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  1. Necro-posting, but wanna see more ships posted for the series if anyone's still down.
  2. Doing some gliding tests of my Shuttle mock. It tore the wings off the mothership and dived towards the Island runway at 300+ m/s. I also wanna mention that the mk 2 tanks on the side of the mk3 is a very effective way at combining style and function, because I can shift the center of mass by emptying and filling whichever ones I desire for a mission.
  3. Yeah it's alright, I built this and an Apollo replica, which is sort of the only reason we have this.
  4. Christ I was lucky. And to keep this from just being a blog, when did you guys get the game, and when did you first play the demo?
  5. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/congress-aims-to-develop-new-military-space-corps-branch/ Odds are of this happening aren't real likely, but it's being talked about seriously by military officers, and will create incentive to fund space exploration for defense of military assets and further expansion. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. I've played since .13.3. I purchased the game at .19.
  7. It's a big craft. I thought it wouldn't be bigger than most other Viper's people make, but it's almost twice the size.
  8. I gotta update this for Macey and 1.0. and maybe actually get it to fly straight efficiently too.
  9. I play 1.02, but I loved (and still do) 13.3, because that's the version I found the game in, and I learned most of what I know, like going to the moon by (time warping til interception is made after) burning towards it, and flying to the sun (with 'mods').
  10. I can not for the life of me go anywhere besides Jool if I go interplanetary. I've tried duna several times, but my intercept was at the weird flickering deal, but I never got in. Never tried anywhere else, but managed to get to jool while playing around in (I'm surprised) career mode (On a duna attempt). Lots of science gained, but I never went back for reasons (building space planes).
  11. I love this mod, and I play in IVA almost all the time now. But what I would love is to have support with the BD Armory mod, like in the M1A1 barrel have a gunner view, so I can actually fire without needing to be in external view.
  12. Since BSG seems to break unity, why not make a Viper Mk. II with individual cockpit, wings, flaps, engines, structural parts, and intake. Some 10-15 parts, so it's not going to be a giant explosion, but have some variety in destruction (because that's why KSP exists).
  13. People are literally building jet engines without jet engines in game (or at least masking them by over complicating).
  14. A large scale Battlestar Galactica from the new series would be amazing.
  15. Did you forget a parachute when building a dropship, or flaps on a brand new plane? I'm not talking about major issues, like staging errors, but the small oversights. For me, it was when I was building a space station, had it mostly finished, so I built a shuttle to move between that one, and an earlier one I built. I had RCS, had plenty of fuel, and fuel lines and all, it was perfect. So I flew it up, and lined up for docking. And, as I thrust forward, I wasn't getting the pull I expected, so I tilted my camera, and realized I didn't have a docking port.
  16. It'd probably be "Right click to Refuel" over liquid on Eve.
  17. I need Girbilism because I need to respect a female alien being a kerbonaut, inspiring young girbals to study science.
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