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  1. I prefer to use Q-E to yaw and A-D to roll, but when trying to set my own keybinds, the INPUT setting menu allow me only to change the "left yaw" to Q, but does not register E as the new, "right yaw" input (the game is stuck in the weird combo of Q-D as yaw controls).
  2. I post again the link to my "very unofficial", but also "very under development", BDBINC, with all of my new recolors for the upcoming "apollo-saturn-revamp". IF you are recently downloaded it, and experiencing some B9PartSwitch errors, it very likely because I have a single repository (pending to know the final status of BDB, once the new parts will be released) both aimed at the "master" branch/release 1.9.0 (with the old Apollo and Saturn parts) and the "apollo-saturn-revamp" one (with all the new related stuff). There is no need to re-download it, but just read the first page where I put some "Notes" to how handle my repository, based on which dev version you are using, if you are experiencing some B9PartSwitch errors on game start-up (it is nothing game breaking, but surelly it could be annoying): https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC
  3. EHM... uhm... yeah... why not... (as soon I'll learn how Github REALLY works I really never explored past the basic features ) Yeah... it's because my branch has still, as legacy, the "old" BDBINC recolor for the old BDB Apollo capsule (in par with the actual BDB v.1.9.0 release), as I made some fix for it recently because asked, and not knowing where to put them, I just placed it in my grand archive of Github. (Mine, as BDBINC, is not only a "unofficial" version, but also a "under development" version, being for the moment still an archive that could be used both with the BDB "master dev"/release 1.9.0 with still the old Apollo/Saturn, that with the "BDB apollo-saturn-rework" with the new parts...) The old and new Apollo share the nosecone name, so the "old patch" is trying to find the "old model" and "old texture". If you have removed the old Apollo and rocking around with the apollo-saturn-dev one only, just go into <your KSP install>/GameData/BDBINC/Patches and remove the "Apollo.cfg" file, that it is for the old one. Also you can remove entirelly the "Apollo" folder, with the textures for the old models too. It should resolve your problem. EDIT: ... learnt how to abilitate "issues" and "discussions" in my Github BDBINC page. Thanks for the imput. Added also in the front page some indication to resolve for any future user the issue you were experiencing, being my repository a bit of a mix of folders both for the BDB release 1.9.0/"master" dev and the "apollo-saturn-revamp" versions, pending to know the final state of BDB once the new Apollo/Saturn will be released, just to have a clean up of anything not needed anymore.
  4. Another weird repaint of mine, for the upcoming new Apollo capsule: today I present you the Gemipollo! Available, as always, in my personal (unofficial) BDBNIC fork (only for BDB dev. versions): https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC
  5. Pushing some ulterior fixes to my BDBNIC fork, after the Titan texture updates, for all of those downloading any of the BDB dev versions! Fixed Titan II second stage tank Fixed Titan II Gemini decoupler If anyone using it found any other errors, feel free to post it here or to send me a PM here on the forum (or drop an "issue" warning on the github page). I will try to fix them "as soon as possible™"
  6. ... silently working in the background, some sneak pics...
  7. After a while, I remembered to add the mod also on Spacedock.
  8. ... and for those that were enjoying also my unofficial BDBNIC fork for the new Apollo capsule repaint I made, a simply reminder to download it again, as the new Titan cleanup gives some B9PartSwitch error with the previous version. Grab the updated version here: https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC (downlad the repo thru the big green button... then you can simply copy-paste and everything should be fixed)
  9. I'm in contact directly with Cobalt and a lot of other modders involved in BDB since long ago, so I got access to some of the original art in PSD format that I'm having fun to modify to get some extra paints for the upcoming new Apollo revamp (I have put them, for now in a fork of BDBNIC mod, as they will be release indipendently from BDB... I'll see if I'll release later under another name) It's a bit easier using an already layered file, rather than working with the texture available to the public, with all the graphic merged (but it's not so easy when you have then understand every bits and layer, before actually work on the paints). Then, case by case, aside painting it, I made extras when needed by the design I was trying to replicate (the BDB's new Apollo, for example, has a tiled heatshield: I made a new normal map for some of my repaint with a smooth one). If you have access to the BDB saturn-revamp dev (github is a bit problematic to let it download any branch not set as main: you have to fork it and set then the saturn dev as main branch on your fork, to download it), you can also already try my add-on from here: https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC (Also, if you check my repositories, there is already a BDB fork set up for me, when I want to download the saturn-rework dev branch: it's generally up to date to the latest addition on the original one - I have to manually update it, so maybe is one day off, sometime - that you can use: just use the big green button "CODE" to download it as a whole in zip - DO NOT GO on the release section, as they will get you just the old parts)
  10. Did anyone loose a boilerplate??? BP 1227 ready to be handled back by Soviets to Americans. No "NASA" marking to let anyone use his own preferred (real, finctional or whatever), with "Conformal Decals". Added to my BDBNIC fork: Link - https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC Entire family on display:
  11. I didn't know about the story (your request moved my interest to do a bit of research). It's an curious story, for sure notably... ... but I have to admit that looking at the capsule itself, it's not really particulary interesting as "design". By my choice (now that is possible to place decals at will, with "Conformal decals" and related add-ons) I avoid to put writing non essential for the design on any of my repaint: this is done to allow the best personalization by anyone (... those running "real names"... or those running fictiona, kerbal, agencies). So the only "standing" particulary (the "NASA" logo) would be omitted. That leaves with "a gray capsule" with no particulary feature. Basically it will be a plain Apollo default capsule, without the TU shader applied. Probably jthe only difference would be the omission of the "tape" that make all the fine lines wrapping around the capsule. It could be an easy task, however: I just need to desaturate to grey my already done file for the BP 1102A and tune down the reflection (BP 1102 has a more reflective surface... BP 1227 seems a simple, opaque, finish)... ... I'll look at it, eventually: I have actually some plans already for some more interesting designs, but for sure it could be done (also as stand in for numerous, similar, grey boilerplates)
  12. EDIT: ... for anyone that has already downloaded the saturn dev-branch, and eventually is willing to test my recolors too, I have a VERY UNOFFICIAL fork of the old "BDB Now In Color", from when I helped to updated it to KSP 1.12.2 standards, that I'm using as "storage". Aside all the past goodies still working (included the old Apollo parts, until official release of the newest one), there is present all the art I'm adding on my own. Github link: https://github.com/Araym-KSP/BDBNIC (keep it saved, because more will be coming in the near future )
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