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  1. any chance you could point me to that version, because i was quite sure i got the newest version of all the dependencies. I used these:
  2. so the visors of my kerbals helmets are bright magenta (I guess placeholders). What is the workaround for that? Or what did i do wrong? Screenshot
  3. I would also like to have that recompile if possible please
  4. thanks for updating, you are a hero icedown!
  5. does this work with 1.3? I really like this mod
  6. I did indeed, but i noticed that yesterday and deleted it, yet still i have the same problem EDIT: Im an idiot, I used this built with 1.3
  7. hey guys, didn't play ksp for a while. Now have come back but for some reason the ui of kct bugs out on me. after starting a new game when i click on option one or two i have no potions just blank/not fully showing windows i can't close. any way i can help you help me? Please i don't want to play without kct. Mods: [x] Science! Toolbar Ablative-Airbrake BetterBurnTime Chatterer CollisionFX CommunityResourcePack CommunityTechTree ConnectedLivingSpace ContractConfigurator CrewRandR CrowdSourcedFlags CrowdSourcedScience DistantObjectEnhancement DMagicOrbitalScience DMagicUtilities EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements FP_DPSoundFX JanitorsCloset KAS KerbalConstructionTime KerbalEngineer KIS KRASH Docking Port Alignment Indicator FinalFrontier RemoteTech DeepFreeze AmpYear SCANsat scatterer ShipManifest StockVisualEnhancements TextureReplacer TAC Lifesupport KSPAlternateResourcePanel UniversalStorage DeflatableHeatShield (xyphosAerospace)
  8. I am having trouble with the cloud textures. All required mods are up to date. there is a screenshot NVM i deinstalled the mod.
  9. any news on a stable release? I really want to play the new version of ksp, but this game is not complete without kct...