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  1. Yes, the new screenshot shows it well. A shame really, as the Corkscrew is rather fuel efficient otherwise.
  2. Have to echo this question. Kinda annoying having more than one of those style of engines on a craft as they will cause said craft to flip end over end most of the time.
  3. That fixed it, thank you. Might want to add something about it to the OP.
  4. Some of the example craft files will not load as I do not have required parts. What mods are needed for the various crafts?
  5. Oh, I seem to remember that in Fractal's KSPI you had to have someone EVA to do the upgrade, probably with a limitation on where the upgrade could be done (possibly LKO only). Nice to know I don't have to worry about it for now.
  6. I've had some KSPI-E stuff on a vessel that's been around awhile. I've unlocked new techs since that vessel was launched that should be able to improve some of the parts on that vessel (radiators and TEG mostly, perhaps even the reactor itself). How do I go about upgrading them these days? I seem to remember there was a trick to it with regular KSPI back in the day, but don't remember what it was... Also, I'm considering using the laser beam stuff as long range antennae, but don't know what all I'd need to set things up in this fashion. Wish there were some good tutorials (perhaps even videos) for the beamed power network stuff.
  7. Hate to nitpick, but you forgot to update the.version file for x.18. AVC is still yelling at me.
  8. The Candle makes a small amount of power on it's own anyway, no need for a seperate generator unless you're going way overboard on what you're trying to run...or are trying to use it as an RTG rather than an engine... I've got relay sats that use the Candle as both a power source and the main engine and it works fine. Also got a Duna flyby probe that uses the same setup.
  9. That'd be the 3.75m ISRU. This was back before stock ISRUs (and not many mods had them either).
  10. An old ship, but one I may see about rebuilding once I unlock the requisite techs. It was originally built back in 0.23.x or 0.24.x with whatever KSPI was available then. https://imgur.com/a/sBtxc Unfortunately, I can't embed the whole album, it seems. So there's a link.
  11. @FreeThinkerDid you accidentally overwrite the 1.11.14 file on Curse? Or has Curse not been updated to 1.11.15?
  12. On the subject of reactor embrittlement. I have a long duration science vessel that was designed to gather All The Science! from the Mun and Minmus. It's conventional (though uses mod parts) for the most part. However, my power source is a 0.625m MSR and associated thermal generator. I did not send any Lithium6 up with the reactor initially as I was not planning on breeding tritium with it (also hadn't unlocked tritium tanks yet). I've noticed that the embrittlement has gone up a bit and decided to send up one of my tankers with a tweakscale reduced Lithium tank (down to 25% of normal size IIRC). However, the resource the tank contains is not the Lithium6 that the MSR has internal storage for. I did end up reconfiguring a regular fuel tank to carry a bit of Lithium6 and delivered it, transferred it to the MSR, etc. I want to ensure I sent up the correct resource to reduce the embrittlement rate. Should I have used the Lithium from the Lithium tank instead (I should be able to attach such a tank to the science vessel with KAS/KIS) instead of the Lithium6 that the MSR has internal storage for?
  13. So I sent up a long term science ship to the Mun/Minmus area and realized I forgot to give the MSR powering it some Lithium to increase longevity. I tried adding one of the lithium radial tanks to my tanker (and TweakScaling it down to something more manageable as a 0.625m reactor doesn't need that much Lithium...) Only, once I got the tanker docked to the science ship I noticed that the tank contains Lithium, and the reactor needs Lithium6...
  14. @FreeThinker: Any chance the thermal turbojet and ramjets (the all-in-ones and the modular) could be updated to use the thrust as a function of speed calculations that modern stock jets use (x thrust at mach y)? I suspect such a change would have to be done via the module, as the module probably overrides anything the basic config files say anyway.