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  1. The EULA forbids sharing their content, but there is nothing wrong with replacing the sounds locally and using them. There may also be a loophole where you create a script that picks the sounds from War Thunder and injects them on Aviator Arsenal locally, and since you are not sharing their stuff it's legal to share that script. Some games implement modding that way, by injecting code on the game while it's loading or after it loaded. It depends on the EULA, but they cannot affect how you use other stuff on your PC, so it should be fine.
  2. tetryds

    Central de Ajuda

    @Fabiano P. demorou muito pra chegar e eles se aposentaram. To brincando, deve ser algum bug, o jogo é cheio de bugs. Talvez um módulo de controle não tripulado resolva o problema.
  3. tetryds

    Central de Ajuda

    Tá faltando entrada de ar
  4. Since it's mostly a parts pack, it probably only needs a module manager patch. I don't keep up with BDAc updates, so whenever someone points out some balanced setup I can pack it with the mod and release an update with a recompiled trumpet.
  5. Banido pq foi brincadeira oq eu disse.
  6. Banido, pois foi só eu largar a moderação na mão destes patifes e o fórum se acaba. Tava atualizando o MAF e não consegui jogar por muito tempo, não gosto do que o KSP se tornou, e por algum motivo é extremamente incômodo de jogar. Continua sendo vazio, com funcionalidades desconexas e mal alinhadas entre si, e não são atualizações ou "tacando mais coisa" que isso vai se resolver.
  7. Oh damn now I have to actually deliver an update I was planning on simply packing the mm patch with the mod...
  8. @SuicidalInsanity that's awesome! I'm going to release an update which includes this MM patch soon(tm).
  9. tetryds

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    I may or not be working on refactoring MAF and adding a new badass "Enhanced" mode with extra fancy piloting tricks, for anyone interested.
  10. tetryds

    Mostre aqui Suas Incriveis Screenshots

    @Lisias Pouso perfeito, 10/10.
  11. Bro, that is not going to work, you need MM packs. Well, I am skipping this one until someone comes up with an actual issue with the mod on this version.
  12. @N7_aerospace sorry, I cannot do anything with that information. If you have no idea how to figure out your problem, you should reach up to someone who can help you.
  13. Thanks. And yes, maintaining a decent mod requires way too much time, and since I am not that interested on KSP anymore I'm only assuring it works, even with patches. The community is always very helpful in creating such patches, especially as BDAc changed a lot of how weapons deal damage. I would give it away for someone else to support, but if someone is that willing to continue it, why not create a new one? I always allow people to use this mod (make tournament patches, etc) when they ask for permission though. IDK. Edit: to post pics upload them to imgur.com, grab the image link and paste here, then press enter, the image will show on the post.
  14. You can start fixing it by providing more info about the problem.
  15. Banido por que agora morreu de vez esse fórum.