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  1. That is a very old bug that happens even without RemoteTech.
  2. Throwing a 0.90 working folding launchpad into 1.0 makes a launchpad with attachment nodes that don't work at all. Sad day. It was worth a try.
  3. That folding launchpad is more applicable than ever. It handles quite a bit of weight and can fit in a shroud.
  4. The fuel tanks are actually quite heavy compared to stock tanks of equivalent fuel mass. I think one of them is about 3 times heavier. I can't check at the moment. Not an easy task to get to orbit.
  5. Can we get a dollar value on these lifters, assuming default prices of parts in career mode?
  6. Yes, I've done similar for simple landed bases with X Kerbal space needed. I didn't intend to, but I needed a ferry to ship inexperienced Kerbals to Kerbin and met the requirement after hooking them together with KAS. Minmus land bases have such low dV to orbit requirements that you might as well launch outbound traffic from the surface. The only problem is no ore/karbonite overlap if you're using karbonite.
  7. The problem with the part is it doesn't work well with stock lights. They use different lighting code. Inline Lights had color changing before Squad did it, but did it differently.
  8. Here you go: Ore1 is with ore selected. Karbonite1 is with karbonite selected. Notice how ore is not in text next to "slopes" at the bottom, but karbonite is. I added the following to the Karbonite detector to save parts: MODULE { name = REGO_ModuleResourceScanner ScannerType = 0 ResourceName = Ore MaxAbundanceAltitude = 500000 } Just using the magnetometer on a satellite and cheating it into orbit over any body also does not show ore on the ScanSat map after timewarping for several days.
  9. ScanSat 9 hasn't been showing ore on the map. It's pickable, it just doesn't show ore numbers on the map or any color patches. Any clue what's going on? I haven't been keeping track of many mods since just before 0.90 released. Kethane is not installed so I'm running sorta blind. The orbital scanner is showing percentages, I'm just not getting a map of it.
  10. I was flying a mission from Kerbin to the Mun and back to gather science and level up a couple Kerbals. My save only has a single alarm set about 150 days in the future on a vessel I didn't touch at all between bootup and shutdown of ksp.exe. Recently ksp has been suffering from a memory leak and I don't know where. I'm running close to 40 mods. I'm trying to think of which might hook into AlarmClock or vice versa. Trying to repeat it now.