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  1. MAF is not compatible with other control mods. Something else is overriding the controls and the control system is going nuts. It is probably Atmosphere Autopilot. You should not be using both at the same time, and besides, they have different goals.
  2. @aleksey444 when I created BAD-T, it became clear that the matches are definitely nowhere near being deterministic, neither does war. Sometimes it will be quite frustrating indeed, but I would not get attached to that. We run best of three to filter out luck sniper headshots from 6km away being the dominant factor, but finals were run best of 5 because they tend to be way nicer and more exciting, not to filter randomness. If your craft lost despite being better, and the match execution affected it, that does not matter the slightliest. I believe that everyone here trusts @SuicidalInsanity just like I do, and whichever effect he has on the match has the only purpose to get better angles and a nice to watch experience for everyone, making it fully random and unbiased. The best doesn't always win.
  3. The N-46 fought bravely, didn't fly well, didn't fight well and didn't stand a chance, neat.
  4. You download the code, set up your project references to the latest KSP install, recompile fix whatever dependency broke, throw the .dll somewhere on your GameData. I was going to to this and update the mod but forgot.
  5. Wow this thread OP even has an entire FAR tutorial in it, how amazing is that!
  6. @SuicidalInsanity yes there is friendly fire. Did you experiment with creatinh your own AI? It's the main point of the project. I will be creating a thread for my project later today to stop cluttering in here.
  7. Hey guys, since we love battling AIs so much I have started developing a game especially for that! This one is not about airplanes, but I think you are going to enjoy. In fact, I may end up making one about airplanes in the future, I just need to validate this concept and learn with this project to get the most of it first The game is still very early alpha, but I'm aiming to get it polish enough on every iteration. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s6KJZnRspEiQfDMtmz1XBj2P2vn-oj9l I packed 3 example AI setups and 5 compiled AI fighters The compiled versions don't have the AI representation, this way you can share your AIs without actually showing how they are built, I hope it adds to the fun. Try and win against two "Smart Defensive" on the corners and one "Smart Aggro" on the center. The default AIs there are not super smart, I need to balance my time between playing it and developing you know... For now we have those dumb cubes, but I already have a base 3d character model and will start going deeper into the gameplay, that's why I need your help! I am still figuring out where to keep a dev log and post the updates, totally open for suggestions. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Found the issue, it's using ScreenMessages which was probably either moved or deprecated, should be an easy fix.
  9. That is so very weird, will look into that later, a recompile probably fixes it.
  10. Indeed! Nice one, it's not every day that you see such a short craft fly well on FAR.
  11. That's no excuse! You should use your gaming time and also throw your personal life away to work on the mod! Jokes aside, this is kind of what some people think when mods stop updating... This one still works though and there are custom update packages. There are tournaments as well, maybe you can still apply
  12. @Gr@y While your jet is interesting, the thread is for sharing FAR aircraft, which use a more advanced aerodynamic simulation, you should try it out!
  13. https://www.blender.org/ Nothing that you cannot fix with a few weeks of effort!