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  1. No, they are completely separate. Yes, the disposable pad is a little tricky to use, but that's what the colored arrows are for (and internal mesh, though I don't know if that still shows in recent KIS, I haven't played for a while).
  2. Diamond Grid is not done yet, and I don't do CKAN stuff anyway. That said, The NoLaunchClamp uses EL's ELExtendingLaunchClamp (with which EL replaces the stock launch clamp module on the stock launch clamps) which has working support for disabling staging (the option is stock, but I seem to remember stock's not working properly). I suggested Diamond Grid because it would be a low-fuss setup.
  3. You can use the NoLaunchClamps in my Diamond Grid parts mod.
  4. It'll be fixed next time I upload a release, as I don't actually maintain the file at all: it's all automated (and when I do a release, the file that's in the zip gets uploaded with the zip, so they're always in sync (except now).
  5. I sort of thought I had (or thought of it then forgot). Done now, though. Good for 1.8 through 1.12.99.
  6. This has been fixed in git, but I don't know when I'll be able to get out a release. You'll find the info you want in section 2.5.3 Micro Pad. But in brief, the colored arrows follow the RGB standard of XYZ, with inverted colors for negative axes. and +X on a part with default placement points to the VAB door.
  7. Nothing should have been broken. If so, I'd count that as a bug.
  8. Thanks. I'll take a look, but I can't promise when I'll get it done.
  9. Oh, dear.I goofed in my instructions, sorry. You DO need the UI (style cfg and pngs) and probably Texture (app buttons etc) directories. Oh, however, if you edit the paths in UI/DefaultSkin.cfg, you can move that into SC's directory.
  10. I do not. However, I believe CKAN uses the .version file when available, which is known to be wrong (I keep forgetting to fix it).
  11. Ahhhhhh, just as I was beginning to suspect (which is why I came to check this thread). If you are using SC, I suspect you do not need all of EL, just its Launchpad.dll, which you can put in SC's directory (overwriting the Launchpad.dll there), and removing any ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version from SC's directory.
  12. This is most odd. Please send me your KSP.log file (entire file, but you need only load KSP and exit).
  13. I'm sure they do, but EL itself works on all "recent" versions of KSP, and mod patches to EL are unaffected by the KSP version (and, for the most part, even EL's version). As I implied earlier, it's most likely the ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version file in EL's Plugins directory because MiniAVC.dll (which many mods include) uses that file to test for compatibility. Thus removing (or editing) that file will fix the "Launchpad not supported" problem. Don't worry that removing that file will break something as doing so cannot break anything.
  14. No, that's what whatever is saying is not supported, not what is saying that "Launchpad" is not supported, but I guess my question may not have been clear enough. Anyway, I asked because there are two mechanisms I know of for the "not supported" test: the original version checker created by Majiir and used in several mods (Kethane, FAR (in the past, at least), and EL included), and [Mini]AVC. [Mini]AVC uses the .version file I mentioned, the original version checker is hard-coded in each relevant mod, and I very carefully made sure EL's was happy with 1.12.
  15. What says it's not supported? If it's AVL (or whatever it's called), edit or remove ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads/Plugins/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version (it does say 1.9.1, which is not correct. need to figure out the correct fix for that).
  16. That looks very much like you are trying to use EL 6.8.x in KSP 1.12 (which I've heard is a no-good combination). You should probably try grabbing 6.99.0, which I have tested in KSP 1.12.2.
  17. This may seem a little odd being hot on the heals of "no promised release date", but initial testing went well, and this is more a beta release than a proper release (thus the version number). Also, I apologize for the delay: I really just could not face KSP stuff for a while. Anyway... I have released version 6.99.0 of Extraplanetary Launchpads. As this involves a lot of heavy work rewriting the UI, and probably a lot of bit-rot (missed two major KSP updates), there may be problems lurking. However, the basics seem to work from 1.8 to 1.12 (not much testing done on 1.10, and none on 1.11, though). Changes from 6.8.3: Complete overhaul of EL's main UI: it now uses Unity's Canvas system (via @sarbian's KodeUI (many thanks to him for getting that ball rolling). The one exception is the settings window (I forgot about it and couldn't be bothered for this release). KodeUI (and thus EL's UI) is quite configurable: if you don't like the colors or even the graphics, you can change them via config file edits. New icons (app launcher, filter, etc) thanks to @JadeOfMaar. Again, many thanks. Completely new craft browser: no longer is EL at the mercy of KSP for browsing craft files. (possible loss) Steam support unknown (I've forgotten if it works or not). Craft thumbnails can be refreshed at any time via the "cycle" button in the upper left corner of the browser's ship image). This works for sub-assemblies as well. Craft description (if the craft file has one) is displayed under the ship image. EXPERIMENTAL, very WIP: Individual parts can be selected and edited. Parts are saved as their own craft files (in saves/<savename>/Parts). Ground science parts supported! Build manager UI shows craft description (if available) and ship image as well as the craft bill of materials. Resource manager UI integrated into the main EL window as a separate tab. Known issues; Productivity display doesn't always update correctly. (mentioned above) Steam vessels may not be supported. Part editor is unfinished. KodeUI's style specification is not stable. Please let me know of any issues, but better yet, any successes
  18. I have some good new and bad news. First the bad news: I can't promise a release date. Now the good news: all the work I did on EL last year has paid off big time now: EL's dev branch built against KSP 1.9.1 seems to work in 1.12.2 (have some trouble with productivity showing in the UI, but I suspect that an actual bug, nothing to do with KSP versions). This means that it shouldn't take too much to get something usable out. Things to expect: Completely rewritten UI. Unity's legacy OnGUI is no longer used (I guess it can't be now anyway? I'm out of touch). This should make for less CPU resource drain when EL's UI is showing. Completely rewritten craft browser. Now sports refreshable thumbnails (including for subassemblies!). Building individual parts without having to create a single-part craft file in the VAB or SPH (EL does that for you, but "hides" the part's craft file in a suitable directory (saves/<name>/Parts). Even includes a basic part editor for tweakables (very very WIP, thus "usable" above). New icons thanks to @JadeOfMaar And yes, if I can keep the compatibility, it should work from 1.8 to 1.12 (my 1.9.1 builds were known to work in 1.8 end of last year).
  19. I can't promise a release date, but it turns out my work on EL last year has paid off big time: EL (dev branch) compiled for 1.9.1 seems to work in 1.12.2 (still testing).
  20. Sorry I've been out of touch for a while. I got burned out on KSP stuff again (not just dev, but playing, even), got busy with quakeforge stuff*, and now I've got a job (and have been playing a lot of Elite Dangerous). I have NOT abandoned EL, but I don't know when I'll make some updates. Part of the problem is I was in the middle of a rather major update to EL when I got burned out. However, it does look like I should be able to accept PRs without too much trouble. It's nice to see there is still interest in EL, though. Thank you all Thanks. Fixed.
  21. Why would EL destroy the workshop part? It destroys only the micro-pad. My guess is @JadeOfMaar may have meant you'd recycle the seed parts later. For old versions, edit the version number in the provided link.
  22. Do not install blender in Program Files: you don't have write access there.
  23. Ah, cool. I'm glad you got it working (and I suspected it was just an installation issue).
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