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  1. Rune

    Linear Engine SSTO

    Well, yeah, but having wings (and therefore a potential high-drag precision landing) is one step closer to a practical Eve reusable architecture, and with some scaling left to go yet. There are bigger cargo bays and tanks, after all. So what if you need a LEO depot/transfer station supplied from Gilly to close the loop? Those are just more cool missions to fly, and payloads to design. Edit: Gut feeling also says the trajectory could be optimized a bit. That Nerv should be burning as soon as its ISP is higer than the Vector, in order to increase TWR and minimize gravity losses when the wings stop working as well as they did at lower altitudes. Should. In theory. But it's an informed opinion. Rune. I'm getting the itch to reverse-engineer something a tad bigger from those nice numbers you gracefully gave us.
  2. Rune

    Linear Engine SSTO

    You just proved something I've always had a gut feeling should also happen in stock KSP now that we have a more realistic aerodynamic model. Under certain conditions, aerodinamic lift can be used to offset gravity losses and make orbit with TWR under one, at an advantage in mass ratio over straight up rockets (you manage to carry stuff like nukes at an amazingly low takeoff mass, compsred to other SSTEO I've seen). At least in RL. The thing is, you had to abuse docking bay occlusion to minimize drag. Not that I have anything against that, of course. In fact, I'd tell you to explore the wonders of stock autostrut. For parallel connections it's a bit explodey at times, but on linear ones it's rock solid. And the new 'rigid connection' setting should actually do just what KJR does, right? You activate those through the advanced tweakables option in the settings menu, BTW, just in case they slipped by you. Should shave some kgs on struts. Rune. Oh, and it goes without saying... Amazing cratf dude!
  3. Not to tease or anything, but I just thought up a rather funny acronym for the family of vertical takeoff, vertical landing SSTO family that I have accumulated over the years. Check it out: Ssto Transports Expected to Land Like A Rocket. I wouldn't even have to change the Heinlein's name because that is the whole inspirtion for the naming convention. Get it? And it is turning into quite the complete family, ranging from just 3 crew all the way to 50+ mT to orbit, with very discrete payload improvements 0-2,5-5-10-20-50mT. Six different models! Of ehich two are brand-new, BTW. I think I have all of them either updated on KerbalX or just awaiting an upload, but since I'm AFK all weekend, that'll have to wait untill monday/tuesday. Rune. Now I want to do a cool graphic or something to go with it!
  4. Rune

    Linear Engine SSTO

    Is that really a stock Eve SSTO? One that can take off with less than 1 TWR on Eve? If so, color me impressed. It's tiny for that! Rune. And the dV budget looks... beyond tight.
  5. As promised, some KAS crane action: About as much fun as I remember it! And it may not be necessary for munar operations, but the trick will surely come in handy in, say, Tylo. KAS/KIS definitely is the mod I would include with the base game (KER would maybe be the other one, but people fear numbers, so I get that). So much extra gameplay! Rune. Also, 185 parts in that pic. Yes, a 10mT chemical SSTO, docked to a base with eight connected modules. Still only 185 parts.
  6. Out with the old, in with the new! Two flights, a plain-as-it-comes Base-In-A-Box pack, plus the new SSTO doing some trial runs with expansion modules. The base in the background is an old one, of course. I think the rocketship can do the roundtrip to Mun and back for zero net fuel, provided the ongoing refuel on the surface and a depot on LKO to get things started. Much cheap, very fun. And just you wait until I show you guys the KAS crane action tomorrow! Rune. So much easier to assemble...
  7. Imagine if you had been on the same save since before 1.0... Sometimes even I don't know what's going on in there. But we persevere, because it's fun. And speaking of fun, this ring building mania might be a lot of it, but it is also a kraken magnet. I guess I am doing way more dockings than the game is meant to handle. Still, with Dock Rotate, the only issue is quicksaving enough and minding the autostrutting, not docking with the precision of a neurosurgeon. Thank Kod for that. Because they do look very pretty. Rune. Still, I am not 100% convinced on the inflatable airlocks. What do you guys think?
  8. So, after many, many moons playing this thing, I am becoming lazy. So I build the most convenient, cheap way to orbit. Up like a rocket, down like a plane. Ditch nothing, of course. And yes, I know the Sirius is kinda new. But I was getting a lot of OCD on account of not nailing the runway all the time, and not getting that sweet 100% recovery message. Rune. Not that I don't have 30 million in the bank on my save...
  9. It's taken me a while, but I've finally realized that the new inflatable airlocks could totally make better connecting tubes than the connecting tubes I used in my surface bases. Duh. Also, they would make assembly much easier, produce no litter on deployment, and make the package about 25% shorter. Yeah, sorry, not sorry, there will be a new base pack using MH parts: Rune. The really bad part is now I have 10+ bases, from Moho to Eeloo, with obsolete docking standards. Time to launch some more, I guess.
  10. Rune

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    If I'm connecting the dots right, that is for Rocketdyne's new and shiny 3D printed RL-10s, which are supposed to be much cheaper than legacy ones. So, subsidies to make the Vulcan cheaper, basically. Rune. And in a happy accident, Orbital-ATK-Northrop Grumman's new rocket, too.
  11. This looks very, very awesome. Will DL and investigate! Rune. The power of the kraken propels you!
  12. So, the MH parts. Awesome. I like me some big bells: Not the most game-breaking ship in the history of ever (that would've happened if I used Vectors), but pretty versatile and simple. 10mT to orbit + crew, in a relatively spacious cargo bay. Come to think of it, this can handle any one of my base modules, and it could drop them on Tylo, with some surface refueling, in a reusable way. Rune. That should be useful.
  13. Rune

    Bulding my first full space station!

    The eclipse is cool and all, but you can hardly see anything in those pics! Since you can't always take good pictures on the illuminated side, I recommend you increase the brightness a bit to take pics. It can be done in settings now, a slider called Ambient Light Boost. And put it a bit higher than you think is necessary, as the game takes the screenshots a bit darker than what it shows on screen. Rune. Glad to see (more) Spanish people around here. Bienvenido al foro, compatriota!
  14. You're welcome! Make sure to also reinstall clickthrough blocker, it might be that dependency that is screwing with you. Rune. I myself can't build without that mod, so I feel you.
  15. Yes, the SSME is a pretty good engine in RL. Low-ish TWR (compared to other first stage engines), but awesome Isp (compared to other first stage engines). But compare it to upper-stage optimized engines (the RL-10 gets up to 465s, and it uses a less efficient expander cycle instead of staged combustion), and it suffers like it has to suffer, even if only a bit because the nozzle is slightly overexpanded for SL. That also means that its KSP analogue is horrible as an analogue, BTW, since it needs no boosting from SRBs to make an awesome first stage engine, on account of having the highest TWR in the game. I just posted a Shuttle replica that uses Skiffs as SSMEs, and it's much closer to the real thing in function than if I had used Vectors, even with the crappy gimbal on the Skiff. In any case, my point about it having a flat-ish Isp curve still stands: atmosphere-compensating nozzles always have good performance at sea level. The KSP RAPIER engine, OTOH, is not the best engine in the game, because if it was the game wouldn't be balanced at all. It is, tough, the best engine for a SSTO, hands down, and it has the vacuum Isp of many other engines, an Isp that a few game versions ago would have been considered pretty decent. The thing is, KSP has suffered a bit from the "Dragonball effect", in that the expansions (ARM and Making History) come with engines that are just hands down better than the ones in the stock game. Just like the Vector and derivatives were OP in their time (still are), the Wolfhound and its ridiculous Isp (compared to all other engines) breaks the game balance. But that doesn't mean that the engines that get left behind are bad. It just means you can only compare them to engines from the same development period and yes, KSP could use a thorough balance pass (I think we all agree on that at this point, even if we disagree on the particulars). And among those 'stock' engines, accounting for the fact that KSP doesn't model different liquid fuel options, its vacuum Isp is not that horrible. If it was, the SSTOs that win the payload fraction challenge wouldn't almost all be pure RAPIER designs, with the occasional auxiliary nuke on truly huge designs. Rune. I confess it's been like a year since I checked the payload fraction challenge. I doubt the situation has changed regarding RAPIERs.