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  1. Using the latest build I have GUI issues with the darkened backgrounds vanishing, particularly in the editors, specifically for the pull up resources and veseel info panels (usually located along the bottom of the editor window). From just starting KSP up and loading my savegame, I can pop into an editor and do whatever I want, make or edit as many craft as I want, but the moment I leave the editor (to launch something, for example) the problem shows up. Returning to the editor, and the dark translucent background used for those pull up windows, or for the middle click part info windows is ent
  2. I did note a ui glitch (with RC 2) that the cores and wedges containing resources have when in the VAB/SPH. If you change their length they will list the resource in the tweakables window multiple times. However, those extra resource lines are a lie and will disappear if you close the tweakable window and reopen it. The correct amount of resources seems to always be in place.
  3. Yeah, surprise surprise...having the correct file extension fixed the problem entirely...wonder how I missed something so easy for a day and a half... PSA for people making MM patches: Ensure your patch file's extension is .cfg !
  4. So, more testing was done. I copied one of the @PART {} blocks and added a :NEEDS[HellToFreezeOver] soley to see if MM would show an entry indicating that that particular :NEEDS could not be met...no such log entry appeared... It's as though it refuses to even parse/process the patch at all... And now I notice my fatal flaw... Notepad++ seems to have saved the patch file with a .txt. extension...even though I remember telling it to save as a .cfg...we'll be right back after this next KSP reload... :facedesk:
  5. Removing the NEEDS didn't work, I also tried using the correct names for the parts (including the special characters) while keeping the NEEDS out. No effect.
  6. I've seen in the MM logs where NEEDS aren't met with other patches and it makes a note of it. No such log entries exist for my patch. I'm going to remove the NEEDS and keep the FINAL (in an attempt to ensure they patch in the correct order).
  7. Yes, I've tried using the special characters in the names of parts in place of the ? and I get the same problem.
  8. I'm having trouble diagnosing an issue with one of my Module Manager patches. MM seems to parse it without warning or errors, yet nothing from the patch actually executes. As a result, none of the changes I want to make are actually made. I've gone through and checked everything I can think of and still can't solve the problem, so now i'm asking for help. Patch is here ( Note that "description" entries are temporary and meant to show me whether the patch is being applied and that the question marks (?) in the @PART entries are there in place of special characters contained in the part nam
  9. I've noted that this does not properly detect some antennae. Usually modded ones. In particular, I've got Restock and Plus and the formerly stock antennae are not detected by this mod. Going to be looking through the config files of antennae it does detect and compare them to the configs of ones it doesn't to see if I can spot an obvious issue. I do have far more than just Restock (and Plus) in my modset, but none of them should interfere...in theory... Edit: Should have noted that I was noting the issue in the VAB and further testing showed that it was not detecting any antenna I
  10. Yes, the new screenshot shows it well. A shame really, as the Corkscrew is rather fuel efficient otherwise.
  11. Have to echo this question. Kinda annoying having more than one of those style of engines on a craft as they will cause said craft to flip end over end most of the time.
  12. That fixed it, thank you. Might want to add something about it to the OP.
  13. Some of the example craft files will not load as I do not have required parts. What mods are needed for the various crafts?
  14. Oh, I seem to remember that in Fractal's KSPI you had to have someone EVA to do the upgrade, probably with a limitation on where the upgrade could be done (possibly LKO only). Nice to know I don't have to worry about it for now.
  15. I've had some KSPI-E stuff on a vessel that's been around awhile. I've unlocked new techs since that vessel was launched that should be able to improve some of the parts on that vessel (radiators and TEG mostly, perhaps even the reactor itself). How do I go about upgrading them these days? I seem to remember there was a trick to it with regular KSPI back in the day, but don't remember what it was... Also, I'm considering using the laser beam stuff as long range antennae, but don't know what all I'd need to set things up in this fashion. Wish there were some good tutorials (perhaps
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