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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    "Colonist", from the stand alone mod, are some sort of mash-up of the stock 3 professions... "Kolonist" from MKS actually are some sort of "generic booster job" for MKS function only... VERY DIFFERENT in functions. I exposed the exact issues shared here to RoverDude attention to LinuxGuruGamer too, with I shared some thoughts: ... the exact same problem was that both here in MKS and in TRP-hire, the "job" selection was "hardcoded", as it was the original hiring mod. This implies a series of issues, up to now: 1- both mod are mutually exclusive, as MKS let show ONLY the "harcoded" traits from MKS, and TRP-hire only the 3, standard, stock ones, but basically being the same. 2- both exclude the possibility to add "customized" traits and let them function in the hiring screen. That is not equal to not be possible to be used, but just a long process: hire a kerbal, with any trait available, then change the persistent file on the save to change the "job" of the new hired kerbal. Basically negating the sense to have a mod that make possible to select the job trait in game Linux got the ideas and started to work on a way to make the hiring screen "open coded" to eventually accept "any" traits that the hiring mod could detect in game, being stock, custom or from any present and future mod. If this new iteration of the hiring mod by Linux will work, it could become a sort of "CustomizableComunityTraitHiring System" that could be available not only for MKS, but also for "any" modder that wants to add "new job" beside stock or, like here, MKS+stock only, coupled with the already available "ComunityTraitIcons" mod that add just only icons for the kerbals traits, mostly used, for now, only by "Portrait Stats" mod... If I could, I will more than happy to "code" the new ideas... ... sadly I'm just half capable to drawing, in fact I noticed the issues in both MKS and TRP-Hire just meanwhile I was creating a complete pack of suits for all the traits available on "ComunityTraitIcons" (so stock, yours, and from the "Colonist!" mod) but I was puzzled by the impossibility to spawn the "Colonist", if using your MKS, or even ALL the customized traits (yours included), if using TRP-hire. Dunno if @linuxgurugamer will succede (as I shared some message with him) to make a version "open coded", but if it will work could be eventually be useful for anyone willing to create new traits and also use a nicer modded hiring screen than the stock one. Probably useful for your MKS mod too
  2. [1.3.1] TRP-Hire (formerly KSI Hiring)

    @linuxgurugamerLittle issue, in common using MKS by @RoverDude, that has an included function alike TRP-Hire: it's not possible to add "customized traits" (like the one from "Colonist!" mod ) as them are not showing in the hire panel: As visible, no "extra" traits are available, beside having installed "Colonist!" mod trait. The very same problems come with MKS (as addressed there by me: ) that take the same function from thesame old hiring mod.
  3. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    @RoverDudeLittle issue: I added MKS using also the "Colonist" trait mod ( ), meanwhile I stopped to use TRP-Hire ( ) as being functionally included in MKS, but now I have the trouble that the "Colonist" (the mix-up about the 3 stock traits) is not showing in the hire panel... The same problem (probably caused by a shared function) is present also in TRP-Hire mantained by @linuxgurugamer, but now it has added some new features (like making "new" kerbals as veteran/orange too): ... I know that asking could be bold, but should it possible to cross-develope the "hiring function" between both, to adress the issue about "new custom traits" but also add here too the possibility to make orange/veteran kerbals??
  4. I got it for a DMagic Module Manager patch: in a quick glance, it seems that the command "%" is now available for creating a value/string inside a node (like adding a resource somewhere): %name = something but not a node itself like: %MODULE[nameOfTheModule] so the above error you mentioned is probably related (it's probably not creating a node as "Module" for a part, but for the tche tree itself).
  5. Or option 2.5: make an "ASET Prop 2" directory, with new shiny buttons and any you feel as an improvement, leaving the actual pack (updated) just to let older IVAs to work properly.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular: ... 2 days ago, suddenly, without warning, my 1.2.2 Ksp copy (ultra-modded as usual) has stopped to work. I took it as an "Higher Power" in action, to remaind me that it was time to move myself. To 1.3.1. So... ... ... it took a day to download, update, sort and add to KSP all the mod that I'm generally using. Ready to the miniavc deletion and the first start! Wish me luck
  7. My 0.25-0.90 based F-14. Born as stock excluded wing hinges (Infernal Robotics). These picture were just taken as soon I placed in my new pc, bought at january, KSP 1.2.2. Still working flawlessly. It's the first ever things that fly out from an hangar, on a new KSP major upgrade. ... As extra, my new pc started to like a lot more mods than back in those days... ... so I exploited the very same F-14 hull to add more features. This is the last one (new cockpit, BDA added weapons+radome, new flaps... bla bla shiny things), but it is basically the same thing. ... very different from the "boxellated" graphic I had when the design was conceived, but the plane itself is true 90-95% to the original design.
  8. Uhm... I'm not sure about how they store/deploy it but: - Mk2 cargobay (like adviced)??? - service bay??? ... if modded: - any mk1 (the cilinder 1.25m one) cargobay (There were a bunch around)??? - a robotic arm made with Infernal Robotics???
  9. Tiny probe, scientific instrument as you like, some batteries, rectangular structural part with surface attached solar panel (to cover the sides), tiny non tracking solar panel or stock 2x3 ones (if you have no mods) = the little DOVE???
  10. !!! <... Arayms prepares his hound dogs...> They will find you, @Kuzzter... ... you cannot leave this way, for a season break!! MOAAARH!!! WE NEED MOAAARH STORIES!!! NAAAAOH!!! ... ... ... obviously joking; have an hellhuva of a fine Summer!!! <Araym sipping iced lemon tea in the hot mediterranean summer >
  11. THANK YOU! ... found the error at first try, after your hint... (Note for myself: remember always to close any parenthesis opened in a part list )
  12. I made my tons of MM patches in years... ... suddenly, in one of the most large of them, applying patches on loading KSP, it shown 1 error (probably a typo somewhere in this huge chunk of MM patch I designed)... How can I find a log (if there is any) indicating the line not working/the part not upgraded??
  13. ... the same for a lot of us, in the summer... I'm sure that Kuzzter will be ready as soon it's possible for him. By the way, @Kuzzter: "♪♫ Don't Stop! Explorin'! ♫♪" <Araym take off singing - very untuned as a dying cat>
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I discovered a little issue adding MKS on my game: I'm using from ages TRP-Hire to manage hiring of my kerbals, and now (as I discovered in the TRP-Hire post) MKS borrow some of that code to manage the new kerbal specialization that comes with it. But now I have this mess when I go to hire a new Kerbal, with both mod conflicting in the GUI: ... how could I resolve the problem without loosing the ability of TRP-Hire (mostly the cost to hire a new kerbal fixed by his/her stupidity/courage level, rather than an exponential cost as stock)???
  15. YAY! Parkaboy is back!!! With more comics! And more awesome designs!