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  1. I feel it would be cool to add cave systems to KSP, such as on minmus (or maybe mun, but I don't think that makes sense with its geography) so you had a reason to use rovers, and give something interesting to explore. Imagine just wandering through a dark cave as a kerbal, maybe finding a giant underground cavern or lake once and a while. It'd also give more biomes for science
  2. I've been using this mod a long time, is the author still around? Sorry if this counts as a Resurrection
  3. Just letting you know this mod is not compatible with the ANVIL CORE mod fairings, and the engines tend to make rockets a bit screwy also (http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/anvil-rockets/)
  4. As I stated above, they were there in a vain attempt to stop my rocket flying out of control, before it was just 4 winglets at the bottom of the rockomax tank. - - - Updated - - - Thank you! I'll go download those fairings instead
  5. The rocket in my picture was a result of me trying to get it flying straight after having just winglets and 1 SAS, and the top is http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/anvil-rockets/ fairings, with just a simple one man rocket in it. I'll list off what I've heard and my response (The inside of the rocket and stats) Maneuvering too rough/steep? - My problem was it'd start tipping at only 2km high and I was just trying to keep it upright, not that it'd start flipping as I turned Too much thrust? - I did indeed have a 1.4 TWR, But I only had the engine turned up about 75%. I use the full thrust once I clear the thick atmosphere (But that isn't the problem here) Aerodynamics problems? - Honestly I think this may be the problem, as I thought FAR just changed how the game in general calculated drag. If the anvil parts aren't compatible, that is probably the issue here. I'll test it out tl;dr - I'm guessing it's incompatible ANVIL fairings that are causing drag on the top and making it turn end-over-end
  6. Hello, after downloading the FAR mod, none of my rockets can even take off. Even the incredibly simple rockets just start violently turning end over end after about 5km, even with 5 SAS kits and massive wings. Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my rockets?
  7. Well SQUAD did change the connection strengths to make them stronger in the .23.5 update, maybe that effected mods?
  8. I think the strength of a humans hope is good. Other animals come close, like say a loyal dog relentlessly attacking someone who is hurting their owner, but humans top that. The way emotions drive us give us a strong survival advantage. We can achieve extreme stress in short bursts driven by emotional hormones, like feeling rage or pride or love. Sure not all humans are the same but I'm speaking in general here.
  9. Any updates OP? I'll probably download this when I get home
  10. Curiosity, Ingenuity, and our adaptability in my opinion. I mean, even scabs seem so simple, but it's literally your body making fibers of minerals to pull a wound shut like stitches
  11. ahhh the "good" 'ol console and pc argument, that will never have a winning side. Some people like consoles some people like computers Some people prefer the simplicity of pop in a CD and play some people like the options of downloading,modding,upgrading,etc It's seriously opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. KSP could be ported to consoles, but it'd be very different from on the computer. Also, lets not forget the soon-to-be steam machine's.
  12. several systems, because I have no friends anyway lol
  13. I'd let it go. Any humans alive is better than none