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  1. The latest time I downloaded it was for free... ... dunno if by the time it was changed (my "old" version still works wonderfully ) But as suggested, GIMP could also do the same, doubling as being already a image editor software, once you upgrade it with the proper plug-in to handle DDS
  2. I have (as default image viewer) "Xnview" ( ) and it is quite capable to open/view DDS files. You can also use it to convert them to a more user-friendly PNG files, to easy work them in any graphic editing software. Once done, you can simply leave your new texture as PNG and import it in the KSP folder (obviously, removing the original DDS to be sure that your edited image will be loaded) or (... probably... not totally sure of it...) use again XnView to rename/convert it back to DDS format. I'm not totally sure about the last passage because, in reality, I use XnView just as "viewer", to check out DDS, because I have Photoshop and its plugin capable to handle DDS and normals (so I directly edit the original format without the PNG conversion passage), but knowing that Photoshop could be a problem (with its money cost), the PNG conversion could be handy if you are using a simple, free image editing software uncapable to use DDS.
  3. In anni che uso KSP, perchè nessuno mi ha mai fatto notare questo post????? Devo smetterla di frequentare solo la sezione inglese, probabilmente
  4. I was loosing a day trying to understand WHY I have the same issue.... ... untill I came here: - The mod "Airline Cusine" NEED "DeepSky Core" Mod (aside B9partswitch). But NOT a word about it if anyone find it (for example, like me) on Spacedock, where there is NOT indicated the HARD dependency on both. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRGH! A whole day running up and down ksp logs, when a simple line on spacedock "... IT'S NEEDED TO DOWNLOAD DEEPSKY CORE!" could solve a lot of issues....
  5. Curiosity question: has anyone of Valentine's planet a breathable atmosphere?
  6. The plug-in was used for some cool color changes of the tanks and minor other amenities: doors and regular lights are using stock KSP modules, so they will always work (... uncapable of coding, I re-worked the parts removing the extra bit related to the plugin, for years, keeping the stock abilities always in function). For the error related to linuxgurugamer's repack: drop the content of the zip as always in GameData, but right after it, change the main mod directory name from "IXSWarpShipOS" to a simple "warpship" (no capital letters!! very important) and the KSP error is gone
  7. I swear that I'm not doing it on purpose, @linuxgurugamer: ... I always had the IXS on my saves, but just for the sake to have a properly updated one I just downloaded your v0.5.0.1 and, alike for the PAPIlights, KSP trow an error, asking to put the plug in in "... Gamedata/warpship..." instead of "... Gamedata/IXSWarpShipOS..." (the classic directory location that I always saw) alike in your download link. As for the PAPI lights, renaming manually the directory on my end resolved any issue.
  8. Hi, @linuxgurugamer I downloaded this just to test it, but it spawn this error: LOG 20:07:22.850] Incorrect PAPIPlugin Installation: PAPIPlugin has been installed incorrectly and will not function properly. All files should be located in KSP/GameData/PAPI Lights/Plugins. Do not move any files from inside that folder. Your .zip has inside the path: [...] Gamedata/Papiplugin/Plugins/..... I corrected mine, locally, as asked by the log, but it could useful an "update" also on your front, with a correct path
  9. ... and that is a shame, because it's fun as hell to have the tourist hanging around (You know that I'm a fan, since the suits I made for them I was away from a bit - a couple of years??? - but I'm returning, and if the mod in the actual state is still working in 1.8.1/1.9, I'm going to release a similar suit for the new kerbal suit models :-) )
  10. Well... it's nothing more than the image that you already seeing there. And far from being a polished result. I think that, as a reference, for the moment, could eventually be linked to the first page, if @shaw likes the idea... Beside: it's just a little part of what I'm doing. I'm planning to map in a similar way all the suits (standard, vintage and futuristic), the jetpacks (... I have still to check if, aside the evident textures and normals, the models are actually different, or just some sort of reskin...) and the chute backpack. But in meantime, the rough for the standard suit is done, so I shared the preliminary result. It could became a way better and useful template once polished (... the original PSD file I have in Photoshop is a mess of layers and paint -by mistake- over the original that I used as reference - that is that black-grey background), even relased not only as a flat image (better maybe in a trasparent background?? ) but eventually even as the original psd file itself (... maybe with coherent layers categorized by body parts, and not the mess that I have now ) For the moment, I just slow down a bit because... well... I'm "returning" on the KSP scene after a couple years of absence (my last series of "adventures" were in 1.3.1...): I'm in the middle of my re-installing my ultra-modded version: I have a rough set for 1.9 (I like a lot the new shaders/stock planetary textures), but it lacks of some mods updated, so I'm also installing a testing-instalment still in 1.8.1 (that is more supported, but it also need more visual mods to achieve a better looking game), so opening Photoshop for me is a bit delayed...
  11. Looking at how you described your scientific knowledge in the whole post about your mod... well... I have to follow the advice because... ... basically: yes! I would like to have an Earth-alike atmosphere, with the game considering the "limit" about "Kerbin" and "space" at 100k (the conventional limit of the Karman line on Earth). I'll definitely try the second config. I want to "destroy" all the knowledge I have from KSP 0.14 (yes... I was pretty early in the game ) to now, without change the whole system (I'm a great fan of the general stock planery system, aside just adding each install the OPT extra joolian planets because... well... they are "my stock" extra planets :P)
  12. Could it work together with your mod? I'm liking the "feeling" (subtle different, but present) of your mod, on Kerbin, with a more realistic atmosphere... ... that basically, in my mind, the idea that I could avoid too much of other mods: I picture the figure that, if the atmospheric curves described by the value in your config about kerbin are given from 0 to 70km, the curve themselves (example: the pressureCurves) - considering it like a graph - will be just "stretched", but in keeping the same "shape", if I multiply every key related to the altitude by the same value (in "pressureCurve", "temperatureCurve", "temperatureSunMultCurve"... but also, directly using your config as template, to "upgrade" the warp altitudes and the "atmosphere threshold" for the scientific data)... I would like to add a layer of "difficulty" in my gameplay, to make going orbit a bit harder. I considered some config alike a 2.5x system, BUT always the thing tha blocked me was loosing the anomalies: I like to send probes to map planets and then travel to sightseeing all the anomalies found. In a bigger scale system they are lost and buried. I had once an Unity extension that helped me to draw and check curves like that, but I lost it in the migration between my pst 2 pc, and I totally forgot how it was called and where i found it... sigh...
  13. Hello there, @OhioBob... I'm just starting to use your mod, and as I'm very deeply in modding my new game in a very peculiar way, I was thinking to change Kerbin atmosphere from 70km height to 100km (... more likely around the value of the Karman line on our planet Earth ) Considering ALL the scientific aspect you put in your mod (... that I'm surelly non in the way to understand ), but just knowing well enough about to read a game cfg, could be "realistic enough" (considering an 1.43~ time higher atmo) to simply multiply the heigth values in your Kerbing config, without touching anything else???
  14. I'm just returning to KSP and, basically, starting a LOOOONG re-installing process (my last, very used, game was back in 1.3.1... I briefly started installing 1.5 but never modded it completely... I basically never touched 1.6... I the started trying to get 1.7, but personal issues left me with no time to complete my modded installation it... I never used 1.8... I'm back now at 1.9), so I'm in "find a fast solution" mode. I did it as a quick fix, without thinkering too much about checking each .cfg part file: - if the involved parts call for the texture from another directory, I guess that the .png was there just a placeholder, and maybe KSP 1.9 is not very happy with 0 lenght file - if the involved parts call for the texture from inside the part directory itself, that way the part could find the texture atlas (... and by an educated guess, seeing the same file duplicated multiple times in various parts, I guessed that it is the same texture file reused multiple times ) ... surely a more elegant way could have been check each involved part, check in the MODEL module inside each part .cfg file, to see where it search for texture, but, in this phase of my re-installing, a brute copy-past was enough (and brought no issue in the affected parts, I'm checking right now ). ANOTHER ISSUE (for "ReSTOCK" Users ONLY): @linuxgurugamer ... the "Mk2.5_Spaceplane_Parts.restockwhitelist" that is used to let the game load SQUAD models and textures, blacklisted by "ReSTOCK", misses to whitelisting the textures for the SSME engine (it does so only for the model .mu file) ... the model itself is present, but lacks of textures... Correct "Mk2.5_Spaceplane_Parts.restockwhitelist" should be: Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings/ Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings/ Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings/ Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings/ Squad/Parts/Aero/shuttleWings/ Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/ Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/ Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/ Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/ Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineSSME/ Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineSSME/ Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineSSME/ Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineSSME/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/mk2FuselageShort/ Squad/Parts/Wheel/LandingGear/ Squad/Parts/Wheel/LandingGear/ (... I added on my end the 3 lines for the "", "" and ""...) That resolved the issue for any ReSTOCK user (alike me):
  15. Got the same error: there are a series of PNG files named "FuselageTexture.png" in various directories, someway corrupted. Search inside the mod itself a "" file, copy and paste in each directory where there is the PNG variant and, obviously, delete the PNG ones. (... it helps to turn on, in your directories, to show the extension of files, if you have trouble to localize them...) Problem solved on my end.