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  1. Generally speaking, the easiest way to get to the Mun is to get yourself into an orbit, usually around 70-100km, and when the Mun rises over the horizon of your orbit you start your burn until you intercept it.
  2. I think the only thing that drags me away from the vanilla style at this point is how some parts look like they're re-used oil barrels. Or simply stuff that was never intended to go into space. I would love to see the art pass make all of the parts a bit more space-worthy.
  3. I'm really impressed with your work! I like the contrast of simplicity and also the complexity. I only have one screenshot that I think would deserve to be re-imagined, when you have the time. EDIT: The station's name is "Liberty Station" and "Shuttle Ascension" is docked to it.
  4. What I like to do when landing any of my aircraft, is to find out at which speed it stalls, or begins to lose its lift and fall back down to Kerbin, after I know what speed that is, I line it up to the runway on approach, or wherever I'm landing, and start to decelerate either by using airbrakes, or lifting my nose above the horizon, I make sure that my plane is no more than 10 meters above the ground when doing so, and when it slows down enough, it'll start to fall back down slow enough that I'm able to touch down with my back wheels first, and slowly let the front wheel touch down. Then I us
  5. What'd you use for the Canadarm imitation? it looks gooooood.
  6. This is Karya, using almost exclusively Tantares parts (besides the candarm). Includes the core module, a science lab, and multiple docking adapters for arriving shuttles and what not.
  7. Well, I had a routine mission set up to add another module to my WIP space station, and I thought using a shuttle was appropriate. Complications arose during the module's docking and the eventual shuttle's undocking that ended up with one of the wings being damaged. Ive been using a life support mod to up the realism a little bit, and the shuttle crew had long overstayed their welcome in space, so re-entering was the only suitable option at this point. Unable to keep a positive AOA without spiraling uncontrollably, the shuttle eventually burned up in the atmosphere, taking 4 kerba
  8. Its hard to see, but I really like the contrast that the green Soyuz has against the greyness of the other parts.
  9. The sense of scale in KSP has always been strange to me. The Mk 1-2 pod is respectively a large pod, yet it's interior spaces dont seem to match up with how large it is on the outside. With Tantares, everything adds up nicely.
  10. The way I built my SSTO, there's less of a dramatic weight shift when the fuel is being used, and with the cockpit being in the rear, there's a clear view for docking, which is nice. It's quite a strange looking craft.
  11. Alternate ways to get a Soyuz into orbit include using an SSTO. Also Beale, Tantares keeps getting better and better.
  12. Thank you. And no, it's just really dark since I use planetshine, which IMO, is really good looking plugin.
  13. This is my fledgling station, with a visiting Soyuz docked at the bottom, using almost entirely Tantares parts. Im also in love with the Tantini. Aaaaaannnnd, on the way back to Kerbin, my Soyuz coincidentally ended up looking like a "T". For Tantares.
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