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  1. The rear landing gear that you can see in the screenshots at the very rear of the craft are not the main landing gear, those two are there just so the rear of the craft doesn't scrape the ground as it pulls up... As I said, failed design in regards to the hull shape.. CoL and CoM are perfect though.
  2. Ohh.. It has wings.. what I posted yesterday was just what I had done yesterday.. I've been fiddling with it today.. but it has turned out to be a failure.. the shape of the hull doesn't let me have good landing gear placement so it is pretty much impossible to even get down the runway. Here is what I got it to before moving onto a new design, maybe showing this failed design will spark an idea for someone else :T
  3. I'm already redesigning it because I cant get it off the ground xD Going for something similar to pa1983's Falcon X Jumbo... Although trying to keep it under 700 parts. I don't know how pa1983 built that... it is just so crazy.
  4. I know it can be confusing, it took me a bit to figure out. Click Reply with Quote on my previous comment containing the youtube video and you will be able to see how it is done.
  5. @Broco Your image does not work For sharing images I recommend Imgur > milosh's craft >>
  6. Trying to build a heavy lift SSTO.... I hope it works : T Kinda half way trying to figure it out..
  7. The best part is that you're icon is Bender. AWESOME video.. I'm thinking when multiplayer becomes a thing... I hope you can use mods in multiplayer.. because then people will be able to do Robot Fighting.
  8. Now land it on Duna... do it ( â—‰ - â—‰ )
  9. I am going to try making one too... mwahahaha... *edit* Here is what I did so far... After looking at you're screenshots I set about making something similar... just trying to make the Shuttle part first... I've tested it and it glides easily and can land very easy.. Now to figure out the rocket part *__* *I cant get it into orbit* xD
  10. SSTO Type 30 Mk1 I flew to the Mun without re-fueling… I’m not sure if it was the best choice… But I did it : U I’m not sure if I should land or not, not sure if the fuel I have will be enough. Here is the craft file for those that would like to try this SSTO for themselves » http://www./download/5l9r5adauculd5m/SSTO_Type_30_Ghost_Mk1.rar Take note that the way I balanced the fuel draw to compensate the rear being heavy due to all the Turbo Jets, one half of the craft has more fuel than the other half. You can move fuel from the front tank to the rear if need be. Also on Re-entry of Kerbin it might be nose heavy, again move fuel from the front to the rear. This SSTO has 4 small rockets facing down, allowing you to land on low gravity planets, Like the Mun and Minmus. You can only take off from the KSP runway conventionally, and it is prefered that you land back at the KSP runway, Low gravity planets you can take of vertically. This SSTO uses Action Groups, check them before you fly~
  11. YEP..... thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat would do it..
  12. I don't use any sort of mods so to get kerbin escape with only turbo jets is just crazy... The best I can do is circularize Kerbin using turbojets at about 37 thousand, and if I lose power I lose circularization pretty fast.
  13. @Huggy Kerbin Escape using only Turbo Jets..... what the fudge..
  14. Continuing from my previous post.. I was going to head to Dune after a re-fuel.. but decided to test re-entry with no re-fuel instead.. I changed pilots from Bill to Jebediah from the space station... because lets face it he can land anything.. And it worked~ All previous versions of this craft tumbled on re-entry xD It was a little front heavy on re-entry, so I moved some fuel from the front tank to the rear and it was then perfect. It needs a little bit of tweaking still, but I will share this SSTO once I have tweaked some things.
  15. I like the little rcs thingies that the kerbals can ride.. they are heaps cool..
  16. Docking with my nearly empty SSTO Fuel Station.. I really need to figure out a way to get Big Red fuel tanks into orbit and docket to this so I have more fuel. After refuel I think I will try going to Duna again... I say try because I am not very good at getting to other planets : T
  17. I have rebuilt an old SSTO completely from scratch.. you can see the original of this craft in the first post of this thread orbiting Duna. During it's first test flight I circularized Kerbin using only Turbo Jets at 37,000... This aircraft is very very fast when it is above 20,000.
  18. Ahh.. now that you have mentioned that I can see the engines... wow to me at first it really did look like 6 lower 4 upper...
  19. @RedDwarfIV Do you have balancing issues with having 6 lower and 4 upper... Turbojets I mean... Especially at high speed?
  20. Just adding it so images show in the thread. : >
  21. This is like one of those crazy kerbal things... like the little probes that have lots of flaps along the body that can get into orbit in like 10 seconds... hahahahaha xD