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  1. I mean they fly off at some odd angle. They never get close enough to use proximity.
  2. Any tips on how to get the cruise missiles to hit an object in space? Their tracking doesn't seem to work well with me. I can get the medium ones to hit at less than ~35 km, but the explosion they produce isn't all that spectacular. Trying to use these for some debris cleanup.
  3. I having problems building anything even remotely close to pics in OP without it breaking under it's own weight.
  4. It doesn't appear that multiple pumps transfer kethane faster. Although I think PumpingSpeed in the pump's .cfg changes the rate.
  5. Maybe this is an opportunity to learn those skills? Not every game needs to be like call of duty.
  6. Does anybody know if more pumps will transfer kethane faster?
  7. Thanks so much! Also a huge thanks to the rest of of the community that helped with this!
  8. Nobody is forcing you to use it. Considering these addons are developed by individuals or small teams for free in their spare time it's amazing. And your only problem with realism is a temporary green line? It's not like it's instant transfer several million kilometers away. You still need to be within 50 meters or else it won't work. I transfer up to 7,200 liters from the miner to an orbital tanker/refueler. It takes almost an hour just for the transfer. I don't care if it's magical pixies that carry jars of kethane over, the physics and restrictions are there so it's good enough for me.
  9. Ah I was getting the same problem. I narrowed the FPS drops down to the dishes also, but I can get away with 4-6 depending on size of ship. My specs are: AMD Phenom II X4 965 not OC'ed (although I temporarily bumped it up to 4.06 to see if it would help FPS drops. Not much effect.) 8 GB RAM EVGA Nvidia 570 GTX factory OC'ed Other bugs I've noticed in .17 is that Show path on map doesn't actually show any lines although it does give the relay path on top of the window. Celestial objects don't block radio signals properly unless I switch vessels and switch back, and only sometimes works after that. Throttle controls are moving much slower as well, about 50%, even when sitting on the launch pad. Also killing the throttle (ctrl + x) isn't cutting it properly. Only cuts throttle to about 50%. Removing the remote module or switching to local control removes the throttle issue. This last one, I don't know if it's mechjeb or this causing it, but when using the remote SAS stacked on top of the mechjeb 1m edition the auto ascend will not steer the ship, but staging and throttle work as normal. Putting the mechjeb module anywhere else on the ship, even right below the remote SAS seems to work though. Also, I want to say thank you so much for this awesome mod! It's one of my favorites!