imagine that in a short while most mods will get updated for the current ksp as it's been doing for years now.
  11. When I installed this I followed and downloaded the required mods listed in post 1. When I launch KSP ksp says that " realfuels" is not compatible with KSP 1.3.1 yet when I go to real fuels git hub to get the latest release it states that it is indeed for 1.3.1 What am I doing wrong?
  12. Are you guys familiar with Procedural parts? I just thought it would be awesome to have a option menu when you right click on the fairing to change the fairing textures to match the procedural parts textures. IS there a mod that would allow me to do that? Or is there plans to add this function?
  13. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I've installed Real plumes then this mod then Realfuels. In real fuels the readme says to put a folder that has to do with plumes into " Realfuels" folder... but I don't think it takes into account that we would install this mod aswell. So i'm wondering do I put the realfuels Real plume config into realfuels folder or into the folder for this mod?