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  1. Thanks, but: 1- the new parts from 1.4 and 1.5 are already backported to my 1.3.1 install (MH included), with fully functional colors/meshes swap if available 2- i do not care of making history as "scenario maker" 3- I'm waiting @HaArLiNsH civilian bodies 4- as heavy modded player, 1.4 was a mess-of-bugs, 1.5 lacks a lot of things that in 1.3.1 were stable for me 5- ... i'm not a very fan of the new way KSP is going: being here since 0.15, I feel that the "original" KSP ended at 1.3.1... TakeTwo's KSP feels for me a side project for them, just to ride the brand that they purchased
  2. From a VERY fan of your mod (... and being fond of my artwork on the spacesuits made with TRR in mind for 1.3.1), I'm waiting your work... ... because basically yours is one of the mod I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT (and one of the causes that I'm still playing KSP 1.3.1)
  3. I had the same problem, back in the day. My solution was just to copy all the data of the MapDecal surface on top of the base is then made, and create a new one... Try to change the file "KK_MapDecal_KK_SouthField_MD.cfg" in ".../ExampleBases/SouthField" with this: // Generated by Kerbal Konstructs KK_MapDecal { Name = KK_SouthField_MD CelestialBody = Kerbin Latitude = -47.017058411167376 Longitude = -140.96494724740413 Radius = 1645 HeightMapName = K-Slope ColorMapName = None RemoveScatter = True UseAlphaHeightSmoothing = True UseAbsolut = True AbsolutOffset = 76.9291687 CullBlack = True HeightMapDeformity = 0 SmoothColor = 0 SmoothHeight = 0.125 Angle = 0 Order = 100000 } ... on my end resolved the issue.
  4. Oh... something was done for 1.3.1 (still the version I'm playing...) even to make more refined stock suits... (and other additions)
  5. Fast "bug report": Version for KSP 1.3.1 has inside ModuleManager v.3.0.7 for KSP 1.4.xxxx. If I'm not wrong, 1.3.1 version should be MM v.3.0.4 Your fellow bug-finder Araym
  6. I gave it a simple D. It's not a worse "F" just because I wanna be positive about the future of KSP in the whole, but, from the stand point of an old customer that entered the Kerbal world when it was at 0.13/0.14 stage, both 1.4.-something and its DLC about Making History are the first time I does not really feel the need of an upgrade, playing and keeping 1.3.1 as my "main version" A lot is already said about "not so much refined additional parts", but THE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT for me was the "Mission Builder" itself: I was hoping for an IN GAME (and I mean in a career, science or sandbox mode game) iteration, where I could "program" my series of missions (instead to use the randomly-generated one of a career mode), to try to fulfill a whole "space program", but basically we had just a "scenario builder" disconnected to any "long lasting" (but old and already present) game mode. It's not a worse "F", just because I give "F" to the "1.4.-something" update of KSP, and it's not a fault of "making History": unrefined, full of bugs, already arrived to it's FIFTH patch (1.4.0... 1.4.1... 1.4.2... 1.4.3... 1.4.4...) but still not finalized, giving an headache to any modded player and to any modder that tries to keep an expanded gameplay based on mods that are still not able to find a final, stable version in which update their mods. It's not a worse "F", just because i give a "Z" to whoever is now running the development of KSP, not the game itself: rushed releases, parts and features designers clearly "new" to the Kerbal Space Program game, at such point that a tons of modders working for PURE FREE could teach to them a thing of two about "design, balancing and implementations" of ideas and parts into the core game. FREE CONTENTS shared by the comunity (modders) have better realization than those that should be OFFICIAL PARTS released by Take Two (... yes... there is no more "Squad", even if it figures still on the label). I'm sad to expose those bad voting, but I feel orphan, in KSP 1.4.-something: the game's dad sold his idea, the big company that bought it has not a really clue about it, and the actual developers (as said before by others than me) seem just interns of a big company working at KSP as a side project in the free time from bigger projects that had to learn about it from scratches and that have less knowledge about KSP than modders. The "latest release" still working as KSP, up to now, is till 1.3.1 for me. Probably for the moment the last one that has still a legacy of development to the "original designers" of KSP. 1.4.-something (it's on the horizon already a probable 1.4.5 or a 1.5.0 version that makes 1.4.4 someway already obsolete) has the feel of a beta-release to test something that take Two does not still really know what should be, and thankfully not having bought it from Steam (to avoid an auto-update, or the need to extract it in a safe space) totally a version that I'll skip waiting "future, fixed, releases".
  7. Quick install question @linuxgurugamer: I'm going to add this mod on a 1.3.1 KSP install. I grabbed the version related to it (not the latest, obviously) but I'm unsure if it should work as it is, or there are some mod dependencies different to those stated in the OP (being related to the 1.4.1 and subsequent ones). Apreciated any suggestion about
  8. After "KSP 1.4.1" release Note: I do not plan to redo the suit pack, so, if nothing major will happens to TRR, it should be compatible even after 1.4.1... ... but I have NO CLUE at all about the modding status of the new release, so basically at the moment it's guaranteed only for KSP 1.3.1.
  9. OOoooOOOooooooh! My suit pack in a video!!!!!
  10. To have a "non transparent" visor, you have to add a "grey" visor with no trasparency at all (so a solid block of grey) and then find the right color hue with the color option in TRR settings for it (if you look in my suit pack, I added a semi-trasparent visor, and colored gold-ish for the EVA used in space... yours should be simply "non transparent" )
  11. It's easy for a dumb and old user pop-ut from nowere with the classic and overrated "uber-idea-of-the-week", but I was randomly surfing the forum and I'm probably just in the mood to practice a bit of english (not my native language: "sempre grazie, @sarbian per mantenere mechjeb" <--- italian thanks ): I remember, Long-Long-Long ago, in both early KSP and mechjeb development, a neat function that I always found a bit of a shame that was removed when Mechjeb became "v.2.-someting"": "manual throttling" using the Ascend Guidance. Surelly mechjeb now is a complete suit of programmable parameter both to manage the launch profile and the engine, BUT in the early versions I always liked to use the throttle by myself ([Shift]/[CTRL]] like a manual launch, leaving to Mechjeb just the "keep the rocket pointed in the right direction". That could be my only "wish-list function", if it possible to address this laters year development. Seeing it back again could make an old 42yo pal smiling like a kid at the Christmas morning