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  1. I posted the craft file on the exchange if you're interested. Have fun!
  2. I always said KSP is the best dang Lego/erector set money can buy. So powerful for a young ones development. I'll thumb up his vid just to keep him playing
  3. An almost stock Dream Chaser shuttle. I'm using Restock, (which I don't think you will need) and Procedural wings, which (should be stock at this point) you will need. At launch the TWR is a bit low but there is plenty of DV to get you to a stable orbit. When starting your gravity turn, try not to stray too far away from prograde until the air thins out. Otherwise the drag created by the shuttles wings will flip you over. Following that one simple rule will result in easy and predictable launches. Important note: Parachutes are staged with the last decoupler for abort purposes. Once orbit is acheived with poodle stage, click and drag the final pair of engines down to be staged next. Reentry is even easier. This craft is very stable at high speeds. Staying true to the real life counterpart. When you have slowed down enough that you begin to loose stability, simply stage the parachutes for a gentle 10m/s belly landing. Simple. I have only tested with stock aerodynamics model. If anyone tries it with FAR or NEAR, let me know how she does. Download here Dropbox link
  4. Okay, who smuggled in the Stolichnaya?
  5. First stage was 2 full sized 2.5m tanks with a Vector. Second stage was the shortest 2.5m tank with a poodle. Each had a torque wheel. Shuttle was placed on top as originally planned for the Dream Chaser.
  6. I Built a Dream Chaser shuttle for future crew transfers on the station I just finished last night. http://
  7. An American treasure. For this loss we are all poorer.
  8. Was going to make him standing on a ledge of a building next to a window but my eyes are getting tired so this is as far as I go today.
  9. I found this channel on youtube that put a great big smile on my face. I think most in the KSP community will enjoy this.
  10. I'm not very experienced at pixel art, or any other digital drawing methods so I'm fairly happy with this.
  11. @N70 Thx for picking this up. And good luck with it. I know Kerbalism is a monster.
  12. Sorry I've been away for a while. What happened to Shotgun Ninja? I hope he's in good health.
  13. Every month I'm subscribed to cruchyroll.com they give me a free code for a 48 hour guest pass and since I don't have any friends... Enjoy KK76RTSCABQ I am not affiliated with crunchyroll and this is not an advertisement or endorsement. Just wanted to share something with my fav gaming community.
  14. I know what I'm doing this weekend. Who's with me?
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